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Hydrogen Gains Momentum in Quebec: Automakers Provide Update on a Progress of Quebec’s Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen Partners

Montreal, Quebec, Jan 17, 2019 – The hydrogen transformation in Quebec is gaining momentum.

Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) assimilated with Honda Canada Inc. and other hydrogen partners during a 2019 Montreal International Auto Show to yield an refurbish on a altogether swell of hydrogen fueling infrastructure for fuel dungeon electric vehicles (“FCEVs”) in Quebec.

Building of Quebec’s First Hydrogen Fueling Station Well Underway

The building of Quebec’s initial multi-fuel station, located in Quebec City, is good underway.  In partnership with Harnois Energies and Hydrogenics, a hire is being built with investment support from a Government of Quebec, by Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ), as good as Natural Resources Canada and Toyota.  

Toyota also granted an additional, stand-alone hydrogen fueler for a hire to assistance safeguard undeviating use for a customers. 

“To us, what’s many sparkling is that a hire will use an on-site electrolyzer to spin Quebec’s abounding hydroelectricity into clean, tolerable hydrogen for fuel dungeon electric vehicles,” pronounced Martin Gilbert, Director of Corporate Strategy and Innovation, Toyota Canada Inc.  “As a tellurian personality in a prolongation of hydroelectricity, and with this form of record in place, Quebec is staid to be a universe personality in a prolongation of hydrogen.”

The new hire will start fueling vehicles in Feb and there are already skeleton to build another hire in Montreal.

Honda Canada recently assimilated a hydrogen transformation in Quebec, and will be providing investment support for a Montreal station, bringing this cutting-edge record closer to some-more Quebeckers and creation FCEV transport between Quebec City and Montreal even some-more convenient.

Fleet of Toyota Mirai FCEVs Now on Quebec Soil

At final year’s Montreal International Auto Show, Toyota committed to delivering 50 hydrogen fuel dungeon electric vehicles to a initial Canadian patron – a Government of Quebec.

With this initial swift of Toyota Mirai now on Quebec soil, Toyota is a initial automaker to move hydrogen fuel dungeon electric vehicles to Canada en masse.

“Quebec consumers lead a approach when it comes to adopting and embracing innovative purify technologies like hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles,” Gilbert told a automobile uncover audience.  “It’s transparent that Quebeckers caring about a meridian – and that they’re peaceful to take transformation to make a difference.  It’s because we trust that, maybe some-more than any other market, Quebec is prepared to welcome fuel dungeon electric vehicles.”

Additional Support Put in Place for a Arrival of FCEVs

Toyota Canada has been advocating, investing and building partnerships to ready a Quebec marketplace for fuel dungeon electric vehicles.  The association has been operative closely with a Government of Quebec and other hydrogen stakeholders to put in place a required fueling infrastructure, training and use support for FCEVs.

TCI has invested in training for Quebec initial responders to assistance them know how fuel dungeon electric vehicles work and how to safely hoop them.  The association has also lerned a internal Toyota dealership technicians, and is upgrading a Quebec Zone bureau to capacitate modernized turn support for FCEVs right in Quebec.

“Today, with a right vehicles, partners, investment, fueling infrastructure, and training all in place, Quebec’s hydrogen transformation has momentum,” Gilbert told a crowd.  “Quebec drivers now have another unsentimental electrified car option.  Fuel dungeon electric vehicles are here.”

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel dungeon electric car has a 500km range, refuels in 5 mins and has proven cold-weather reliability.  Most importantly, it produces 0 CO emissions.

To learn some-more about a new developments on this subject, please perspective a video here.

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