Hyundai Canada


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Mar 24, 2014 – Hyundai and Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) are again fasten army to emanate a groundbreaking new group for a 2014 Global Rallycross Championship (GRC) series. For 2014, Hyundai and RMR continue their attack on dirt- and tarmac-based circuits via North America with highly-tuned Veloster Turbo rallycross cars. The new two-car group will underline Pikes Peak champion and maestro racer Rhys Millen, with New Zealand convene champion Emma Gilmour behind a circle of a second Veloster racecar.

“We can’t wait for a 2014 Global Rallycross deteriorate to get started with a new group and freshly-tuned Veloster Turbo racers,” pronounced Steve Shannon, clamp boss of marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Global Rallycross is a ideal racing array for a compact, fun-to-drive Veloster, and a RMR Velosters are certain to be pushed to a extent any competition this deteriorate with convene veterans like Rhys and Emma during a helm. We’re unapproachable to group adult with dual drivers famous for their pointing and consistency, and we are generally vehement to give Emma a event to be a initial womanlike motorist in Global Rallycross.”


Hyundai Veloster Turbo employs a singular third-door pattern and an efficient, direct-injected, lightweight aluminum powertrain. The Turbo indication boasts a vast 63 horsepower advantage over a normally-aspirated model, generating an considerable 201 horsepower from usually 1.6 liters of displacement. The entirely race-prepared RMR Veloster Rallycross turbo engine generates some-more than 600 rise horsepower from a four-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled powerplant, for bomb acceleration out of corners.


“The Global Rallycross array binds even some-more guarantee for a Hyundai/RMR group in a 2014 season, with good opportunities to precedence profitable racing and technical knowledge warranted by a group in new years,” pronounced Millen. “The RMR Veloster is ideal for GRC by giving enthusiasts a glance of affordable, fun-to-drive prolongation cars exploited to their full competition intensity in an action-packed rallycross series. Even more, I’m generally unapproachable to have Emma as a teammate; with many tip convene drivers hailing from New Zealand, her unchanging tip opening is certain to stir during any theatre of a series.”

World Champion motorist Rhys Millen set an altogether universe record during a 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, earning “King of a Mountain” standing in a RMR Genesis Coupe. In a 2012 Global Rallycross Championship Series, a Hyundai/RMR group finished second in manufacturer’s points and third in driver’s points. Millen’s pushing certification serve embody endless film and promotion stunts, 2008 Formula Drift World Champion, 2005 USA Drifting Champion, 7 Pikes Peak universe annals and a 2008 New Year’s Eve Las Vegas lorry flip during Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. Behind Millen’s success in a driver’s chair is an gifted group of engineers and consultant fabricators in competition credentials and tuning.


“I couldn’t be some-more respected to join a Hyundai/RMR Global Rallycross group for a 2014 season,” pronounced Emma Gilmour, New Zealand convene veteran. “Rhys is famous worldwide for his accurate and unchanging convene skills, and my years of successful convene knowledge are a ideal fit for a RMR group effort. It’s a loyal payoff to be a initial womanlike motorist in a GRC series, and I’m assured my opening will open adult some-more opportunities for a array of good womanlike convene drivers in a future.”


The 2014 Global RallyCross Championship deteriorate facilities 10 competition events, including a ESPN Summer X-Games®. The X-Games were one of a initial open venues introducing a judgment of rallycross to U.S. racing enthusiasts. The GRC circuit during any venue facilities a array of parsimonious turns and a vast burst where a cars turn airborne, with many of a circuit manifest to GRC fans for a generation of a heat. The 2014 GRC deteriorate will kick-off during a Caribbean island of Barbados during a BBC Top Gear® Festival, Saturday, May 17, where fans are invited to get up-close with both drivers and technicians in a GRC paddock area. RMR fans will be means to perspective both RMR rallycross and prolongation versions of a Veloster.