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06/29/2016, Fountain Valley, CA

Blue Link Tops 90 Million Customer Interactions in Five Years

Blue Link Tops 22 Million Remote Starts and 8 Million Destination Searches

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jun 29, 2016 – Hyundai Blue Link® has rubbed some-more than 90,000,000 requests from business given it launched only 5 years ago, with interactions augmenting each year. In addition, subscribers remote started their Hyundai’s some-more than 22 million times and remotely sealed a doors some-more than 2.5 million times. Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link height allows facilities like remote start and use information to be fast accessed by inclination such as smartwatches and smartphones. From inside a car, Blue Link can hunt for destinations, report use and call for puncture assistance after a collision.

Highlights from a Last Five Years

“In 2011, Hyundai done a confidant matter by rising Blue Link with a extensive set of connected automobile services,” pronounced Barry Ratzlaff, Executive Director, Digital Business Planning and Connected Operations, Hyundai Motor America. “Over a final 5 years, we listened to a business and done things even improved by enlightening a operation, adding innovative facilities like smartwatch connectivity and some-more strong formation with Hyundai dealers. As we demeanour forward, it is transparent connectivity will continue to grow and will capacitate illusory new ways to support mobility. Hyundai will be among a leaders in multi-channel connected services to broach a rival advantage in world-class automobile caring and owners satisfaction.”

Top Five Search Categories:

  • Restaurants – 22%
  • Street addresses – 10%
  • Health (doctor, dentist, hospital, pharmacy) – 7.4%
  • Home good stores – 5.4%
  • Lodging – 5%

Trending Searches:

  • Hyundai dealers
  • Target
  • Starbucks
  • Costco
  • Home Depot

In 5 years, Blue Link continued to innovate by adding a following enhancements:

  • 2016 – Blue Link celebrates the fifth anniversary
  • 2016 – Blue Link remote start and automobile finder take heading roles in Hyundai Super Bowl radio advertisements (Jan.)
  • 2015 – Blue Link app for Apple Watch launches (June)
  • 2015 – Blue Link app for Android Wear launches (March)
  • 2015 – Blue Link respected as Best Car Tech during CES by TechRadar (Jan.)
  • 2015 – Hyundai Blue Link debuts smartwatch app with voice approval during Consumer Electronics Show (Jan.)
  • 2014 – Genesis Intelligent Assistant launches (Nov.)
  • 2014 – Blue Link mobile 3.0 app launches (Nov.)
  • 2014 – Blue Link launches automobile guarantee alerts in-vehicle app (Nov.)
  • 2014 – Blue Link wins one of Laptop Magazine’s Best of Consumer Electronic awards (Jan.)
  • 2014 – Second era of Blue Link launches with end hunt powered by Google (Jan.)
  • 2014 – Hyundai announces attribute with Verizon Enterprise Solutions with formation supposing by Covisint Corporation (Jan.)
  • 2013 – New vehicles versed with Blue Link come with three-years of Assurance Connected Care (March)
  • 2012 – New mobile app launches (May)
  • 2011 – Blue Link pricing announced (June)