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NEW YORK, Apr 16, 2014Hyundai’s core interior pattern beliefs are safety, intuitiveness and simplicity. With these beliefs in mind, Hyundai will move Apple® CarPlay functionality to a 2015 Sonata. CarPlay is a smarter, safer and easier approach to use iPhone in a automobile and gives iPhone® users a facilities they wish while permitting them to stay focused on a road.

Hyundai’s latest Audio Video Navigation (AVN) systems are already famous for their beautiful, nonetheless discerning interface and modernized underline set. Our engineers took advantage of a clear eight-inch touchscreen to confederate CarPlay for an knowledge that iPhone users will now recognize. A Sonata versed with CarPlay, lets drivers have a ability to make calls, use Maps, listen to song and entrance messages. With CarPlay, Siri provides drivers an eyes-free knowledge by responding to requests by voice commands and can be simply accessed directly by a Voice symbol on a steering wheel. Using a Lighting connector, CarPlay works with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 using a latest chronicle of iOS 7.

By integrating CarPlay into a core-volume Sonata, Hyundai is one of a initial volume manufacturers to move CarPlay to marketplace and it will be accessible on 2015 Sonata’s versed with navigation after in a 2015 indication year. For some-more information about CarPlay, visit: