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All-New Santa Fe Lineup Reinvents a family CUV Landscape with Progressive Design, Efficient Powertrains and Upscale Amenities

Hyundai Kicks Off Year Two as Sponsor of “College Football Live: Hyundai Thursday Night Kickoff” on ESPN

All-new 2013 Santa Fe Modified into “Ultimate Tailgater Vehicle”

COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug 16, 2012 – Hyundai joins college football fans in expectation of a 2012 season, ancillary 25 powerhouse programs and bringing 151 on-site events to stadiums opposite a country. Hyundai’s multi-pronged college football debate connects a faithfulness of Hyundai owners, highlighted by Hyundai’s tip automotive ranking in a 2012 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Index®, with a passion and traditions of college football fans opposite a nation. For 2012, Hyundai has combined 10 schools to a program, giving even some-more fans a event to applaud their alma mater, while experiencing a passion that Hyundai incorporates into a whole operation of products.

Headlining Hyundai’s support for college football, Hyundai is behind with ESPN’s “College Football Live: Hyundai Thursday Night Kickoff” as a presenting sponsor. Hyundai’s partnership with ESPN includes 12 Thursday night programs commencement Sep 6 using by a finish of a season. The debate summary will concentration on joining fans’ passion for their teams to consumers’ passion for Hyundai, and spots will run both pre-show and in-game. The ESPN partnership includes a participation within 25 featured games via a deteriorate on Thursdays and Saturdays opposite ESPN/ESPN2/ABC.

Hyundai has determined central unite relations with some of a many ancestral football programs in a country, with a many constant and ardent fan bases, to move car and information displays to games this year. The 25 teams include: Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Boston College, BYU, Cal Berkeley, Clemson, Connecticut, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin. From ‘The Swamp’ to ‘The Big House’ and 23 schools in between, fans from all opposite a republic will knowledge a faithfulness and passion that Hyundai breathes into a products, formulating a kinship between college football tradition and Hyundai’s office of excellence.

The debate continues Hyundai’s tradition of being partial of a nation’s many high-profile events and attractions including a Super Bowl and Academy Awards, drumming into informative practice that are singular to American consumers. By progressing impasse with a ancestral football programs opposite a nation, Hyundai hopes to daub into a passion and traditions that make college football Saturdays such useful occasions.

“College football fans wear their colors some-more proudly than any other fan base,” pronounced Steve Shannon, clamp president, Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Reaching fans not usually by TV though also during stadiums where that passion is secure gives us a some-more genuine tie to a competition and those that adore it as many as we do.”

Like any constant fans, Hyundai is not calm only examination games on TV. The altogether module includes 151 experiential on-site displays during some of this season’s many high-profile matchups. At name events this year, Hyundai adds to a passion of college football with a introduction of a ‘Ultimate Tailgater Vehicle’ – a 2013 Santa Fe mutated to accommodate any and all pre- and post-game celebration. The all-new Santa Fe will be prominently featured in college football artistic and on-site displays via a fall. The rarely expected Hyundai Veloster Turbo will lay alongside a ‘Ultimate Tailgater,’ compelling an interactive, complicated and interesting code image.

Beginning with a Sep 10 issue, Hyundai ads will be featured in Sports Illustrated‘s “Leading Off” section. The imitation artistic will prominence fan’s passions for their teams. Hyundai will also be a presenting unite of’s rested college football group pages and a print competition where fans can showcase their passion for a possibility to be featured in a weekly “Super Fan” gallery. Fans will be asked to revisit a Hyundai “Show Your Loyalty” Facebook Tab and contention images and/or video demonstrating their deep-felt faithfulness and passion for their football team, generally examples that incorporate a traditions, rituals, superstitions and enlightenment that are many emblematic of a module and university.

Hyundai will also implement Facebook and Twitter to capacitate college football fanatics to denote and share their loyal adore for their team.

Hyundai’s support for college football brings a code directly to a fans by a multi-year agreement with IMG College, that manages a media and sponsorship rights for a schools Hyundai is partnering with, and helped rise a internal campus selling programs.

The annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ® (CLEI) was conducted by a New York-based code and patron faithfulness and rendezvous consultancy Brand Keys. Hyundai ranked initial among automotive brands during formulating patron pleasure in a 2012 study.

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