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Hyundai Continues Its Long-Standing Super Bowl Tradition with All-New In-Game Advertisement

12/03/2018, Fountain Valley, CA

  • 60-Second Spot to Run in a First Quarter of Super Bowl LIII
  • Advertising During a Big Game in 11 Out of a Past 12 Years

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Dec. 3, 2018
– On Super Bowl Sunday, Hyundai will continue interesting fans on a biggest day in promotion with a new 60-second mark that will run in a initial perform of a game. Hyundai, a central automobile and SUV of a NFL, will also a run a 30-second pre-game blurb and will have Super Bowl experiential selling activations in Atlanta.

“After some-more than a decade of Super Bowl knowledge and well-regarded artistic executions, we are vehement to lapse to a Big Game with fresh, new calm that uses a successful regulation we’ve polished over a years,” pronounced Dean Evans, CMO, Hyundai Motor America. “The Super Bowl is America’s largest theatre that allows us to perform a large assembly while pity a latest code and product messages.”

Hyundai has a prolonged and successful story in Super Bowl advertising, with 2019 imprinting a 11th time out of a past 12 years that Hyundai has advertised in a Big Game. According to Ace Metrix, Hyundai has ranked in a tip 10 of Super Bowl commercials a final 7 times it advertised during a game.

Last year, Hyundai featured a non-profit organization, Hyundai Hope On Wheels, in “Hope Detector.” In a romantic spot, football fans were identified by Hope Detectors that rescued a wish that Hyundai owners yield by donations to pediatric cancer investigate with a squeeze of each Hyundai car during a past 20 years. The owners were astounded by real-life pediatric cancer survivors who thanked them for their contributions. The square resulted in some-more than 26.7 million views opposite several platforms and finished as a No. 2 ranked automotive code blurb on a USA TODAY Ad Meter. Hyundai also ran a pre-game spot, “Ref to a Rescue,” featuring a first-ever subcompact SUV, Kona.

In 2017, Hyundai’s “Operation Better,” a 90-second documentary that ran during a end of a initial overtime diversion in Super Bowl history, was an romantic reunion and reverence to a U.S. military. Hyundai shot, edited and constructed a square during a diversion and prisoner a warn impulse when abroad infantry examination a diversion in custom-built, 360-degree immersive pods were reunited with their families who were during a stadium. Response to and rendezvous with a square were overwhelmingly positive, as it was noticed some-more than 74 million times opposite several channels. It was also deemed a many effective ad in romantic and unsentimental metrics by Adweek (based on Unruly’s EQ Score) and many courtesy removing by TVision Insights.

The year prior, Hyundai became a initial automaker to win a USA TODAY Ad Meter, when a mark “First Date” kick some-more than 60 other Super Bowl 50 commercials. Hyundai’s considerable opening that year also enclosed fifth- and sixth-place finishes for “Ryanville” and “The Chase,” respectively, giving Hyundai a tip 3 automotive ads and creation it a usually advertiser to have 3 spots place in a tip 10.

Hyundai’s Super Bowl promotion debate is now underneath growth by a group of record, INNOCEAN Worldwide, that was also obliged for Hyundai’s new standout performances. The Super Bowl LIII will be played on Feb 3, 2019 in Atlanta and will be promote on CBS.

Hyundai is an central NFL unite and has relations with 6 teams: Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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