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  • Up to 1.000 units of hydrogen-powered indication to be constructed by 2015
  • Deliveries to metropolitan and private fleets underway
  • Winner of prestigious FuturAuto 2013 endowment for technical innovation

OFFENBACH, Mar 5, 2013 – Production of a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell began during a company’s Ulsan prolongation plant in Korea in Jan 2013, creation Hyundai a initial automaker to start blurb prolongation of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The initial finish automobile rolled off a open line on 26 Feb 2013.

Hyundai skeleton to make 1.000 units of a hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles by 2015, targeted primarily during open zone and private fleets, with singular mass prolongation of 10.000 units over 2015.

Hyundai has already sealed contracts to franchise a ix35 Fuel Cell to metropolitan fleets in Copenhagen, Denmark and Skåne, Sweden. Additionally, given Oct 2011, a EU Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) in Brussels has been providing Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to EU routine makers and a open in sequence to denote a marketplace willingness of fuel dungeon technology.

Award-winning credentials

At a 2013 European Motor Show in Brussels, Belgium, a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell was awarded a prestigious FuturAuto accolade, comparison as personality for apropos a initial mass-produced, hydrogen-powered fuel dungeon automobile to be commercially available.

The award, in a 12th year, celebrates technological creation in a automotive attention and is judged by a reputable row of reporters from a Belgian Automotive Press Union (UJBA).

From a prolonged list of 16 candidates, a judges comparison a five-strong shortlist that enclosed innovations from Hyundai, Bosch, Mazda, Mercedes Benz and Volvo.

Third-generation FCEV from Hyundai

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is a third-generation fuel cell-powered electric automobile (FCEV) from Hyundai. Since Hyundai introduced a Santa Fe FCEV in 2000, a organisation has turn a universe personality in a growth of hydrogen fuel dungeon technology, and operates a largest fuel-cell examine centre in Korea.

In 2005, a second-generation Hyundai fuel dungeon electric automobile – a Tucson FCEV – was introduced, powered by a company’s initial 80 kW (109 hp) fuel cell.

The third era of Hyundai’s FCEV family, a ix35 Fuel Cell represents a truly viable bland vehicle, maintaining a safety, equipment, preference and opening of a conventionally powered ix35 and producing 0 damaging tailpipe emissions.

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell delivers vast improvements over a predecessor, including a pushing operation that has been extended by some-more than 50% and fuel potency gains of some-more than 15%.

The ix35 Fuel Cell is versed with a 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor, permitting it to strech a limit speed of 160 km/h. Two hydrogen storage tanks, with a sum ability of 5,64 kg, capacitate a automobile to ride a sum of 594 km on a singular charge, and it can reliably start in temperatures as low as reduction 20 degrees Celsius. The appetite is stored in a 24 kW lithium-ion polymer battery, jointly grown with LG Chemical.

Fuel cells work by branch chemical appetite from hydrogen into electromechanical energy. Internal to a fuel cell, an anode and cathode sandwich a polymer electrolyte membrane. The routine of formulating an electrical stream occurs in 3 stages:

  • Hydrogen gas flows over a anode, causing it to separate into hydrogen ions (protons) and electrons.
  • The polymer electrolyte surface usually allows a protons to pass through. The electrons ride to an outmost circuit that work a motor.
  • At a cathode, electrons and protons conflict with oxygen (from air) formulating H2O – H2O – that flows out of a dungeon as a usually rubbish product.

Hyundai’s ix35 Fuel Cell represents one of a many modernized vehicles of this type, and with continued growth and improvements in prolongation costs, it is approaching that singular mass prolongation will capacitate sales to most larger numbers of business around a universe to start over 2015.

Hyundai’s hydrogen initiatives

Hyundai has been concerned in a far-reaching operation of initiatives and partnerships to assistance foster hydrogen fuel cells as a destiny resolution to Europe’s ride requirements. With governments, non-profit organisations and private ventures all looking to a choice modes of transport, Hyundai is ancillary a movement surrounding FCEVs opposite a region.

In May 2011, Hyundai sealed a chit of bargain (MOU) with a City of Copenhagen, fuel dungeon writer H2 Logic and Hydrogen Link – a latter an organisation operative to allege a use of electricity for travel in Denmark formed on hydrogen and fuel cells.

The aim of a agreement is to settle an infrastructure for a support of FCEVs in Copenhagen, a city that aims to be CO neutral by 2025. Under a MOU, Hyundai supposing dual ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles for a exam expostulate attended by mayors of a collateral cities of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland in 2011.

In Oct 2011, Hyundai invited Europe’s tip media to exam a ix35 Fuel Cell in Copenhagen, and, in doing so, took another poignant step towards a idea of bringing FCEVs to a mainstream automobile marketplace by 2015.

The Copenhagen exam expostulate followed a news that a ix35 Fuel Cell had been comparison by a European Commission-backed ‘Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking’ (FCH JU) to be used as a proof automobile to exam and foster hydrogen fuel dungeon record in a real-world environment. As partial of a initiative, a ix35 Fuel Cell was done accessible for Members of a European Parliament, Commissioners, EU officials and other routine makers to exam drive. This gained good prominence for a ix35 Fuel Cell and hydrogen automobile record among routine makers.

In Jan 2012, Hyundai sealed a chit of bargain along with twelve other attention participants to launch a intrigue called UKH2Mobility. This draws on a knowledge of other hydrogen initiatives from opposite Europe to examine a intensity for hydrogen as a fuel for ultra-low CO vehicles. Calling on £400 million (approximately €475 million) of appropriation from a UK government, a formula of a intrigue will lead to serve stairs to deliver hydrogen as a some-more mainstream fuel in a UK.

A Feb 2013 investigate published by UKH2Mobility foresee that, with suitable infrastructure investment, some-more than 1,5 million hydrogen-powered vehicles could be on a roads by 2030 in a UK alone.

The company’s prophesy and plan has warranted it approval as one of a ‘Top Global Green Brands of 2012’ in Interbrand’s 50 Global Green Brands report. Placed 17th overall, Hyundai was one of a highest-ranked automakers. Interbrand done sold discuss of Hyundai’s attention care in zero-emissions record by advances in hydrogen fuel-cell development.

Through technological development, as good as a several schemes and initiatives that Hyundai is concerned in, a organisation is demonstrating a joining to hydrogen fuel dungeon vehicles as an environmentally accessible resolution for fulfilling destiny mobility needs.

Technical specifications

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

Powertrain and transmission

Front-mounted initiation engine with dual mid-mounted hydrogen fuel dungeon storage tanks.

Suspension and damping



Wheels and tyres

Dimensions (mm)



Weight (kg)




* Figures settled are manufacturer’s estimates

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