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Elantra and All-New Genesis Spotlighted as Super Bowl Advertising Veteran Illustrates Performance, Style and Safety with Humor and Strong Family Bonds

COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec 16, 2013 – In a seventh uninterrupted year as a Super Bowl advertiser, Hyundai enters a Big Game ravel with dual game-day ads during a initial and fourth buliding of Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb 2, 2014.

The ads use crafty interpretations of genuine life moments to position a Hyundai as a ultimate pushing messenger and devoted family member. One spot, leveraging a talent of a luminary comedian, continues Hyundai’s longstanding tradition of regulating amusement to prominence automobile opening and function. The second mark illustrates a tighten tie of family. Creative was grown by Hyundai’s group of record, INNOCEAN USA.

Hyundai will open a Super Bowl promotion showcase with a 30-second mark patrician “Dad’s Sixth Sense,” during a initial quarter. In a blueprint that any father can describe to, a mark dramatizes a near-misses and saves of bland parenting, giving a thespian proof of a all-new Genesis and a Automatic Emergency Braking capabilities – one of a many facilities enclosed in Genesis’ extensive apartment of reserve services, a Sensory Surround Safety System.

“Nice,” a 30-second in-game mark using in a fourth quarter, is desirous and done probable by a new sporty, compress Elantra. The humorous mark follows a immature comedic talent in an sharpening diversion of compliments between dual matching Elantras, effectively showcasing a innovative performance, character and record facilities of Hyundai’s new compress sedan.

“Cars have turn some-more than only a means of travel – they play an active purpose in many tools of a lives,” pronounced Steve Shannon, clamp boss of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Our artistic debate this year highlights how Hyundai continues to be ‘there for you’ and your family. Whether it’s safely reacting to astonishing surprises on a highway in a reward Genesis or dialing adult a fun in an Elantra, Hyundai is an ideal pushing companion.”

“Each year we plea ourselves to come adult with a new, moving approach to showcase Hyundai during a biggest TV eventuality of a year, while staying loyal to a assembly and what’s many applicable to them,” pronounced Greg Braun, Executive Creative Director, INNOCEAN USA. “This year we were means to take dual opposite approaches to a spots – from fun and comedic, to endearing and nauseating – while still focusing on a hint of Hyundai. Our concentration always has been how a Hyundai automobile inspires and enables a consumer – either you’re a first-time automobile owners or looking to ascent into your initial loyal reward car.”