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– HND-9 hints during instruction of Hyundai’s next-generation oppulance sports coupe

– Special pattern projects strengthen Hyundai’s ‘Modern Premium’ image

March 28, 2013 – Hyundai Motor Co., a fastest-growing automaker by brand, currently staged a world-premiere of a HND-9, a latest oppulance sports coupe judgment that illustrates a company’s destiny pattern direction.

“HND-9 will give business a glance of Hyundai’s destiny oppulance sports coupe models,” pronounced Suk-Geun Oh, conduct of Hyundai Design Center. “Representing an expansion of Hyundai’s ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ pattern philosophy, a rear-wheel expostulate sports coupe judgment balances high opening with a worldly image.” The judgment was denounced during a 2013 Seoul Motor Show.

The HND-9 is a ninth judgment indication grown by a Hyundai Motor Group’s RD Center in Namyang, Korea. Based on a complicated reinterpretation of an elegant, classical reward sports coupe, worldly sum in each pattern component of a automobile strengthen a reward look. The vehicle, with a dramatic, prolonged hood and wheelbase, has an altogether length of 4,695mm, breadth of 1,890mm and tallness of 1,340mm with a 2,860mm wheelbase.

Equipped with 3.3-liter turbo GDi engine and 8-speed automobile transmission, HND-9 delivers a limit outlay of 370ps, while a extraneous pattern exudes a fitting picture of a absolute performance.

Fluidic nonetheless neat impression lines that widen from headlamp to trunk, voluminous, absolute automobile physique and a striking, far-reaching hexagonal-shaped radiator grille raise a vehicle’s high opening image. Moreover, moth doors, sculptural back multiple lamps, and twin tailpipes placed on both sides, give a automobile a sleek, unconventional look. Twenty-two in. amalgamate wheels – churned with CO materials – also minister to good styling, while obscure a weight.

Like a exterior, a interior styling of a HND-9 was designed to broach a modern, lush pushing experience. Three pivotal concepts were embedded into a interior pattern to comprehend this goal: turn sculpture, magnificence and high-tech interface.

Based on a turn sculpture judgment – subsequent from Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture pattern truth – energetic and particular spiral-shaped steel lines support a whole interior in a rapid and dulcet way, formulating a singular layout.

The seats are done of sporty nonetheless lush mesh, and depending on that angle they are seen from, they plan opposite colors, exuding magnificence and mystique. The driver-oriented, high-tech interface is modeled after a cockpit, charity both softened functionality and aesthetics, optimized for energetic driving.

Including a world-premiere concept, Hyundai exhibits a sum of 30 cars and 11 new technologies in 10 specialized zones, including displays for children. Hyundai’s booth, a largest during a show, is formed on a thesis called ‘Brilliant Moment O.’ The minute ‘O’ represents both Hyundai’s will to strengthen a basis (zero) and a communication with business (circle).

Furthermore, as partial of a company’s continued efforts to comprehend a ‘Modern Premium’ values, Hyundai introduced a accumulation of both inner and outmost partnership projects. Namely, a ‘i40 Art Car,’ ‘My Baby’ plan and ‘Equus by Hermes’ judgment automobile showcase Hyundai’s code encouragement efforts by design.

“Hyundai Motor has come a prolonged way. However, we will not rest on a laurels, though continue putting onward a pinnacle efforts to broach Hyundai’s singular ‘Modern Premium’ values to some-more customers,” pronounced Choong Ho Kim, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor.

[i40 Art Car]

The ‘i40 Art Car’ is a pattern partnership with one of a world’s biggest industrial designers, Karim Rashid, famous for his artistic and innovative visions. Based on a judgment of ‘harmony between pattern and technology,’ Rashid practical triangular and rainbow shapes on a extraneous of a automobile to constraint a speed and movements of a i40, one of Hyundai’s models designed and grown in Europe.

Along with a car, Hyundai also showcased ‘Karim Rashid’s Special Collection,’ consisting of a wristwatch, a backpack, a conduit bag and a tumbler, that arrangement Rashid’s signature simple, singular designs while progressing a normal functions of these bland items.

[My Baby]

This is Hyundai’s third turn of a ‘My Baby’ exhibition. Hyundai initial launched this tellurian pattern plan in 2008 and exhibited a formula for a initial time during a 2009 Seoul Motor Show. This year, a plan has been upgraded so that visitors can knowledge a themed spaces with videos, sounds and lights, in serve to a pattern models.

The plan began as an inner foe with a aim of nurturing creativity among a company’s designers. Through a project, Hyundai designers formed in Korea, U.S., China, Japan, Europe and India pennyless giveaway from their daily slight to promulgate their artistic ideas to other designers in opposite countries. The plan title, My Baby, reasonably reflects a designers’ friendship and connection to their work.

Designers reinterpret and serve rise Fluidic Sculpture, Hyundai’s latest pattern philosophy. The formula advise new directions for destiny travel methods, while hinting during a instruction of Hyundai’s destiny designs as well.

The 2013 Seoul Motor Show runs between Mar 28 and Apr 7 during a Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) underneath a thesis of ‘With nature, for a people.’