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•Collaboration will accelerate growth of connected automobile technologies

•High-speed in-vehicle networks will send information faster than ever before

•Innovations in modernized integrated record will lead a connected automobile market

April 19, 2016 – Hyundai Motor Company is accelerating developments in connected automobile record by collaborating with Cisco, a worldwide personality in IT and networking equipment. The team-work is partial of Hyundai Motor’s wider plan to settle an industry-leading connected automobile height by partnership with heading record partners.

Hyundai Motor will primarily concentration on a subsequent era of in-vehicle networks during a core of connected automobile technology, optimizing a delivery and accepting of information within a vehicle. The record will not usually broadcast and accept information faster, though also concede any subsystem inside a automobile to promulgate some-more effectively; this is essential to enabling destiny connected cars to incorporate a increasingly formidable facilities that send ever-growing amounts of information in genuine time.

Hyundai Motor and Cisco will combine to emanate a contrast sourroundings for automobile simulation. The companies will concur on simple investigate to entirely investigate a upsurge of information and determine new technologies for connected cars. Moreover, Hyundai Motor will deposit in cloud, large information analytics and connected automobile confidence technologies, with outrageous investment in investigate and development.

“Future connected cars will open new innovations in quality, safety, and security, as never before. By expanding time and space, some-more reserve will be guaranteed for a customers. Hyundai Motor will yield new values that go over a customers’ expectations in safety, peculiarity and confidence by auxiliary with Cisco. This partnership will be a possibility to move closer a Hyundai Motor-led destiny of connected cars and change paradigms of new mobility,” pronounced Euisun Chung, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor.

Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Euisun Chung and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins paid a revisit to a startup that combined a make-believe contrast sourroundings for a connected automobile plan in sequence to share and plead a enrichment in a research, and showed seductiveness in fostering a startup-friendly sourroundings in Korea.

“This is truly an sparkling time to combine with Hyundai Motor. Digital intrusion into a automotive attention is being driven by technologies that are formulating new user experiences; and a care in a areas of connected vehicles, security, and large-scale communication technologies will be essential to substantiating an industry-leading platform. Cisco is respected to join efforts with Hyundai Motor on a Connected Car initiative, and to play a partial in a automotive industry’s evolution,” pronounced Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco.

Hyundai Motor recently summarized a Connected Car Roadmap, introducing 4 categorical use fields as partial of a “Hyper-connected Intelligent Cars” concept. The mid- to long- tenure growth concentration includes: intelligent remote upkeep service, unconstrained driving, Smart Traffic, and connectivity Mobility Hub, all of that will advantage from continued RD investment in a fields of in-vehicle networks, cloud and large information analytics and connected automobile confidence technologies.