Hyundai Canada


11/16/2016, Los Angles, CA

Company Presents Self Driving Vehicle with Hidden LiDAR

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2016 – Hyundai Motor Company announced a introduction of a Autonomous IONIQ judgment during a press discussion during Automobility LA (Los Angeles Auto Show). With a neat pattern imitative a rest of a IONIQ lineup, a automobile is one of a few self-driving cars in growth to have a dark LiDAR complement in a front fender instead of on a roof, enabling it to demeanour like any other automobile on a highway and not a high propagandize scholarship project.

The idea of a unconstrained IONIQ judgment was to keep a self-driving systems as elementary as possible. This was achieved by regulating a prolongation car’s Smart Cruise Control’s forward-facing radar, Lane Keep Assist cameras and integrated them with LiDAR technology. Hyundai Motor is also building a possess unconstrained automobile handling system, with a idea of regulating a lot reduction computing power. This will outcome in a low-cost platform, that can be commissioned in destiny Hyundai models a normal consumer can afford.

The car’s dark LiDAR complement also allows a Autonomous IONIQ to detect a comprehensive position of surrounding vehicles and objects. In addition, a Autonomous IONIQ features:

  • Forward Facing Radar that detects a relations plcae and speed of objects in a vehicle’s brazen trail to assist in track planning
  • A 3 camera array that detects walking proximity, line markings and trade signals
  • A GPS receiver to establish a accurate plcae of any vehicle
  • High clarification mapping information from Hyundai MnSoft that delivers plcae accuracy, highway grade/curvature, line breadth and denote data
  • A Blind Spot Detection radar to safeguard even elementary line changes are executed safely

These facilities build on a capabilities of a prolongation IONIQ, that offers Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Smart Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic Assist. The automobile also incorporates all unconstrained controls into existent systems to safeguard that drivers can have a seamless transition between active and self-driving modes.

Earlier this year, Hyundai Motor warranted a permit to exam a unconstrained cars in civic environments. To showcase a cars in action, Hyundai Motor will entrance dual Autonomous IONIQs during a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Jan where a cars will be found pushing adult and down a neon-and sunlit boulevards of Las Vegas. In further to charity media rides, these IONIQs will be prepared to tackle:

  • High levels of walking traffic
  • Stop lights, stop signs and propagandize zones
  • Road construction and roadblocks
  • Speed bumps
  • Dogs but a leash
  • Children during play
  • Shopping centers
  • Intersections but trade signals

Hyundai Motor is now contrast 3 unconstrained IONIQs and dual Autonomous Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles during Hyundai Research and Development Center in Namyang, South Korea. Navigating Namyang for a self-driving automobile is a plea since of a some-more than 11,000 engineers and designers on site each day.