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Hyundai Motor Group Reveals 「FCEV Vision 2030」

12/11/2018, Seoul

  • FCEV Vision 2030’ highlights Hyundai Motor Group (HMG)’s joining to accelerate a expansion of a hydrogen society
  • HMG to enhance a care in hydrogen record over travel sector
  • HMG to try new businesses to supply fuel-cell systems to manufacturers of automobiles, drones, vessels, rolling stocks, forklifts and appetite generators
  • HMG aims to furnish 700,000 fuel-cell systems annually by 2030 including 500,000 units for FCEVs·
  • Under ‘FCEV Vision 2030’, HMG along with suppliers will deposit KRW 7.6 trillion won by 2030, formulating 51,000 jobs in a process 

SEOUL, Dec. 11, 2018
— Hyundai Motor Group, that includes automotive brands Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation, currently announced a long-term roadmap ‘FCEV Vision 2030’ plan, as a organisation reaffirms a joining to accelerate a expansion of a hydrogen multitude by leveraging a group’s tellurian care in fuel-cell technologies. 

Aligned with a roadmap, Hyundai Motor Group (The Group) will drastically boost a annual fuel-cell systems prolongation ability to 700,000 units by 2030 and try new business opportunities to supply a world-class fuel-cell systems to other travel manufacturers of automobiles, drones, vessels, rolling bonds and forklifts. The direct for fuel-cell systems from sectors over travel such as appetite era and storage systems is also approaching to emerge quickly.

“Hyundai Motor Group, a tellurian colonize of a blurb prolongation of FCEV, is holding a confidant step brazen to assist a fulfilment of a hydrogen society,’’ pronounced Euisun Chung, Executive Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group. “We will enhance a purpose over a automotive travel zone and play a pivotal purpose in tellurian society’s transition to purify appetite by assisting make hydrogen an economically viable appetite source. We are assured that hydrogen appetite will comparison a travel zone and turn a heading tellurian mercantile success.

” The ‘FCEV Vision 2030’ roadmap will assistance Hyundai Motor Group and a suppliers deposit approximately KRW 7.6 trillion in RD and trickery expansion, that is approaching to emanate approximately 51,000 jobs by 2030. 

The Group skeleton to secure a 500,000-units-a–year FCEV prolongation ability by 2030, including newcomer vehicles and blurb vehicles, in expectation of high direct for tellurian FCEVs expanding to around 2million units a year within that timeframe. 

As a initial step to perform a ‘FCEV Vision 2030’, HMG’s fuel-cell complement prolongation associate Hyundai Mobis Co. currently hold a groundbreaking rite for a second fuel-cell complement plant in Chungju, South Korea. The second bureau will assistance Mobis boost annual fuel-cell complement outlay to 40,000 units by 2022, adult from a stream 3,000 units.;

The Group’s flagship auto-making associate Hyundai Motor progressing this year launched NEXO, a second-generation commercialized FCEV, improving on a acclaimed Tucson FCEV introduced in 2013. NEXO was built on Hyundai’s initial dedicated fuel-cell car architecture, that provides many constructional advantages including lighter weight, increasing cabin space and softened fuel-cell complement layout.

The Group skeleton to serve allege a fuel-cell complement used in NEXO models to ascent and variegate a fuel-cell complement lineup, so it can respond to final from several attention sectors.

In December, Hyundai Motor Group determined a dedicated multiplication to rise and support fuel-cell complement businesses.

The Group’s exclusive fuel dungeon complement combines hydrogen fuel with oxygen taken from a atmosphere to furnish electricity. Without combustion, a complement usually emits H2O as a by-product while also purifying soiled air, creation it a ultimate source of purify energy.

With high appetite firmness and palliate of smoke-stack refueling, hydrogen would assistance revoke a extensive tenure costs by about 10 percent for all probable travel means including rolling stocks, vessels and forklifts, according to a study by McKinsey Company. The investigate also estimates that approximately 5.5 million~6.5 million fuel dungeon complement units will be compulsory by 2030 globally.

HMG is a usually association to settle a dedicated plant for blurb prolongation of fuel dungeon systems. With a construction of an additional fuel dungeon plant, Hyundai can fast aim marketplace success on a tellurian scale.

The Hydrogen Council, a tellurian beginning of heading energy, ride and attention companies including Hyundai Motor, predicts a annual direct for hydrogen would boost tenfold by 2050, thereby formulating different opportunities for tolerable mercantile growth.


Hyundai Motor Group is a tellurian house that has combined a value sequence formed on automobiles, steel, and construction and includes logistics, finance, IT and service. With about 250,000 employees worldwide, a group’s vehicle brands embody Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. Armed with artistic thinking, mild communication and a will to take on all challenges, we are operative to emanate a improved destiny for all.

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