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Hyundai Motor Group Reveals Life-Changing Technology to Assist Hearing-Impaired Drivers

01/10/2019, Seoul

  • The record delivers loyal ‘freedom of mobility’ by providing hearing-impaired people with a protected and gentle pushing experience
  • A heart-warming debate video illustrates a possibilities for automobiles to assistance hearing-impaired drivers correlate with their outmost environment

SEOUL, Jan. 10, 2018
— Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) suggested a new innovative record that assists hearing-impaired drivers.  

Hearing-impaired drivers are contingent especially on their steer and hold senses. HMG combined a approach of communication for conference marred people that incorporates both inner and outmost sounds by pleasing and visible means, thereby expanding leisure of mobility to all drivers regardless of their earthy limitations. 

The record utilizes synthetic comprehension to investigate a outmost sound patterns and employs dual apart pushing support systems that work together concurrently – a Audio-Visual Conversion (AVC) and Audio-Tactile Conversion (ATC), to assistance hearing-impaired drivers who have an acute, rarely grown clarity of hold and attuned visible capabilities. 

The AVC allows for safer driving, by enabling communication with a outmost sourroundings by visible portrayals of sound patterns, such as warning sounds of puncture vehicles, as pictograms on a head-up arrangement (HUD). The steering circle is also versed with multi-colored LEDs that prove maritime information while driving. 

The ATC transfers a sound information into vibrations by a steering wheel, notifying a motorist of information about outmost environments such as stretch from obstacles. 

HMG, demonstrating a technology, has suggested a debate video called ‘Quiet Taxi’ that aspires to give wish to drivers with marred hearing.  

Starting with an open invitation, stories were sent in by people from all over a country, and HMG chose Daeho Lee, as Seoul’s initial ever, designated hearing-impaired cab motorist to showcase a pushing support technology. 

Mr. Lee, a hearing-impaired father of dual children who recently began a new career as a cab driver, had problems with conference and had to rest especially on his sight. Problems arose with other drivers on a highway when he could not hear a horns or sirens of surrounding vehicles. Additionally, he indispensable to constantly rest on his vision, that caused tired during a rate many times that of a normal driver. 

The debate video, along with a record itself, will stress a value of ‘freedom of mobility,’ demonstrating Hyundai’s efforts to capacitate a hearing-impaired to expostulate openly and safely regulating state-of-the-art innovative developments. As partial of a goal, Hyundai also grown an focus that enables communication between passengers and drivers who are hearing-impaired. 

The whole routine of a ‘Quiet Taxi’ was filmed in a documentary-style video that can be noticed here:

Hyundai Motor Group reveals a ‘Quiet Taxi’, a video debate featuring a new record thought grown by a company’s researchers. 


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