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Hyundai Motor Group Reveals Next-Generation Powertrain Strategy

  • Hyundai Motor Group outlines a new plan for engine growth during a International Powertrain Conference
  • ‘Smart Stream’ powertrain technologies will broach increasing potency and performance
  • New engine choice and latest fuel dungeon record outrider new epoch of Hyundai Motor Group powertrain development

October 24, 2017 – Hyundai Motor Group has summarized a destiny powertrain growth strategy, during a International Powertrain Conference in Korea today.

More than 1,200 engineers and academics from universe heading powertrain companies are participating in a two-day event, that facilities presentations exploring a core thesis ‘Knock a Limit of Powertrain Technologies: To Enhance Value for Customers’.

At a conference, Hyundai Motor Group is displaying a initial 4 engines and dual transmissions from a stirring choice of new ‘Smart Stream’ powertrains. The Smart Stream record incorporates a series of modernized technologies that will assistance Hyundai Motor Group accommodate a long-term tellurian emissions goals.

Developed by Hyundai Motor Group’s award-winning engineers, a Smart Stream powertrains broach softened fuel economy and reduced empty emissions. Beginning with a introduction of 1.6-liter petrol and diesel Smart Stream engines, a record will eventually be accessible for all Hyundai Motor Group vehicles. The improvements will raise petrol and diesel engine efficiency, alongside a growth of new plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains, and a company’s next-generation Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

Smart Stream: Next era powertrain

First introduced during a 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show, a Smart Stream powertrains will concede Hyundai Motor Group to respond to tellurian changes in environmental law and accommodate patron direct for fun-to-drive cars. The word ‘Smart’ implies being intelligent in design, control, and operation, while ‘Stream’ refers to energetic transformation of mobility.
The next-generation Smart Stream record optimizes a existent powertrain structure, with engine components reduced in distance and weight to raise fuel efficiency. With a modernized explosion techniques of Smart Stream engines, Hyundai Motor Group aims to maximize thermal potency by adult to 50% in a future.

Among a Smart Stream record presented during a International Powertrain Conference is a initial blurb concentration of Continuously Variable Valve Duration (CVVD) technology. In a Smart Stream G 1.6 turbo engine, a opening and shutting of a cylinder valve is timed to best respond to several pushing modes, such as eco-driving or energetic driving.

Other new record includes a Smart Stream eight-speed soppy Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT). Unlike required involuntary transmissions, a dual-clutch complement enables optimal change response, with a eight-speed gearing and high-efficient hydraulic complement delivering both faster acceleration opening and glorious fuel economy during a same time.

By 2022, Hyundai Motor Group aims to rise an all-new Smart Stream powertrain choice stoical of 10 gasoline engines, 6 diesel engines, and 6 transmissions.

Key plan for 2025

At a International Powertrain Conference, Hyundai Motor Group underlined a faith that a inner explosion engine will say a clever participation in a marketplace until 2025, as plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains start to accept wider acceptance. To respond to diversifying marketplace needs, Hyundai Motor Group will furnish a larger suit of electric, fuel cell, and plug-in hybrid powertrains – all alongside a rarely fit new Smart Stream inner explosion engines.

This change to furnish some-more choice powertrains is joined with skeleton to raise battery ability and boost a electric-only operation capabilities of a electric models, delivering larger value to customers.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV): Pioneering technology

With a new Smart Stream powertrains, Hyundai Motor Group also aims to build on a care position in modernized thrust technology. While progressing concentration on improving a potency of a inner explosion engines is important, Hyundai Motor Group will continue to lead a attention in Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV), by investing in a growth of a next-generation hydrogen powertrain.

The subsequent FCEV from Hyundai Motor Group will have a pushing operation of 800km, a limit energy outlay of 163PS, and a largest hydrogen storage firmness of any Fuel Cell car on a market.

Leading by experience

As a colonize in a growth of low-emission powertrains, Hyundai Motor Group can call on past practice as it shapes a destiny plan for tolerable mobility. The 1.6 Gamma engine, initial introduced in 2006, a Tau V8 and a 1.4 Kappa powertrains – both initial used in 2008 – any paint a poignant jump in powertrain engineering in a automotive industry.

More recently, a ix35 Fuel Cell (2013), IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid and Electric powertrains used in a 2016 IONIQ and Sonata models represented pivotal advances in alternative-fuel engineering. Drawing on this endless experience, Hyundai Motor Group will deliver 31 eco-friendly models to a tellurian marketplace by 2020.


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