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– Information on a all-new Genesis denounced to bother market’s interest

-With a initial launch in Korea, a all-new Genesis to be introduced in major

markets subsequent year

October 24, 2013 – Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea’s largest automaker, currently hold an ‘All-New Genesis Media Preview’ for a Korean media during Hyundai Motor Group’s RD Center and strictly denounced a initial picture renderings of a car. The purpose of a pre-launch media eventuality was to foster a domestic launch scheduled after this year. Staging a world-premiere in Korea, a all-new Genesis will entrance in vital markets subsequent year.

“Launched in 2008, Hyundai’s initial reward rear-wheel expostulate sedan Genesis astounded a attention with a superb product competitiveness,” pronounced Moon Sik Kwon, conduct of Hyundai Motor Group’s RD Center, in his acquire remarks. “The developed all-new Genesis is a product of Hyundai’s best resources and capabilities and we strongly trust it will be a game-changer in a market.”

With a sum investment of 500 billion KRW, a plan began with a aim of building a world-class reward rear-wheel expostulate sedan, and it took 4 years to rise a stream model.

Its categorical strengths are: Premium and particular design, best-in-class framework system, reward European brands’ turn of pushing and RH performance, cutting-edge reserve and preference features.

With romantic touches enclosed in each detail, conveying Hyundai’s code temperament ‘Modern Premium,’ a all-new Genesis has cumulative best-in-class simple product competitiveness by countless tests carried out in several locations worldwide, including a famed Nürburgring in Germany.


Since a introduction in 2009, Hyundai’s unaccompanied pattern truth ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ has developed to a subsequent turn and a all-new Genesis is a initial indication to adopt Fluidic Sculpture 2.0.

While progressing a strange essence, Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 is tangible by core elements: Simple and agreeable pattern with polished fluidic pattern elements, complicated Hyundai demeanour with a unaccompanied hexagonal grille, easy-to-understand and pleasing pattern and abounding visuotactile color, element and finishing of a car.

Designed formed on this new philosophy, a all-new Genesis boasts a reward sports sedan demeanour with refined, ‘in-motion’ pattern aesthetics. A single-frame reward hexagonal grille creates a confidant front statement, while fluidic and saturated surfacing finish a side lines. Meanwhile, a high-tech, sculptural aspect emphasizes a back design.

Its interior pattern aligns with a reward exterior, adopting unchanging pattern sum that entirely simulate clever care of ergonomics and discerning operation. Tailored pattern specifications for all materials and master craftsmanship-level finish strengthen a reward image.

The all-new Genesis also focuses on Human Machine Interface (HMI), that lets drivers intuitively commend car functions, permitting for some-more accessible and effective use of those functions.

Switches are categorized depending on their function, facilitating easier control. Symbols are standardised for discerning recognition, and a feel of a hold and control have been softened as well.

Starting with a all-new Genesis, destiny models will be designed formed on Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 and a HMI principles.


The all-new Genesis significantly softened a reserve in pile-up tests due to softened physique structure and rigidity.

Its torsional and tortuous rigidity have been increasing by requesting some-more ultra-high-strength steel, hot-stamping and double-section structure on a front, partitioned engine room pattern as good as softened back and core building structures.

Passenger reserve has been softened by a focus of modernized seatbelt functions such as Emergency Fastening Device complement (EFD), that firmly fastens passengers in crashes, and Pre-Safe seatbelt, that warns of risk in allege by tightening a seatbelt.


With softened cessation and focus of several modernized technologies, a all-new Genesis offers top-class pushing and float doing performances. Greatly softened parallel rigidity of a front and back suspensions and glorious weight change minister to a creation of a fast chassis. Meanwhile, focus of electronic control cessation such as Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC) enables larger fortitude in corners.

Furthermore, Rack-mounted Motor Driven Electric Power Steering (R-MDPS) was initial practical to a indication with a non-static rigging ratio, that provides high-speed fortitude and approach response during low and middle speeds.

Hyundai’s ‘HTRAC’ all-wheel expostulate complement will also be accessible for a initial time on a all-new Genesis. The modernized HTRAC complement electronically controls torque separate between a front and back axles depending on highway and pushing conditions, charity larger fortitude on sleazy roads and in corners. It also allows drivers to name pushing modes for a worldly and tailored pushing experience.