Hyundai Canada


01/04/2017, Fountain Valley, CA


  • Innovations mix intelligent automotive and IT technologies to move mobility and life together for customers
  • Hyundai Motor collaborates with heading IT association Cisco to rise an modernized connected automobile platform

Jan. 4, 2017 – Hyundai Motor has denounced a skeleton for modernized connected automobile record during a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The interactive believe featured during a Hyundai Motor counter demonstrates how a ‘hyper-connected car’ will be executive to shopping larger convenience, comfort and delight to tomorrow’s lifestyles.

With an design to emanate hyper-connected intelligent cars that exaggerate a safest and many modernized self-driving systems on a market, Hyundai Motor is collaborating with Cisco, a worldwide personality in IT and confidence technology. The corner module will emanate a height optimized for connected cars, that will assistance capacitate two-way communication both internally between a car’s complement and outwardly with highway infrastructure, other vehicles, internet of Things (loT) devices, and a cloud.

”At this year’s CES, Hyundai Motor will deliver a instruction of growth with Cisco and we wish that visitors entirely know what Hyundai Motor and Cisco prognosticate for a destiny of connected cars,” pronounced Seung Ho Hwang, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company. “We are assured that serve synergies will be combined as we mix Hyundai Motor’s connected automobile platforms with Cisco’s network technology”, he added.

“When we cruise about how most time we spend in a cars, it’s sparkling to cruise what can occur when your automobile truly becomes intelligent,” pronounced James Peters, VP, Automotive and Connected Car Business Unit, Cisco. “It takes worldly networking and formation down to a sensor – and confidence opposite a network turn to make a hyper-connected car. By mixing Hyundai’s care in automotive record with Cisco’s strength in networking and security, we are accelerating a gait of creation in this sparkling space.”

At CES Hyundai Motor presents 4 pivotal connected automobile scenarios that will conclude a believe for a customers:

  • Fully Autonomous Driving – guarantees a top levels of pushing reserve by monitoring trade conditions, infrastructure information and information from other vehicles
  • Smart Traffic – delivers preference by optimized track superintendence formed on real-time trade information, that can revoke overload and minimize compared amicable costs that delays can bring
  • Intelligent Remote Service – monitors a car’s condition to brand and solve issues remotely
  • ‘Mobility Hub’ – is a heart of a connected car, that provides assistance and gigantic amounts of believe to bond business with each aspect of their daily lives

The connected automobile height will develop to couple cars to everything, including homes, offices and even city infrastructure. Through a work with Cisco, Hyundai Motor will aim to have a connected automobile infrastructure adjust to new innovations in safety, comfort and preference while encompassing modernized confidence technologies to aim to revoke hacking automobile handling systems.

The Hyundai Motor counter during CES presents an interactive believe for visitors by demonstrating all a elements of a destiny prophesy for a connected car. A operative connected automobile judgment and an immersive practical existence unconstrained pushing make-believe will denote how Hyundai Motor’s connected height operates, alongside a apartment of interactive demonstrations that showcase a prophesy for destiny mobility.