Hyundai Canada


01/04/2017, Fountain Valley, CA


  • Hyundai Motor showcases modernized self-driving record by civic trials of Autonomous IONIQ models in Las Vegas
  • Strategy includes hyper-connected vehicle height to seamlessly couple mobility with a home and workplace
  • Hyundai Motor’s prophesy for destiny mobility incorporates wearable robotics, micro-mobility solutions and interactive, health-conscious technology

Jan. 4, 2017 – Hyundai Motor is showcasing pivotal elements of a plan for destiny mobility during a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hold in Las Vegas, from Jan 5 to 8, 2017. This subsequent era of meeting technologies focuses on joining cars to customer’s lives, by intelligent unconstrained driving, intelligent hyper-connectivity solutions and innovations to foster wellness in mobility.

Autonomous IONIQ concepts exhibit modernized self-driving technologies
Hyundai Motor is regulating live demonstrations and immersive practical existence displays to benefaction a capabilities of a latest self-driving technology. Two cars are navigating exam routes in a Las Vegas boulevards as partial of ongoing modernized trials in civic environments, while CES visitors can knowledge a driverless tour around immersive Virtual Reality simulators during a Hyundai Motor booth.

Moving brazen with a use of LiDAR technology, Hyundai Motor has dark a hardware behind a Autonomous IONIQ’s front fender rather than regulating a standard roof-mounted approach, maintaining a new car’s neat design. Hyundai Motor’s latest record allows a cars to navigate a many severe situations safely, including high levels of walking traffic, stop lights and signs, highway construction and highway blocks, speed bumps, dogs, tiny children and even intersections but trade signals.

Connected Car height combines intelligent automotive and IT technologies
Another interactive knowledge during Hyundai Motor’s CES counter demonstrates how a ‘hyper-connected car’ will be executive to shopping larger convenience, comfort and delight to tomorrow’s lifestyles.

With an design to emanate hyper-connected intelligent cars that exaggerate a safest and many modernized self-driving systems on a market, Hyundai Motor is collaborating with Cisco, a worldwide personality in IT and confidence technology. The corner module will emanate a height optimized for connected cars, that will assistance capacitate two-way communication both internally between a car’s complement and outwardly with highway infrastructure, other vehicles, internet of Things (loT) devices, and a cloud.

‘Mobility Vision’ judgment converges hyper-connectivity and Smart House
Through a innovative ‘Mobility Vision’ concept, Hyundai Motor is demonstrating a intensity strech of a modernized technologies. The Smart House judgment shown during CES seamlessly integrates a vehicle into a daily lives of users, blurring a line between mobility and customer’s vital and operative spaces.

The judgment on uncover suggests how a vehicle could confederate itself with a vital space when docked, before apropos a mobile vital space when business need to pierce around. Hyundai Motor’s prophesy sees business living, but interruption, while on a pierce as a comfort, preference and connectivity facilities of a vehicle and a home are total into ‘one space’.

Health + Mobility Concept for wellness in mobility
Also during CES, Hyundai Motor is presenting ‘Health + Mobility Concept’, a destiny prophesy for health-conscious vehicles that bond mobility and wellness. An immersive practical existence room demonstrates how in-car conditions can be combined to improved conduct highlight and compared consequences ensuing from commuting, permitting drivers to intentionally change modes for increasing personal capability or relaxation. The interactive health-conscious record monitors a apartment of health and wellbeing indicators around a array of sensors via a cockpit.

Wearable robotics offer new leisure in mobility
Hyundai Motor has suggested new wearable powered robots that are set to change a destiny of personal mobility. The latest innovations in modernized assistive exoskeletons for medical, work and daily life exhibit a company’s aspiration to yield assisted-mobility support over a vehicle for a contentment of customers.

The operation of wearable exoskeletons presented during CES underline on-board suit control systems to support patients with reduce spinal cord injuries, or yield wander support for a aged in bland life. A workplace-focused exoskeleton provides upper-body and hip support to forestall behind injuries for workers lifting complicated objects.

IONIQ Scooter provides final-mile mobility
Hyundai Motor has denounced a IONIQ Scooter, an innovative portable-mobility judgment that allows business to continue their tour after parking to simply strech their final destination. The lightweight, electrically-powered scooter is conveniently stored and charged in a front doorway of a IONIQ Electric, with an easy one-touch folding structure for maximized portability.

The scooter is a outcome of a investigate into alternatives for ‘first-and-last mile mobility’, and is another creation from Hyundai Motor’s long-term investigate and growth program, Project IONIQ, that works to redefine destiny mobility by innovation.

Also on arrangement during a Hyundai Motor counter during CES is a latest IONIQ Hybrid model, that includes enhancements to serve a repute as one of a world’s many fuel fit cars.