Hyundai Canada


01/04/2017, Fountain Valley, CA

Autonomous IONIQ Concept

  • Hyundai Motor presents a prophesy for destiny mobility with unconstrained exam drives during CES 2017
  • Autonomous IONIQ concepts denote self-driving record in Las Vegas as partial of ongoing modernized trials in civic environments
  • Visitors invited to knowledge unconstrained pushing by immersive practical existence simulators during Hyundai Motor booth

Jan. 4, 2016 – Hyundai Motor has denounced a apartment of interactive demonstrations during a 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas as a association presents a prophesy for destiny mobility. Advanced unconstrained IONIQ models will work on a surrounding roads, while during a Hyundai Motor counter immersive practical existence will constraint a company’s destiny prophesy for visitors.

Autonomous IONIQ models will navigate a array of exam routes in a boulevards around CES, regulating a really latest LiDAR record (a laser and radar-based showing system) to brand a accurate position of surrounding vehicles and objects to navigate a civic landscape safely. At a Hyundai Motor CES booth, Virtual Reality (VR) simulators yield visitors with an immersive knowledge demonstrating how unconstrained pushing will move larger preference and reserve to Hyundai customers.

Moving brazen with a use of LiDAR technology, Hyundai Motor has dark a hardware behind a unconstrained IONIQ’s front fender rather than regulating a standard roof-mounted approach, maintaining a new car’s neat design. The car’s modernized self-driving systems are kept as elementary as probable by integrating existent functions from a prolongation model, including a Smart Cruise Control system’s forward-facing radar and Lane Keeping Assist cameras.

The complement also uses a GPS receiver to hunt for a plcae of any car and high-definition mapping program delivers pinpoint correctness for location, highway slope and curvature, and line breadth and denote data. In addition, a Blind Spot Detection radar ensures that even elementary line changes are executed safely.

Hyundai Motor’s latest record allows a cars to navigate a many severe situations safely, including high levels of walking traffic, stop lights and signs, highway construction and highway blocks, speed bumps, dogs, tiny children and even intersections but trade signals. Through endless contrast in civic environments Hyundai Motor is stability to rise and labour a self-driving technologies with a idea of regulating reduction computing power, ensuing in a low-cost height that a standard consumer can afford.