Hyundai Canada


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Apr 18, 2014 – According to DealerRater’s Consumer Rating Index (CRI) for automotive manufacturers, Hyundai Motor America’s dealerships ranked tip in patron view and satisfaction, receiving regard for high peculiarity use work and friendship of staff. DealerRater, a heading online end for consumer reviews of dealerships worldwide, provides a CRI as a starting indicate for business who are looking for a dealership that will yield a best altogether selling experience. In a Mar 2014 CRI, Hyundai bested competitors such as Buick, Honda, Kia and Subaru to take a tip mark among Mass Market brands.

“From some-more than 300,000 accurate reviews collected during a 12-month period, Hyundai business ranked their dealership practice aloft than any other mass-market brand,” pronounced Gary Tucker, CEO, DealerRater. “We praise Hyundai for delivering increasing clarity for consumers by proactively soliciting patron feedback on all sales and use experiences, profitable courtesy to online reviews, and evaluating their business practices formed on patron feedback.”

The 2014 CRI is formed on 330,000 accurate reviews collected during a 12-month duration from Mar 2013-2014. CRI rankings are distributed by averaging consumer ratings of particular dealerships posted to Ratings are formed on a five-point scale, representing consumer feedback on all levels of a sales or use experience, including patron service, peculiarity of work, friendliness, cost and altogether experience.

“Each one of a some-more than 820 inhabitant dealerships plays an constituent purpose in a sum Hyundai tenure experience,” pronounced Bob Pradzinski, clamp president, National Sales, Hyundai Motor America. “Receiving this endowment unequivocally showcases Hyundai’s bargain of what a business wish and a ability to surpass their expectations in each aspect of car ownership.”