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Sales Growth Continues Despite Strong New Competitors

Lower Fleet Sales, Segment’s Lowest Incentive Spending Demonstrate Enduring Consumer Appeal of Sonata’s Game-Changing Product Recipe

COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 27, 2012 – Hyundai’s benchmark-setting mid-size Sonata pennyless a all-time yearly sales record this week, leading a 225,961 sales it logged in a record-setting opening final year. Sonata joins a Elantra, Veloster, Genesis, and Equus in environment all-time sales annals for Hyundai in 2012.

“Sonata’s redesign in early 2010 demonstrated that mid-size sedans that interconnected confidant pattern and fuel-efficiency with long-time shred essentials such as roominess, reserve and continuance could unequivocally mangle through,” pronounced John Krafcik, boss and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. “We’d like to consider Sonata helped coax on a latest era of bolder mid-size sedans, and we’re happy to see that this new foe hasn’t dented Sonata sell sales, that are now using third behind usually Camry and Accord in December.”

Sonata’s sell sales brew demonstrates a strength of a segment-first all-four-cylinder powertrain offering, including a well-equipped GLS, sport-focused SE, reward Limited, and fuel-efficient Hybrid. Through November, 52 percent of Sonata sales were GLS, 18 percent SE, 22 percent Limited, and 8 percent Hybrid. Performance enthusiasts gathering a brew of a 274-horsepower 2.0T turbo-charged model, accessible on both SE and Limited, to 13 percent of sell Sonata sales.

While a mid-size shred as a whole gifted a poignant 20 percent expansion in swift sales (primarily let cars) in 2012, Sonata’s record sales this year come with a reduce swift brew and fewer let automobile sales than final year, dropping from an 11 percent swift brew in 2012 to a projected 9 percent in 2012. In a segment, usually a Honda Accord had a reduce swift mix. Mid-size shred swift sales will paint about 21 percent of sum mid-size automobile sales in 2012. Most competitors, including those with all-new models, significantly increasing sales to let automobile companies and other fleets in 2012.

Sonata’s persisting sales success has been accompanied with not usually low swift brew though also really low inducement spending, agreeable some of a top residual values in a segment. According to Autodata, Sonata inducement spending by Nov is a lowest of all a top-ten best-selling mid-size sedans during only $1,350 per vehicle, some-more than 40 percent next shred average.

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