Hyundai Canada


11/16/2016, Los Angles, CA

Consumers Will Be Able to Access New IONIQ Electric Compact Cars On-Demand and Free of Charge in Los Angeles Starting Jan 2017

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2016 – Hyundai Motor and WaiveCar, a world’s initial all-electric car-sharing module that runs on promotion dollars, currently announced a partnership that will arrangement millions of shoppers to a all-new Hyundai IONIQ electric compress automobile for free.

The partnership, due by WaiveCar as partial of Hyundai’s Project IONIQ open call, gives consumers a ability to expostulate IONIQ EVs on-demand for dual hours during no charge. In exchange, a automobile is wrapped in promotion and includes a roof mounted digital display, that generates a promotion income WaiveCar uses to equivalent costs. WaiveCar’s digital displays are 4G connected enabling dynamic, geo-targeted promotion tailored to ones pushing plcae and time of day. For example, while sitting in morning trade on a 405 freeway, a ad could read, “This invert would be a lot some-more gentle in a Hyundai IONIQ.”

“WaiveCar presents some good solutions for us,” pronounced Mark Dipko, executive of corporate formulation and plan during Hyundai Motor America. “The IONIQ offers emissions-free travel to on-the-go Angelenos. This partnership allows us to strech intensity business and give them a event to exam expostulate a superb IONIQ electric while generating recognition for a IONIQ code during a same time.”

The program, that will launch in early 2017, is Hyundai’s initial large-scale impasse in car-sharing and is directed during creation it easy for those but a automobile to entrance short-term, free, and enchanting transportation. Customers can simply download WaiveCar’s app for iPhone or Android, find an IONIQ nearby them, book it and start pushing — no cards or keys necessary. WaiveCar afterwards unlocks a doorway for consumers remotely, where they can find a keys inside. Insurance is also partial of a all-inclusive-deal.

Users can expostulate an IONIQ for giveaway for 2 hours during a time. They can continue to expostulate for only $5.99 an hour or lapse a automobile during any designated mark for a subsequent user to collect up. This giveaway floating car-sharing indication allows some-more users to use a same car, that reduces overload and wickedness on a most incomparable scale.

WaiveCar skeleton to supplement 150 IONIQs that will be deployed via Los Angeles in a initial half of 2017. WaiveCar is formulation to launch in 3 additional cities by a finish of 2017 regulating 250 some-more IONIQs.

“We are intensely vehement to be operative together with Hyundai,” pronounced Zoli Honig, WaiveCar’s CTO Co-Founder. “Providing low cost, eco-friendly travel alternatives to consumers is a core idea and charity a IONIQ will accelerate that goal. We trust this partnership will be tremendously profitable for Hyundai, WaiveCar, a customers, and a environment.”