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Hyundai Walking Car Concept is a Future of a First Responder Industry

01/07/2019, Las Vegas, NV

  • Debuting during CES 2019, “Elevate”, a Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), prepares communities in a eventuality of a healthy disaster
  • Wheels with robotic legs concede users to drive, travel or even stand over a many fraudulent terrain

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2019
– Any initial responder will tell we that a initial 72 hours following a healthy disaster are a many essential to saving lives. However, mostly times due to a inlet of a disaster (forest fire, earthquake, hurricane, or flood), it can be formidable for search-and-rescue and charitable assist missions to strech and get evident assistance to those in need.  

The need for efficient, rapid, volatile travel for disaster assistance is what led Hyundai to rise a first-ever automobile with moveable legs. Elevate is a initial Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), consistent record found in electric cars and robots, that allows it to span turf over a stipulations of even a many means off-road vehicle.

The Hyundai Elevate Concept in movement after an earthquake.

Watch a Hyundai Elevate Concept video here. 

“When a tsunami or trembler hits, stream rescue vehicles can usually broach initial responders to a corner of a waste field. They have to go a rest of a approach by foot. Elevate can expostulate to a stage and stand right over inundate waste or crumbled concrete,” pronounced John Suh, Hyundai clamp boss and conduct of Hyundai CRADLE. “This record goes good over puncture situations – people vital with disabilities worldwide that don’t have entrance to an ADA ramp could accost an unconstrained Hyundai Elevate that could travel adult to their front door, turn itself, and concede their wheelchair to hurl right in – a possibilities are limitless.”

The Hyundai Elevate Concept helps a chairman get to a alloy appointment in a city.

The Elevate judgment is formed on a modular EV height with a capability to switch out opposite bodies for specific situations. The robotic leg pattern has 5 degrees of leisure and circle heart thrust motors and is enabled by a latest in electric actuator technology. This pattern is singly means of both mammalian and reptilian walking gaits, permitting it to pierce in any direction. The legs also overlay adult into a stowed drive-mode, where appetite to a joints is cut, and a use of an integrated pacifist cessation complement maximizes battery efficiency. This allows Elevate to expostulate during highway speeds only like any other vehicle. But no other can stand a 5 feet wall, step over a 5 feet gap, travel over different terrain, and grasp a 15 feet far-reaching lane width, all while gripping a physique and passengers totally level. Further, a mixed of wheeled suit with articulating legs provides a new model of mobility by enabling faster walking speeds, singular energetic pushing postures and torsional control during a finish of any leg.

The Hyundai Elevate demonstrates a mammalian walking gaits.

“By mixing a appetite of robotics with Hyundai’s latest EV technology, Elevate has a ability to take people where no automobile has been before, and redefine a notice of vehicular freedom,” pronounced David Byron, pattern manager, Sundberg-Ferar. “Imagine a automobile stranded in a sleet embankment only 10 feet off a highway being means to travel or stand over a fraudulent terrain, behind to a highway potentially saving a harmed passengers – this is a destiny of vehicular mobility.”

A Hyundai Elevate climbs itself out of a sleet lonesome ditch.

The Hyundai Elevate in expostulate mode.

Inside a Elevate, passengers would knowledge a automobile entirely engineered to tackle a roughest turf comfortably. Engineering enhancements include:

  • Robotic legs with 5 degrees of leisure and in-wheel propulsion
  • Ability to travel in mammalian and reptilian character gaits for omnidirectional motion
  • Capable of climbing a 5 feet straight wall
  • Step over a 5 feet gap
  • Non-back drivable motors capacitate a legs to close in any position
  • Modular electric automobile platform

“We have been operative with Sundberg-Ferar on a Elevate Concept for roughly 3 years now,” combined Suh. “Elevate is partial of a several ‘Last-Mile’ technologies and solutions and it also has ‘Last-100 Yards’ capability too.”


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