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12/23/2016, Fountain Valley, CA


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Dec. 23, 2016 – Hyundai currently announced that a Ioniq and Vision G Concept warranted 2016 GOOD DESIGN Awards from a Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and a European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The GOOD DESIGN awards applaud designs that are anything though ordinary, and this outlines a second uninterrupted year that Ioniq has perceived this honor.

2017 Ioniq Hybrid

The Hyundai Ioniq and Vision G Concept were famous among a world’s many innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and striking designs for their importance on pattern peculiarity of a top form, duty and aesthetics. The courteous and innovative work by Hyundai’s pattern teams on these dual vehicles achieved a customary over that of typical consumer products and graphics. Now in a 66th year, GOOD DESIGN is a oldest and a many prestigious design-awards module orderly worldwide.

“The Chicago Athenaeum’s GOOD DESIGN module forwards a ideals of a pattern routine that embodies product value and continuation and clever open identity, pronounced Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President, GOOD DESIGN.” With wins year after year, Hyundai has shown a organisation joining to creation and higher pattern essence by a different car lineup.”

Ioniq is a initial eco car in a universe to offer 3 striking electrified powertrains on a single, dedicated car height – a Ioniq Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric models. The Hyundai Ioniq lineup combines award-winning pattern and an uncompromised pushing knowledge with a latest in reserve and preference technologies, creation it an appealing choice for a far-reaching operation of buyers. Ioniq represents an critical miracle in Hyundai’s tellurian sustainability plan as it meets a needs of a vast and flourishing organisation of drivers who need a rarely efficient, low-emissions car for daily use.

The Vision G Coupe Concept represents Hyundai’s impulse for a family of reward products that guarantee luxury, opening and character total with value and responsibility. These qualities are a substructure of a Hyundai brand. The clarification of oppulance in a automobile marketplace has always been a yank of fight between opening and comfort. Today, a thought of oppulance focuses some-more on a comfort spectrum, and Hyundai has left to good lengths to broach that in Vision G. The pattern of a Vision G Concept is appealing – both inside and out. Outside, designers fused a play of a vast coupe’s low roofline with an elegant, understated visible theme. Thoughtful creation is represented in a innovative doorway record that allows it to be non-stop automatically, valet-style, as a motorist approaches from a rear. Inside, a cabin is a covenant to simplicity, elegance, and high-quality finishes.

“Hyundai is respected to acquire GOOD DESIGN Awards for a singular pattern concepts opposite a different shred of vehicles,” pronounced Chris Chapman, Chief Designer, Hyundai Design Center. “Winning this endowment for a second uninterrupted year for a eco-friendly Ioniq, and a initial time for a oppulance coupe judgment is a covenant to Hyundai’s position as a personality in a ever-changing and energetic automotive landscape.”

The GOOD DESIGN Awards respect a yearly achievements of a best industrial and striking designers and universe manufacturers for their office of unusual pattern excellence. GOOD DESIGN is a oldest and a many prestigious pattern and pattern awards module orderly worldwide and strives to emanate a regenerated recognition about contemporary design. The awards respect both products and attention leaders in pattern and production that have charted new directions and pushed a pouch for rival products in a universe marketplace. In November, juries met in New York and comparison over 900 product designs and graphics from over 38 nations estimable of a GOOD DESIGN Award for their pattern excellence.