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Hyundai’s ‘Design Your Own World’ CES 2019 Exhibition Showcases Latest Future Mobility Advancements

01/07/2019, Las Vegas, NV

  • Hyundai’s CES 2019 muster highlights devise for EVs, connected car, and open creation to perform destiny mobility vision           
  • ‘Style Set Free’ pattern judgment offers business a curated destiny automobile lifestyle
  • Cocoon-shaped cockpit exhibits will concede visitors during CES 2019 to indirectly knowledge leisure in mobility
  • The four-legged Hyundai ‘Elevate’ sparks a imagination and provides conceptual applications over a bounds of contemporary vehicular mobility

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2019
— Hyundai Motor Company now presented a destiny mobility roadmap during CES 2019, highlighting a devise to manifest leisure in mobility for customers. Hyundai’s prophesy is formed on 3 pivotal areas: developments in Open Innovation, a company’s electric automobile (EV) strategy, and a devise to benefit tellurian care in connected mobility. The prophesy aims to yield a curated destiny lifestyle to business in a crowd where all aspects of life are connected to mobility for a loyal Car-to-Life experience. 

‘Style Set Free’, Hyundai’s new personalized automobile pattern concept, is formed on destiny developments of unconstrained pushing and allows users to entirely customize and ascent their pushing sourroundings to fit their lifestyle.

Hyundai will precedence information generated from intelligent vehicles to launch an open ecosystem that enables a horde of ICT subsystems to emanate a constructional upsurge of open information delivery between vehicles and a sourroundings in that vehicles operate. This will promote a widespread adoption of connected cars, serve cementing Hyundai’s purpose as a personality in a destiny mobility field. 

The Hyundai CRADLE, a heart for corporate venturing and creation business, takes on a shortcoming for securing Hyundai’s prophesy of a cleaner and some-more integrated answer to transportation. To assist these ambitions, Hyundai has done investments in some-more than 30 earnest companies such as WayRay and Perceptive Automata over a past year.

As partial of a Open Innovation plan, Hyundai now denounced a pattern judgment and antecedent of a Hyundai ‘Elevate’ Walking Car. This innovative judgment will redefine a common notice of vehicular mobility with a ability to span formerly untouched turf regulating a four, rarely deft moveable legs. Hyundai also presented a destiny roadmap for expanding a competitiveness in AI record by a investiture of dedicated investigate centers and partnerships with companies worldwide. 

“With a technological advancements, Hyundai will be a dedicated automaker of a destiny mobility lifestyle that is customizable for any particular customer,” pronounced Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research Development Division of Hyundai Motor Group. “The judgment ‘Design Your Own World’ is Hyundai’s answer to how we should commission business to curate their preferred automobile environment.” 

‘Style Set Free’: Personalized EVs for everyone

Hyundai believes that personalized vehicles are not a oppulance though a prerequisite for patron lifestyles in a age of unconstrained pushing technology. The ‘Style Set Free’ judgment starts from this belief, aiming to personalize a automobile space for any customer. This judgment allows business a leisure to name initial program as good as hardware of their vehicles and supply upgrades according to specific needs. 

Under a updated EV strategy, Hyundai will deliver EVs built on a new and dedicated height named ‘E-GMP that will be means to prove a needs of a singular customers. The platform, now underneath development, incorporates a world’s initial integrated expostulate axel technology, IDA (Integrated Drive Axel), to yield a quieter and some-more fast pushing experience. 

“The dedicated electric automobile models will offer customizable features, permitting drivers to change a space and pattern of vehicles some-more good than vehicles that are subsequent from normal inner explosion architecture,” pronounced Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor’s Customer and Marketing Division. “With a state-of-the-art ‘Style Set Free’ pattern concept, Hyundai Motor tries to yield a whole new knowledge to consumers with opposite lifestyles and needs, going over usually a unconstrained pushing record itself.”

Global care in connected cars 

The automobile is not an isolated, singular purpose appurtenance anymore, and Hyundai has taken into care a fact that there are variables that can't be predicted. Hyundai believes that connected automobile record should be deployed to any automobile so that any particular motorist can suffer a protected and accessible automobile lifestyle. Hyundai mapped out a sum to yield customer-oriented solutions that can definitely impact their lifestyles with connected automobile technology. 

That’s where a innovative connected automobile record is manifested. By collecting zettabytes of information from around a world, Hyundai is means to raise a pushing knowledge for business and safeguard their reserve by providing real-time alerts per highway conditions and continue updates. 

Hyundai’s connected automobile record will concede outmost connectivity for business of a future. The introduction of an open height will concede a ideas of third parties to turn involved, by leveraging publicly accessible automobile information supposing by Hyundai.

“We aim to have 10 million active connectivity users globally and request connected automobile record to all automobile segments in a tellurian marketplace by early 2022,” pronounced Jungsik Suh, Senior Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group’s ICT Division. “Hyundai not usually strives to turn a series one provider of connected cars globally, though to also yield connected automobile services that transcend a stream operation of services by an open platform, paving a approach to consolidate a judgment of ‘transcend connectivity.’” 

Expanding Open Innovation efforts 

To yield a business with even some-more preference and reserve comforts to fit their needs, Hyundai will strategically deposit in AI projects to encourage partnership with third-parties as good as rivet in a active support and support of startups that share a association vision. 

Hyundai’s core elemental connected-car infrastructure can be remade in a crowd of ways by shining innovators from several industries. Hyundai CRADLE is on a surveillance for disruptive innovations with startups to grasp a prophesy of destiny mobility. Its partnership with WayRay for building AR navigation systems is a primary instance of this. 

At CES 2019, Hyundai CRADLE is presenting a totally new automobile judgment that combines a energy of robotics and EV record to take people where no automobile has been before. The quadrupedal Hyundai ‘Elevate’ will redefine a bounds and perceptions of vehicular mobility. Its 4 rarely deft and mobile legs can be employed in ways over a imagination to concede Hyundai’s pregnancy of a new automobile difficulty – The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV). 

As partial of a aspiration to implement modernized AI record to raise a tellurian AI investigate network, Hyundai Motor Group has determined an AI Research Lab (AIR Lab) in Korea, and an AI Research Center (AIR Center) in a U.S. as dedicated organizations for AI investigate and development. The dual comforts will concentration on AI-related investigate in mechanism prophesy and appurtenance learning, that are essential elements for serve growth in unconstrained pushing and robotics technology. 

Moreover, Hyundai Motor Group aims to strengthen a AI record competitiveness by partnerships with impending educational institutions and startups worldwide. Hyundai recently sealed a investigate and growth MOU in team-work with Seoul National University and start a full-scale operation in learning-based involuntary showing and video question-answering record from 2019. The association also seeks to raise a network of partnerships in different forms of entities, such as Technion in Israel, DeepGlint in China, and many investigate institutes and labs in a U.S. and China, for a growth of next-generation AI technologies that can be practical to areas in a automotive attention and beyond. 

‘Design Your Own World’: Interactive counter during CES 2019 

Hyundai’s muster counter with a elementary and clean, future-oriented pattern enables visitors to confront Hyundai’s prophesy of destiny mobility in a three-dimensional way. The counter consists of a vast LED wall shade that allows one to indirectly knowledge different destiny lifestyle scenarios.  

The counter entices revelers with a future-oriented cocoon-shaped cockpit that provides imagery of in-car practice that will be enabled by serve growth of automobile foundation and unconstrained driving. Those inside a cocoon will be means to name an array of unconventional in-car practice such as, studying, exercising, operative and selling – that best fit their particular needs and lifestyles. The digital clips illustrated by a categorical projection will yield customized destiny mobility practice in a worldly atmosphere. 

All of Hyundai’s latest advancements are showcased during Hyundai’s press discussion on Jan 7, and can be gifted during counter #6329 Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall, from Jan 8 to 11, 2019.  


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