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Hyundai’s Next-Generation Fuel Cell Vehicle NEXO Boasts World’s Best Driving Range

02/19/2018, Seoul

  • The next-generation fuel dungeon automobile NEXO travels 609 kilometers on a singular assign that takes reduction than 5 minutes
  • Hyundai offers Level 4 unconstrained pushing record practice in NEXO vehicles and work fuel cell-powered buses in PyeongChang in February
  • The NEXO demonstrates what a destiny of pushing will demeanour like
  • NEXO allows business to knowledge a destiny with innovative preference features

SEOUL, Feb. 19, 2018 – It’s been a bustling start to a year for Hyundai’s next-generation fuel dungeon automobile NEXO, scheduled to be expelled in Korea subsequent month. Unveiled during CES 2018 as a technological flagship of Hyundai’s flourishing eco-vehicle portfolio, a NEXO SUV indication is set to spearhead Hyundai Motor’s skeleton to accelerate growth of low glimmer vehicles. This is in line with Hyundai Motor Group’s renewed idea of introducing 38 eco-friendly models to tellurian markets by 2025.

The all-new Hyundai NEXO combines a practicality of an SUV with freshen modernized fuel dungeon technology. The NEXO is means of travelling 609 kilometres (*on Korean certificate basis) on a singular charge, a best among fuel cell-powered vehicles in a world. This subsequent era automobile offers a many modernized record on a marketplace with several modernized motorist assistance systems and a strongest powertrains in a segment.

Autonomous pushing NEXO’s and fuel dungeon buses use PyeonChang visitors

Throughout February, visitors to PyeonChang will have a event to knowledge Hyundai’s world-first, next-generation self-driven fuel dungeon electric cars. All 5 vehicles that finished a world’s-first tour will be accessible for visitors to knowledge around a civic roads of PyeongChang.

In addition, around February, 4 third-generation safety-amplified fuel dungeon electric buses will ride passengers in Gangneung and PyeongChang. Each automobile is propitious with cutting-edge Driver State Warning (DSW) reserve technology. This dashboard camera monitors a driver’s facial expressions in real-time. Blinking, yawning, and a motorist holding their gawk off a highway forward for a certain length of time are all cues that a motorist might be experiencing tired and be in risk of pushing carelessly. If detected, alerts are delivered around dashboard messages and by audio cues. DSW can be interconnected with wearable inclination such as intelligent watches, to warning a motorist with additional quivering cues.

This is a initial time in Korea that such record has been deployed in open transport. In future, Hyundai will continue efforts to strengthen reserve facilities for blurb vehicles including open transportation.

Hyundai's Next-Generation Fuel Cell Vehicle NEXO Boasts World's Best Driving Range
Pure pattern visualizing innovation

The all-new NEXO is characterized by a pristine and palliate pattern emphasizing a streamlined conformation and a floating roof. A pristine figure engineered to be efficient, nonetheless beautiful, reflecting a impression of an SUV.

The seamless front appears far-reaching and clearly tangible with combination plane full LED daytime regulating lights. The headlamps are related by a continuous, skinny line of light underlining a superb and plane front layout. Triangular haze lights subsequent a headlamps stress a on-going impression of a car. Hyundai’s signature Cascading Grille has been widened to boost a atmosphere intake, rounding off a clever visible impact of a front.

The seamless pattern continues over a side to a rear. The thin, floating roof is emphasized by a vast illumination opening and slim D-pillar that runs into a behind spoiler. The behind facilities an roughly triangular made window that wraps to a side and a long, distinguished spoiler with an integrated behind wiper formulating a graphic look. The triangular pattern of a behind headlamps sum with a plane blueprint of a behind gives a automobile a clever stance.

NEXO is a initial Hyundai automobile with integrated flush doorway handles. This special hoop accomplishes a freshen pattern of a car’s side and improves a airflow. Drivers can opt for involuntary deployment of a doorway handles, possibly for a driver’s doorway or for all 4 doors. The resource is automatically deployed after 5 seconds when a automobile is started. When a automobile decelerates to 3 km/h, a handles redress automatically.

Futuristic interior

The interior continues a car’s plane blueprint in a dashboard. Most distinguished is a far-reaching black dashboard that houses dual vast LCD displays that supplement adult to a stretch of 12.3 inches. The left arrangement binds a digital instrument cluster to uncover speed, fuel turn and pushing efficiency. The right shade comes with a new split-screen duty and a new home shade for a navigation, connectivity and infotainment features.

NEXO’s shift-by-wire duty creates it probable to confederate a giveaway floating executive console. This resolution leaves additional storage space underneath a console for personal items. Physical buttons work a change by wire, activate expostulate modes and change a meridian settings; a earthy control doorknob accesses navigation functions. A vast revoke tray binds a wireless charging and a USB port.

The world’s initial one three-tank complement with a tiny tank stretch allows for softened space usage. Additionally, a wheelbase is increasing by 150 mm compared to a ix35 Fuel Cell. This formula in a best sum interior space of any stream fuel dungeon electric automobile and creates a entirely prosaic luggage area with a luggage ability of 839 liters.

The pattern of a all-new NEXO is optimized to revoke a drag coefficient. Multiple aerodynamic facilities are discreetly integrated into a front, side and rear. The aerodynamics is extended by circle atmosphere fate in a front fender, retractable doorway handles, a full physique clandestine and vast atmosphere ducts as partial of a D-pillar. The altogether drag fellow is as low as 0.329.

The engine’s oxygen upsurge is met by a vast opening of a cascading grille during a front and tiny atmosphere intakes during a behind of a car.

Most modernized fuel dungeon powertrain with a best pushing range

The Hyundai NEXO was designed with new automobile design that advantages a automobile in many ways: a automobile is lighter; a battery is relocated to a case and a fuel dungeon complement blueprint is improved.

NEXO is a ideal daily use zero-emission vehicle—living adult to Hyundai’s growth truth of best potency with 0 scapegoat in pushing performance. The fuel dungeon powertrain is lighter and has softened packaging. It achieves a limit energy outlay of 120 kW (163 PS) and a torque of 395 Nm. NEXO accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds and reaches a category best tip speed of 179 km/h.

The eco-friendly fuel dungeon powertrain boasts an increasing rate of hydrogen function and member efficiency. This formula in a world’s best complement potency of 60 percent. The NEXO has a best pushing operation of 609 km underneath Korean certificate standard—better than any other fuel dungeon or electric car. This operation is allied to that of an inner explosion engine and allows drivers to transport prolonged distances but excitability about range.

The newly grown automobile height integrates 3 matching tanks with a volume of 52.2 liters of hydrogen per tank, ensuing in a world-class storage firmness and aloft fuel capacity. Despite a aloft storage capacity, a all-new NEXO takes usually 5 mins to refuel.

Designed to hoop impassioned heat and environments, a NEXO will cold start even when a outward heat drops to -30 degrees Celsius in an industry-leading 30 seconds.

A rarely durable surface electrode matter and new expostulate control record gives a NEXO superb and rare continuance that is on a customary with an inner explosion engine automobile of during slightest 10 years and 160,000 kilometers.

Fuel dungeon vehicles freshen a atmosphere as they drive

Fuel dungeon electric vehicles, usually like battery-powered electric vehicles, do not evacuate particulates. A special advantage is that that they also filter and freshen a atmosphere as they drive. The NEXO reduces excellent dirt wickedness by that of dual diesel cars travelling a same distance.

The fit and durable high-performance atmosphere filter can filter micro-particulates smaller than particulate matter (PM) 2.5 in size. In short, when atmosphere filters by a NEXO, 99.9 percent of particulates are purified and a instrument cluster displays how most we have contributed toward cleaning a sourroundings around you.

Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM)

Hyundai’s Blind-spot View Monitor is an industry-first technology. On a core cluster screen, it shows drivers a behind and side views of NEXO regulating cameras while changing lanes in possibly direction. The complement uses far-reaching angle Surround View Monitors (SVM) on any side of a automobile to guard areas that can't be seen by a normal rearview mirror. Hyundai is a initial automaker to yield driver’s video footage from both sides of a vehicle.

Lane Following Assist (LFA) and Highway Driving Assist (HDA)

Lane Following Assist is an all-new record for Hyundai and it debuts in a NEXO. LFA automatically adjusts steering to assistance keep NEXO centered in a line of travel. LFA can keep NEXO centered during speeds between 0 and 145 kilometers per hour on both highways and city streets. When interconnected with Hyundai’s Highway Driving Assist (HDA) that utilizes sensors and map information to safeguard protected operation as good as automatically adjust speed in singular environments, drivers will be means to span prolonged distances with larger palliate and softened safety.

Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)

RSPA enables NEXO to autonomously park or collect itself from a parking space with or but a motorist in a car. The RSPA complement can even behind a NEXO into a parking mark by itself with a hold of a symbol from a driver. When faced with any severe parking scenario, NEXO drivers will be means to park with finish certainty and accuracy.

Hyundai SmartSense: Highest turn of active safety

LFA, HDA and RSPA are 3 of a 9 opposite ADAS technologies enclosed with a NEXO. The NEXO, a ultimate destiny application automobile model, facilities a latest Hyundai SmartSense™ active reserve and pushing assistance facilities to approve with a top European reserve standards: Forward Collision Warning, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with walking detection, Lane Keeping Assist (standard), High Beam Assist with Static Low Beam Assist, Driver Attention Warning (standard), Blind-Spot Collision Warning and an discretionary Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning.

World’s initial self-driven fuel dungeon electric vehicle

In early February, a swift of Hyundai Motor’s subsequent era fuel dungeon electric vehicles succeeded in completing a self-driven 190 kilometers tour from Seoul to PyeongChang. This was a initial time in a universe that Level 4 unconstrained pushing had been achieved with fuel dungeon electric cars.. Previously these vehicles were usually demonstrated during a singular speeds on some sections of Korean roads.

Five Hyundai vehicles finished a journey. Three vehicles were formed on Hyundai’s next-generation fuel dungeon electric NEXO SUVs and a other dual were Genesis G80 unconstrained vehicles. All vehicles were versed with Level 4 self-driving technology, as tangible by a SAE general standards, and 5G network technology. The vehicles used for a proof were “futuristic vehicles” that closely paint Hyundai’s 3 visions for destiny mobility: connected mobility, leisure in mobility and freshen mobility.

The proof started in Seoul on Feb. 2 with a CRUISE and SET buttons being pulpy on a autonomous-driving steering circle of any vehicle, during that indicate a cars immediately switched to self-driving mode and began a 190 km tour to PyeongChang. Entering a highway, a vehicles changed in response to a healthy upsurge of traffic. They executed line changes and overtaking maneuvers, and navigated fee gates regulating Hi-pass, South-Korea’s wireless expressway remuneration system.

These vehicles featured a series of modernized technologies that enabled them to commend surrounding vehicles some-more accurately, make softened judgments during junctions and during branching roads. The vehicles navigate by fee gates by accurately calculating a fee gate’s breadth and position, and precisely pinpointing a vehicle’s position on a map by regulating outmost sensors propitious for situations when a GPS vigilance was interrupted, such as going by prolonged subterraneous tunnels.

This proof brings Hyundai Motor Group, that includes flagship units Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, a step closer to a commercialization of a SAE customary Level 4 agreeable autonomous-driving complement in intelligent cities by 2021. Hyundai also skeleton to commercialize a record for entirely unconstrained pushing by 2030.


NEXO Technical Specifications

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