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Enhanced Blue Link Features Destination Search Engine Powered by Google

2015 Genesis to Feature Genesis Intelligent Assistant App

Launch of Blue Link Google Glass App

Next Generation Hyundai Infotainment System Also Debuts in a 2015 Genesis

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2014 – Hyundai Motor America launched a extended Blue Link® in-vehicle telematics platform, cumulative and integrated by Covisint, now during Pepcom’s Digital Experience, right before a opening of a Consumer Electronics Show (CES®). The next-generation Blue Link complement facilities a end hunt powered by Google, a Genesis Intelligent Assistant app and a Google Glass app. All these enhancements launch on a new 2015 Genesis sedan, that goes on sale in a Spring. Hyundai also used a eventuality to entrance a latest infotainment complement premiering in a 2015 Genesis sedan.

“Customers told us they wish Blue Link to work like their smartphone and we’ve worked with Google, Covisint and Station Digital Media to broach this turn of functionality,” pronounced Barry Ratzlaff, executive director, Customer Connect and Service Business Development, Hyundai Motor America. “Blue Link subscribers now have entrance to Google’s correctness and large database when they hunt for destinations. Plus a engineers have grown a accumulation of new facilities directed during delighting a customers.”

Blue Link Enhancements

  • Destination Search powered by Google – users will be means to take advantage of Google’s absolute end hunt around a Blue Link symbol (voice recognition) and navigation display, or by and a Blue Link mobile app to send a end to their car
  • Remote Start – now includes an engine timer (1-10 min.), remote stop, remote meridian control and remote defroster
  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and SOS Emergency Assistance –includes user-selected puncture contacts presentation around SMS and e-mail


The Genesis Intelligent Assistant is a active app for automobiles dictated to save a motorist time and yield an even aloft turn of convenience. The app combines Blue Link features, information from a vehicle, a owner’s smartphone and a internet with mixed layers of intelligence. This allows a Genesis Intelligent Assistant app to send active notifications and recommendations to a Genesis owners in credentials for their drive.

Genesis owners will no longer need to remember to remote start their automobile on a prohibited or cold day. The Genesis Intelligent Assistant app will remind them to do it by their smartphone.

Genesis Intelligent Assistant Functionality:

  • By providing invert information and entrance to their smartphone’s calendar, owners can have a app automatically guess suitable depart times and send reminders for any arriving appointments that need a drive.
    • Departure sign messages are dynamic by up-to-the-minute invert times from a user’s stream plcae to a destination, accounting for traffic.
    • Temperature outward a automobile is dynamic around zip formula before to a estimated depart time. If a feverishness is above or successive a default level, a user will accept a notification, seeking if they would like to remote start their automobile to feverishness it adult or cold it down.
    • Recommendations for gas stations are provided, permitting a user to name a hire and send a plcae to a vehicle’s navigation system.
  • Vehicle health standing will also be communicated by a user’s smartphone when an movement is required. This will concede a patron to report automobile caring for their Genesis directly from a app.
  • Many additional Blue Link facilities are enclosed within a app, creation it a single, integrated resolution for all driver’s automobile needs.
  • The Genesis Intelligent Assistant app is a horizon for a destiny with additional active functionality apropos accessible over time to yield a patron with a ultimate luxuries of time and convenience.


Hyundai Motor America also demonstrated a Google Glass app now as partial of their scrutiny into how wearable record and Blue Link fit into a customer’s lifestyle. The app now contains a core Blue Link functions as building blocks for destiny activities. Partnering with Station Digital Media and Covisint, Hyundai skeleton to enhance a app features, building on a judgment of “Time as a Ultimate Luxury” and leveraging a active functionality of a Genesis Intelligent Assistant app. The Hyundai Blue Link Google Glass app is powered by a Covisint AppCloudTM API horizon platform.

Released in singular numbers to early business famous as “Explorers,” Google Glass is a computerized, lightweight headset that can plan content and images for a wearer to see on a special visual display. Google Glass Explorers can perform functions by voice commands and swipes or taps on a skinny touchpad along a side of a frame.

Through a new app, Hyundai owners will be means to use Google Glass to entrance Blue Link’s automobile safety, use and infotainment features. Blue Link will be accessible to Google Glass Explorers by a special knowledge total privately for a new wearable technology.

“Google Glass offers an innovative event for Hyundai to conclude and extend a patron knowledge outward of a vehicle,” pronounced Ratzlaff. “Blue Link, total with Google Glass, delivers a singular knowledge for business that creates renouned facilities and functions even some-more accessible to access.”

The Google Glass Blue Link app includes a horde of renouned functions during launch, including:

  • Remote automobile start
  • Remote doorway lock/unlock
  • Remote Find My Car (search for your automobile plcae to accept directions to it)
  • Point of Interest hunt sent to a Hyundai navigation system
  • Search for a gas hire to send to your car
  • Call roadside assistance
  • Talk to a Blue Link agent
  • Locate circuitously dealers

Google Glass Explorers can download a new glassware for a successive era Blue Link telematics height from their MyGlass site. An active Blue Link subscription and concordant automobile is compulsory to login and entrance a app.


The all-new 2015 Hyundai Genesis will launch in Jan during a North American International Auto Show in Detroit and will go on sale in a open of 2014. Before a central reveal, Hyundai is showcasing during Pepcom a successive era infotainment complement that will be accessible on a all-new Genesis. The new infotainment complement represents Hyundai’s latest and many innovative proceed to in-vehicle technology.

This next-generation infotainment complement features:

  • Integration with Apple’s Siri-powered “Eyes Free” mode
    • Functionality allows owners of concordant vehicles to perform a accumulation of in-car tasks but holding their eyes off a road
  • SD Navigation
  • Pandora formation with smartphone
  • SoundHound formation with smartphone
  • SiriusXM Audio – 6 preset (record, play, pause, back)
  • SiriusXM Travel Link and Traffic
    • Sports scores and schedules
    • Stock ticker
    • Movie times (new feature)
    • Fuel prices (new feature)
    • Weather/alerts
  • Advanced voice recognition
  • Swipe technology
  • Music, video and design storage
  • Customizable home shade (my menu)


Assurance Connected Care creates Hyundai a usually non-premium automaker to offer a finish package of nominal reserve and automobile caring services to a owners. Assurance Connected Care is a apartment of reserve and automobile caring facilities providing Hyundai owners with giveaway active services including involuntary collision notification, SOS puncture assistance, extended roadside assistance, monthly automobile diagnostics reports and upkeep alerts. Assurance Connected Care creates Hyundai a initial manufacturer to embody this grade of built-in reserve and automobile caring services customary for 3 years. The use is entirely negotiable to successive owners within 3 years of a vehicle’s date of initial use.