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Hyundai’s Super Bowl Commercial "The Elevator" Shows How Much Better Car Buying Can Be with Shopper Assurance

01/29/2019, Fountain Valley, CA

  • 60-Second First Quarter Super Bowl Commercial “The Elevator” Features Shopper Assurance, an Industry-First Program Streamlining a Car-Buying Experience
  • Actor, Director and Producer Jason Bateman Stars in a Ad
  • Link to Super Bowl LIII Ad:

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 29, 2019
– This year, Hyundai’s humorous Super Bowl blurb shows how Hyundai Shopper Assurance can rouse a automobile selling knowledge but a aroused glances and groans of life’s other awful moments. The 60-second ad, “The Elevator,” will atmosphere during a initial entertain of a game.

In a spot, Jason Bateman stars as an conveyor user in a building full of life’s best and misfortune experiences. When a happy integrate explains they are going automobile shopping, a conveyor descends interlude on floors named “Root Canal,” “Middle Seat,” and “The Talk,” where other passengers reluctantly step off. The conveyor reaches “Car Shopping” and a doors open to a automobile lot with grating song and inflatable “air dancers.” After realizing a integrate used Shopper Assurance, Bateman cranks a conveyor upwards and they are greeted by their mint Hyundai Palisade.

“We know that selling for a new automobile is typically something people don’t demeanour brazen to,” pronounced Dean Evans, arch selling officer, Hyundai Motor America. “However, a dealers are regulating Shopper Assurance as a north star in assisting develop and urge a sell experience. This year’s Super Bowl mark communicates a module in a fun, lightsome approach that viewers will describe to.”

Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad was grown by a group of record, INNOCEAN USA, and is destined by Jim Jenkins, a obvious blurb executive from O Positive who has worked on past successful Hyundai Super Bowl ads, including “Team” in 2013.

“For us, this blurb is a lapse to a comedic roots,” pronounced Barney Goldberg, executive artistic director, INNOCEAN USA. “We wish it to be some-more than only laughs, though. We unequivocally aim for consumers to see themselves in a spot.”

For information on all of Hyundai’s Super Bowl selling activities, including a pregame ads and experiential selling in Atlanta, revisit a Super Bowl media kit.

Hyundai Shopper Assurance
Shopper Assurance consists of 4 elements that make a routine of purchasing a automobile easier, faster and worry-free. Since a start of a inhabitant accessibility in Feb 2018, 632 of Hyundai’s dealers now offer a intentional program, representing some-more than 77 percent of Hyundai’s sales volume. Customers who have purchased a Hyundai automobile by a module have responded really favorably[1]:

  • 95 percent desired or favourite a squeeze process
  • 68 percent pronounced it was improved than their before experience
  • 71 percent concluded it done them feel some-more certain about a Hyundai brand
  • 68 percent pronounced it done them feel some-more certain about a Hyundai dealer

Shopper Assurance’s 4 comforts include:

  • Transparent Pricing: Participating dealers post a marketplace pricing (MSRP reduction incentives and any dealer-offered discounts) on their websites, so business know accurately what a marketplace cost is for a vehicle. This can revoke a time it takes to negotiate a cost and discharge a disappointment of widely advertised incentives not being displayed on play websites.
  • Flexible Test Drive: Customers are given a choice to control a exam expostulate for any new automobile on their possess terms by Hyundai Drive, a height that allows a exam expostulate to be scheduled by contacting a play by a website, by phone or by regulating a custom-built app (in accessible markets). The comparison test-drive automobile can be delivered to a plcae of a customer’s choosing, such as their home, their bureau or a coffee shop.
  • Streamlined Purchase: Allows automobile buyers to finish many of a paperwork online before to visiting a dealership for a automobile in a dealer’s inventory, shortening a sum transaction time. This includes requesting for financing, receiving credit approvals, calculating remuneration estimates and valuing trade-ins.
  • Three-Day Worry-Free Exchange: Customers who are not confident with their squeeze is given a three-day duration to lapse a automobile in sell for another new Hyundai vehicle, fortuitous on a play investigation and a automobile carrying fewer than 300 miles given a purchase/lease date. This turns intensity second thoughts into assent of mind. Full conditions and terms of a sell process can be found during

Creative Credits

Hyundai Motor America
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Hyundai Motor America
Hyundai Motor America is focused on delivering an superb patron knowledge grounded in pattern leadership, engineering value and well-developed value in each automobile we sell. Hyundai’s technology-rich product lineup of cars, SUVs and alternative-powered electric and fuel dungeon vehicles is corroborated by Hyundai Assurance—our guarantee to broach assent of mind to a customers. Hyundai vehicles are sole and serviced by some-more than 830 dealerships national and a infancy sole in a U.S. are built during U.S. production facilities, including Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama. Hyundai Motor America is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, and is a auxiliary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea.