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Illusionary giants

It all started on holiday in France. That’s where Eric Otto comes from. And there he found a indication of a state sedan of Charles de Gaulle in a window of a fondle shop. One dusk he simply set it down on a highway and photographed it. And a outcome looked so picturesque that friends ask him how on earth he had managed to get his hands on that car. After all, it was in a museum.

An thought was born. From afterwards on, Eric Otto photographed indication cars. But not only any aged indication cars. “It depends on a quality. They have to be good models. Models that demeanour like a originals. Ultimately we wish to emanate a apparition of something real.” But that’s only art as practised by others. Much some-more critical is a art that Eric Otto himself adds to his works. For instance, a lighting mood plays a pivotal role. Long shadows, ease light or even night shots – these are a moments when Eric Otto’s tiny worlds get unequivocally big. “The healthy demeanour of a photos is critical to me. Everything has to occur on a mark – I’m not a fan of Photoshop. The angle of a light, a accurate choice of aperture, a combination – it all has to be genuine.”

Porsche 911, Alpine A110, l-r, Hamburg, 2018, Porsche AG

Porsche 911 (l.) and Alpine A110 in Hamburg

Only a cars are not real. They are done by peculiarity manufacturers such as Schuco or Minichamps. The largest preference is accessible in 1:43 and 1:18 scales. And so Eric Otto customarily packs his indication container in a afternoon and sets off. He has taken cinema in Paris, New York, London, Berlin – and many times in Hamburg, his local city. His biggest success to date was a “La French Connection” muster with sparkling mafiosi themes in a film noir style.

His adore of cops and robbers is also reflected in his mini print array for Porsche Klassik. It creates we wish to stand in and expostulate off. Sadly it doesn’t work like that. But we can dream. And if we wish to dream too, it is good value holding a demeanour during

Text initial published in a repository Porsche Klassik “Special Edition – 70 years of Porsche competition cars”.

Text by Thorsten Elbrigmann // Photos by Eric Otto

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