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Important exam for a Audi RS 5 DTM

At a initial of dual central DTM tests before a deteriorate opener, a 4 Audi RS 5 DTM were partially versed with additional information merger apparatus in sequence to record as most information as possible, that will now be analyzed by Audi Sport in Ingolstadt and a 3 Audi Sport teams Abt Sportsline, Phoenix and Rosberg. During a march of a test, all 8 Audi drivers tested a supposed choice tires, that should make faster path times probable for a few laps in a race, and a ‘Drag Reduction System’ (DRS), with that a behind wing can be practiced by dire a symbol on a steering wheel. Both competence be used in 2013 in a DTM.

Each of a 8 Audi drivers tested for dual days during Barcelona. Busiest of all was double DTM Champion Timo Scheider who clocked adult 346 laps around a 2.977-kilometer track, and available a fastest time (1m 06.844s) for an Audi RS 5 DTM on a final of a 4 exam days.

Mattias Ekström, Jamie Green and Adrien Tambay worked together with their new competition engineers during Barcelona. The 4 Audi RS 5 DTM cars ran in a designs they will competition when driven in a 2013 deteriorate by Jamie Green (Red Bull), Miguel Molina (Audi RS 5), Mike Rockenfeller (Schaeffler) and Adrien Tambay (Audi ultra). The designs of a other 4 Audi RS 5 DTM cars will be suggested during a DTM tests during Hockenheim between Apr 9 and 12, where a grandstand is non-stop for spectators on a initial day.
Comments from a Audi drivers

Filipe Albuquerque (303 laps/1m 07.257s): “It was good to finally lay in a automobile again and to see in that instruction Audi Sport had grown a RS 5 DTM over a winter. I’m happy with a results. On a initial of a dual exam days, we had a few problems with car, that we accepted and solved – from a third day onwards we were during a same turn as a others. The lane conditions were generally a small wily during Barcelona. The choice tire and DRS are unequivocally a step in a right direction. The ITR is doing something to urge movement on a competition track. This deserves recognition. DRS will concede us to get closer to a automobile in front and quarrel side by side.”

Mattias Ekström (300 laps/1m 07.354s): “I have a new competition operative for a initial time given 2001, that is since it was critical for me during this exam to jelly and to be on a same wavelength as a team. This was a success. We had some prolific days and finished 300 laps during that we learnt a good deal. The fervent expectation increases when we finally get out lane with a competitors cars. we consider that a fans can demeanour brazen to an sparkling year. We’ll usually unequivocally know accurately where we mount in a opening competition during Hockenheim. However, my sense is that it’ll be impossibly close. The choice tire and scold use of a DRS can play an critical role.”

Jamie Green (268 laps/1m 07.171s): “After a formidable start on a initial exam day during Barcelona, my second was most better. We managed to work by a devise and parasite all a boxes, that we had on a list. It’s a good feeling. The lane was dry; there were no interruptions and not a singular technical problem. We clocked adult a lot of kilometers. It’s of good significance to me right now. There’s usually one thing that helps me to get a feeling for a Audi RS 5 DTM: lots of laps. The same goes for operative together with my competition operative and my information operative – a exam during Barcelona was a good event for this. The DRS behind wing also done a certain impression. The outcome won’t be as large as in Formula 1 and overtaking not easy. However, a DRS will assistance with overtaking. We also learnt a lot about a choice tires, that are most quicker than a customary tires.

Miguel Molina (327 laps /1m 07.112s): “It was a illusory feeling to finally lay in a racecar after such a prolonged and tough winter. From my indicate of perspective a exam was a success. It was reduction about environment quick path times, though indeed some-more about completing a bustling exam program. We’ve softened a bargain intensely and collected a lot of data, that will pierce us a step brazen in credentials for a deteriorate – also with courtesy to a choice tire and DRS. Both will make a races even some-more interesting. Every tour during Barcelona is special for me: we started my motorsport career here in a single-seater during that time, and am unapproachable each time to lapse as veteran racing driver. Especially with this car: my Audi RS 5 DTM is only fantastic.”

Edoardo Mortara (228 laps /1m 07.439s): “Of march it’s good to get out on lane again with a automobile after such a prolonged break. However, we would like to have stayed here a small longer after a test. I’m not wholly confident with a simple set-up of a car. We have a lot of work to do during a subsequent exam during Hockenheim. Anyway, it wasn’t probable to decider a genuine opening within a DTM margin here. we unequivocally like a DRS. we unequivocally wish that we can run with a complement this year. In my eyes this is a right approach to get some-more overtaking and in doing so to make a races some-more interesting. After all, it also works in Formula 1. The same relates to a choice tires.”

Mike Rockenfeller (290 laps /1m 07.070s): “We attempted a lot over a march of a dual days we was in a automobile Barcelona, and learnt a lot in a process. In general, I’m unequivocally satisfied. However, it’s unequivocally formidable to consider a path times with all these new things like DRS behind wing and choice tires. You only don’t know whose regulating what. DRS has functioned ideally so distant and brings a lot – some-more speed on a straights and faster path times. The aim is to yield some-more overtaking opportunities – this is illusory for us drivers and during a finish of a day for a spectators as well. we was means to try a choice tires on a second day. This was unequivocally important. It’s formidable to make a genuine comment since a lane conditions altered frequently and a lot. As a whole, Barcelona was unequivocally informative. I’m already looking brazen to a subsequent exam during Hockenheim in 10 days.”

Timo Scheider (346 laps /1m 06.844s):
“It was good to lay in a cockpit of a racing automobile after such a prolonged break. At first, we had to get used to a DTM automobile again, though we was shortly adult to speed. It might good sound as if you’ve listened it all before, though we got by adult to 90 per cent of a exam module – nonetheless it’s intensely formidable to pull any conclusions: infrequently it was unequivocally balmy and warm, afterwards pale and cooler again. This is since a lane conditions were unequivocally different. we tested a choice tire for a initial time on Friday afternoon – and we was unequivocally impressed: these tires make a DTM automobile even some-more fun to drive! After you’ve tested them once, we don’t indeed wish to change behind to a customary tire. The DRS behind wing is noticeable. we consider a time has come to change something. The fans wish to see overtaking. DRS and choice tires will assistance this.”

Adrien Tambay (310 laps/1m 07.274s): “It was critical for me to get behind into a cockpit of my automobile after a prolonged winter break, and generally since we have to jelly with my new competition engineer. This worked unequivocally good during Barcelona. Franco (Chiocchetti) and we finished a lot of work, though we still have a outrageous volume brazen of us. This is since I’m already looking brazen to a subsequent exam during Hockenheim and apparently a initial race. We don’t have many opportunities to exam a choice tires. They should be good for a uncover and a fane. The DRS is also a good thought when it works. You unequivocally feel it in a car.”

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