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Infographic: How To Keep Your Car (and your wallet) Happy

Good infographics use eye-catching pattern to move information or information to life, though good infographics also make that information actionable. Case in point: what if we combined a elementary infographic that summarized some of a best famous ways to assistance keep your automobile happy (and optimize a fuel efficiency)? That would be flattering helpful, right? Especially with all a pushing we are substantially formulation on doing in a entrance months. Did we know, for instance, that soaking your automobile can assistance it be some-more aerodynamic, or that gripping a solid speed ascending can assistance we save gas? Sometimes, it’s a small things that can make a large difference, generally in a prolonged run.

Here are some of a easiest (and many overlooked) tricks used by Canadian drivers to get a many out of their cars and keep them happy year round:


Drive Smart Save Smart Infographic

7 discerning tips to save

You know what they say: “drive smart; save smart.” That’s always good advice. And a some-more we know, a over we and your automobile will go.

We unequivocally wish we found these tips helpful. If we did, don’t demur to share a infographic with your friends. That’s what it’s for. And while you’re here, feel giveaway to leave your possess crafty tips and tricks in a criticism section. Who knows? If they’re unequivocally good, we competence embody them in the subsequent infographic!