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Innovative civic mobility concepts for a future. Elevated highway judgment "BMW Vision E³ Way" raises emission-free two-wheeler mobility in megacities to a new level.

As a provider of reward mobility products and services, the
BMW Group is constantly in hunt of answers to a question: what
will pierce us (forward) in a future? In a past, a BMW Group has
already presented pioneering solutions for destiny individual
mobility with a operation of opposite judgment vehicles as good as the
idealist studies presented to symbol a centenary. In perspective of the
hurdles to come, however, BMW Group developers are also working
on idealist mobility solutions that go good over established

Innovations that strech distant over a required car context.
The universe of particular and sustainability mobility faces
huge hurdles in conurbations. As urbanisation progresses,
some-more and some-more people are crowding into cities, so conventional
mobility concepts and internal open transport are reaching the
boundary of their capability. Congestion and high levels of air
wickedness are a result, that in spin leads to constraints on the
peculiarity of life.

The BMW Group’s “Research, New Technologies,
Innovations” multiplication is a singular cunning centre that is
clinging to addressing this and other challenges.

“Our idea is to couple tolerable and fit mobility with a high
peculiarity of vital in cities. We use new technologies as good as our
creativity in sequence to emanate innovative approaches as a BMW Vision
E³ Way“, explains Dr. Gerd Schuster, Senior Vice President
Research, New Technologies and Innovations.

The “BMW Group Technology Offices” in Mountain View
(CA), Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul pledge vicinity to a world’s
technological hotspots, while a executive dialect for trend and
record scouting collates and supplements a insights acquired
in a field. Once hurdles and needs have been identified, they
are afterwards fed into petrify investigate projects.

BMW Vision E³ Way – emission-free two-wheeler mobility during a
new level.

Developed during a BMW Group Technology Office China in Shanghai,
a BMW Vision E³ Way plan shows a idealist mobility concept
that is designed not usually to privately residence a challenges
faced by megacities – such as trade overload and atmosphere wickedness –
though to yield a resolution that is both elementary and effective. It
consists of an towering highway judgment for electrically powered
two-wheel vehicles that links pivotal trade hubs in urban
conurbations. The 3 E’s mount for “elevated”,
“electric” and “efficient” – a concept’s
defining properties. The use of roadways that are towering above
existent roads means a plan generates additional traffic
capacity. The BMW Vision E³ Way is categorically recognised for locally
emission-free single-track mobility concepts only
(“electric”), such as e-bikes, a BMW Motorrad Concept
Link and a recently presented BMW Motorrad X2 City – likewise
grown by a “Research, New Technologies, Innovations”
division. The towering highway is elementary and modular in design,
careful to build as a result, and provide
s a fast,
approach couple between pivotal trade hubs, creation it a perfect
choice for commuters travelling adult to 15 km. This creates use of
a towering highway really fit not usually in terms of cost though also
as regards transport time (“efficient”).

“The BMW Vision E³ Way opens adult a whole new dimension of
mobility in packed conurbations – efficient, available and
safe. It works by simply formulating space for two-wheel zero-emissions
traffic,” explains Dr. Markus Seidel, Director BMW Group
Technology Office China. “In China, some-more than a billion people
will be vital in cities by 2050. The nation will turn a global
incubator for countless mobility innovations such as a BMW Vision E

3 Way,” Seidel adds, “after all, nowhere else is there
such an obligatory need for action.”


The BMW Vision E³ Way was elaborated in partnership with a Tongji
University in Shanghai. The university possesses superb expertise
in a series of areas that are applicable to a concept. Headed by the
eminent Professors Jun Ma, several departments as a „School of
Automotive Studies“, as good as a „College of Design and
Innovation“, were concerned in a project.

Emission-free and safe.
Ramps and sluice systems are used to bond a BMW Vision E³
Way to a unchanging highway network, subterraneous stations, other traffic
hubs, and even selling malls. By changeable single-track mobility to
a possess spatial level, a BMW Vision E³ Way creates daily commuting
not usually faster though safer, too. The fact that is used only by
electrically powered two-wheel vehicles means that collisions with
cars are ruled out. The ubiquitous risk of accidents is serve reduced
by means of an involuntary speed extent of 25 km/h. In addition, there
is an elaborate complement of lanes that separates filtering traffic
from issuing traffic: not until transport speed has been reached do the
dual merge.

Convenient and efficient.
The BMW Vision E
3 Way is not usually quick and protected to use, however, it is also
convenient. Those who do not already possess a car authorized for the
BMW Vision E³Way can still use a trickery casually by means
of a pity intrigue that provides let vehicles during any access
point. The towering highway is mostly roofed over, ensuring protection
from sleet and feverishness as good as sufficient ventilation. A cooling
complement with purified rainwater creates pleasing temperatures: this
can also be used to purify a highway aspect during night.

The superb underline of a BMW Vision E³ Way judgment is that
it takes existent emission-free mobility solutions on dual wheels
such as e-bikes and a BMW Motorrad X2 City and places them on a
new trade level: this means a prophesy can be realised fast and
but a need for additional space. Initial feasibility studies
denote that a judgment such as a BMW Vision E³ Way can
significantly revoke congestion, emissions, transport time and a risk
of accidents. Traffic upsurge is henceforth optimised by means of
programmed video notice systems and synthetic comprehension as
good as by a formation of intelligent city ecosystems. And the
best thing is that a modular pattern and giveaway scalability make the
judgment radically suitable for use in any megacity.

Premium solutions in a future, too.
The BMW Vision E³ Way is usually one probable resolution to the
doubt “What will pierce us (forward) in a future?” At
a same time, it exemplifies a innovative suggestion of a BMW Group
– a ability to furnish concepts such as this that extend far
over a required car context. “Our end in the
destiny will continue to be creation and record care at
a reward level,” explains Dr. Rainer Daude, Project Director
Special Projects and Mobility Concepts. “The really definition of
a tenure ‘premium’ will change in destiny too, of course. Attributes
such as ‘straightforward’, ‘convenient’, ‘efficient’, ‘safe’ and
’emission-free’ are apropos increasingly important. In concrete
terms, this means being means to offer solutions that accommodate all
mobility needs, with a ability to make improved use of transport time
and/or to cover distances in reduction time – charity a highest
probable turn of safety, preference and efficiency.”



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