Ford Canada

Inside and out, aluminum changes a lorry diversion for good

When you’re a best offered lorry in Canada for 49 years, we don’t usually change a game. You reinvent it. With a ground-breaking use of aluminum, a all-new 2015 Ford F-150 has set a new fashion in a automobile attention and brought new definition to “built tough.”

The pierce to regulating high strength military-grade aluminum amalgamate in a physique structure of a car is a vital creation for a high volume product, and a 2015 F-150 is a usually lorry in a marketplace that’s done this way. But a impact of this change doesn’t stop there. The use of aluminum means a weight assets of 700 lbs., that translates into augmenting capability of a truck, conspicuous as shortly as we start driving. It responds better, feels lighter and some-more nimble, and is quieter than prior models. Along with a physique composition, a new F-150 gains another EcoBoost engine option, definition a destiny of tough offers a 2.7L EcoBoost with best-in-class gas consumption. As one of 4 engine options, it provides drivers with a multiple of torque, horsepower, and fuel-efficiency that best suits their needs.

Beyond these enhancements, a all-new 2015 F-150 is truly prepared for anything that work or a highway brings, including a hapless incidents. “We’ve unequivocally been means to optimize a reparability of a lorry and offer sectioning procedures and prejudiced deputy procedures that we couldn’t do with a steel vehicle,” explains Larry Coan, Damageability Product Concern Engineer, Ford Motor Company. “We’ve left in, looked during a pattern of a car years brazen of time and attempted to optimize a repairs; and a aluminum indeed helps us do that.” Ford offers extensive play training and provides an F-150 Collision Repair Support devise to safeguard that repairs are unchanging opposite regions, creation a 2015 F-150’s upstream pattern for reparability distinct any other in a market.

The transition to aluminum also supposing a event to supplement pivotal onboard record facilities that unequivocally make this lorry a beauty inside a beast. With 11 category disdainful facilities that have never been in a lorry before, preference and reserve have been enhanced, and F-150 fans can now suffer a BLIS system, cross-traffic alert, and line depart warning, usually to name a few. Particularly slicing corner are a reserve augmenting options of brazen collision warning, that gives an heard and visible warning that a collision is approaching and starts to pre-charge a brakes to capacitate a faster stop, and a unconventional Active Park Assist that creates even a toughest together parking conditions a breeze! All these game-changing upgrades have already resulted in a 2015 F-150’s all-aluminum physique winning a AJAC Award for Best New Innovation Technology, though a regard for F-150 didn’t stop there. On a opening day of a Canadian International AutoShow, a F-150 gathering divided with a AJAC Award for Canadian Truck of a Year!

Just in box we indispensable some-more explanation that it’s lorry adore during initial sight, check a all-new 2015 F-150 out for yourself and tell us that of a facilities is your favourite diversion changer!