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Interview with Jens Marquardt: “We must, and will, urge subsequent season”.

Munich. The 2019 DTM deteriorate is on a finishing straight. The
BMW teams’ preparations for a grand culmination during a Hockenheimring
(GER), with races on 5th and 6th October, are
in full swing. The BMW drivers have 6 wins, a serve seven
podiums and 6 stick positions to their name so distant this season.
Marco Wittmann (GER) still has a mathematical possibility of finishing
runner-up in a Drivers’ Championship. In an interview, BMW Group
Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt discusses a formidable deteriorate for
BMW M Motorsport in a DTM and looks forward to 2020.


Mr Marquardt, a final turn of a DTM during Hockenheim is
roughly on us. What are your goals for a dual races?

Jens Marquardt: “We wish to conduct into a winter mangle on a behind of
during slightest one feat during Hockenheim. We owe that to a fans, during least.
They have upheld us brilliantly, notwithstanding a formidable year in the
DTM. We wish to appreciate them for that. We have shown over a march of
a deteriorate that a altogether package has what it takes to win races.”


How would we sum adult a deteriorate so far?

Marquardt: “Of march we are not happy with where we find ourselves
after 16 DTM races. We started a deteriorate well, but, for various
reasons, we have run out of steam a small given a center of the
season. This is not what we direct of ourselves. We wish to be
severe for a pretension right down to a final turn of a
championship. The fact that we have not managed that this deteriorate is a
beating for everyone. At a same time, we will use that
beating to coax us on and motivate us for subsequent season. We must,
and will, urge subsequent season, so that we have a contend in who wins a title.”


What are a reasons for this, and how will we proceed a comeback?

Marquardt: “After a deteriorate like this, in that we have come adult short
of a possess expectations, we will optimise a series of areas – formed on
a means we have during a disposal. For example, we are currently
examining accurately what pattern and structure a BMW M4 DTM will
be run in a future. We contingency apparently get to grips with such issues
as reliability. Our dual works teams will continue to play a pivotal role.
Although there is always intensity for improvements on both sides, the
crews of Bart Mampaey and Stefan Reinhold are operative during a really high
level. For this reason, we are also formulation on operative with a RBM
and RMG works teams subsequent season. At a same time, we are also
behaving a self-critical research in Munich and are pinpointing
things we wish to do improved in a future, in sequence to also restore
some coherence to a results. The exigency for all this is
passion. That is what done us and a group clever and helped us to
titles in a past, and that is what we wish to see from any singular individual.”


How does a motorist choice look?

Marquardt: “Our drivers are only as most a partial of a altogether DTM
package as a automobile and a teams. As such, we will also be looking
closely during this area. Our thought has to be to sojourn as compress as
possible, both in subordinate and a race. This season, we have not
always been as successful in this courtesy as we were in a second
subordinate event during a Nürburgring, when 5 of a 6 drivers
set times within one tenth of a second of any other. We are also
behaving an research to brand a means of this.”


Generally speaking, how many seats are adult for grabs?

Marquardt: “We are formulation on during slightest 6 BMW cars for subsequent year’s
DTM. Whether there will be a private BMW group stays to be seen. Our
grounds stays that a private group can cover a using costs
itself. BMW will not take on any additional budget. That is not the
underlying thought – and would not be expedient, conjunction for us nor the
team. BMW has a really transparent truth in that regard.”