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It’s good for a sourroundings and employees: Audi trials new sealing routine during a paint shop

The new, programmed routine is famous as digital sealing. A robot-guided applicator deposits ultra-fine droplets of uniform peculiarity to a physique with superb accuracy. Beforehand, lerned complement operators module a optimal breadth and density of element to be applied. Thanks to a pointing involved, roughly nothing of a sealing element goes to waste. What’s more, since reduction element is used, a altogether weight of a car is reduced by several kilograms—and each kilogram saved improves car dynamics and cuts CO emissions.

The new routine is good for employees, too, as their work is going to be done many easier in terms of ergonomics. The advantages of a new routine are many apparent in hard-to-reach places that are theme to harsh peculiarity mandate concerning parsimonious seals. In a past, these stairs in a routine mostly called for a lot of knowledge and meant perfectionist ergonomics, including operative beyond on a car underbody. Another instance is sealing a cut-outs for a back lights, famous as a “lamp pots.” Audi and a growth partner Atlas Copco are now perplexing out a new routine for this purpose in a array prolongation trickery for a initial time during a paint emporium during Audi’s site in Győr.

The new, programmed routine also saves time and improves a visible coming of a seals interjection to a unchanging turn of precision. A obvious focus has been filed, and a routine is due to be rolled out during additional Audi sites.