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Jamie Green: “Brands Hatch is an superb competition track”

Are we looking brazen to your home spin during Brands Hatch?
Absolutely! It’s good to have a DTM competition during home in England, nonetheless it’s not unequivocally a home spin for me given we live in Leicester, about dual and a half hours divided from Brands Hatch. Donington would be some-more of a home spin for me and a DTM competition there would be great, too. But Brands Hatch is an superb competition track. Especially a Grand Prix Circuit we’ve been racing on given final year is a genuine challenge. As a former venue of a Formula One Grand Prix a lane has a good history. I’d like to win this competition by all means!

Can we still remember a initial time we were during Brands Hatch?
That was during my karting days. we was posterior some drivers who had already been promoted to competition cars. It was a competition of a winter array of Formula Palmer Audi on a Indy Circuit. we remember that it was frozen cold and raining – plus, how high Paddock Hill Bend looked from a outside.

Is a famous Paddock Hill Bend a best spin during Brands Hatch?
Obviously, Paddock Hill Bend stands out. It’s Turn 1. The spectators have a good perspective of this corner. It’s fast. At a entrance, it runs ascending and afterwards steeply downhill during a exit. But there are many illusory corners on a Grand Prix Circuit. The quick turns on a other side of a competition lane that aren’t utterly as easy to entrance for spectators are a good challenge. Brands Hatch is a genuine high-speed competition track.

What distinguishes Brands Hatch from other DTM competition tracks?
Most marks in a UK have a lot of character. They’re singular and flattering opposite than a complicated European marks we routinely competition on in a DTM. It’s good to move these complicated cars to such a normal track. Before my time, a British Formula One Grand Prix was hold during Brands Hatch several times. There are some mythological scenes with James Hunt, Niki Lauda and, later, Nigel Mansell. It’s flattering cold and disagreeable that 40, 50 years after we’re pushing accurately a same turns as those guys.

How formidable is overtaking during Brands Hatch? At a premiere final year, there were some fantastic scenes.
Last year, we was means to overtake. The tires are a essential factor. If, for instance, you’re on a opposite plan and have fresher tires than your opposition we can really pass during Brands Hatch. But it’s one of those marks where overtaking is some-more difficult.

What memories do we have of Brands Hatch?
Unfortunately, I’ve never stood on a tip step of a lectern there, not even in Formula Renault or Formula 3. When a DTM visited Brands Hatch for a initial time in 2006 we scarcely won on a Indy Circuit, though mislaid feat due to a mistake, so my memories tend to be painful. we wish that we’ll be means to change that this weekend.