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Jan’s GT2

This is a story of one Porsche and 3 men: Frank, Jan and Walter. Frank is a 911 backer with an astoundingly minute turn of knowledge. If it were not for him, this automobile would not be here today. Jan invented something that roughly everybody now uses. Since he sole his company, it’s satisfactory to contend he’s had some-more time for a finer things in life. He owns a automobile and Walter drives it – given that’s something that Walter can do improved than anyone else. What do a 4 protagonists have in common? All of them are impassioned in their possess way. But let’s start during a beginning.

Frank Troche lives Porsche. He can speak with good imagination on substantially any subject relating to a Porsche vehicles of a past. He also has utterly a few Zuffenhausen icons parked in his garages. Frank is a perfectionist, and that’s because he’s built adult a challenging network of specialists who revive his Porsche vehicles with comprehensive fealty to a strange or finish components to a best probable quality. His efforts brought him into hit with Jan. Jan Koum was innate in Ukraine yet lives in California. In 1992, during a age of 16, he came to a United States with his mother. He got off to something of a hilly start. Both mom and son underwent good sacrifices so that he could finish his studies. But Jan schooled quickly, and when he got his hands on his initial iPhone in 2009, all slotted into place: Together with a friend, he grown program that authorised smartphone users to send station updates to any other. He called it “WhatsApp” – a starting indicate for a dream career in Silicon Valley. Nowadays over one billion people around a universe use a follower service. Koum sole a association to Facebook in 2014 for a figure in a two-digit billions, and assimilated a Facebook board. He’s still obliged for last a destiny instruction of WhatsApp.

The dream of his possess mint-condition 911

But it’s not usually pieces and bytes that make his heart kick faster. Jan Koum lives and breathes for good out-of-date mechanics when they come in a form of artistic sports cars from Zuffenhausen: Koum is a Porsche fan to a core. According to Frank Troche, “His initial automobile was a flattering beat-up 924.” “The headlights no longer flipped up, and so on. Jan tinkered around with it a lot.” Amateurish as his efforts competence have been, this was when he initial fell in adore with a marque, and maybe it was a dream of his possess mint-condition 911 that desirous Koum’s entrepreneurial efforts. Be that as it may, Koum likes to be accompanied by a sports automobile from Swabia during a pivotal moments of his life. “It’s no fluke that he gathering a Porsche to a assembly during that a WhatsApp sale took place,” underlines Troche. “They sealed a agreement in front of a doorway of a amicable services bureau where he once stood in line with his mom for food stamps…”

911 GT2, 2018, Porsche AG
Only one series-production 911 (993) GT2 was ever embellished in Arena Red Metallic

As Troche is penetrating to indicate out, “Jan still remembers where he came from – that’s because he’s so practical and warm-hearted.” “He wears T-shirts and sneakers rather than costly watches. If we go out for cooking in California, he’d rather call an Uber than uncover off by pushing one of his extraordinary cars around a city…” Even yet a vehicles lined adult in his garage are respectable in any company. Troche estimates than Jan Koum’s automobile collection now numbers around 100. According to Frank, “Jan’s quite penetrating on GT and sports models – supposing they’re not black. He prefers cars yet a radio and shifting roof, and he can conduct yet atmosphere conditioning.”

Koum positively insists on one thing, however – his cars contingency be in an unblemished strange condition. Just like a immature male who dreamed of his possess mint-condition Porsche. “These days no one can lift a nap over his eyes,” says Troche. “The abyss of his believe is astonishing.” If a automobile is not 100 per cent good as new, it is conscientiously easy – and this is where a German crony and his network come into a equation. It all started with a 997 Sport Classic owned by Troche’s family. “Jan was acid for this model, and we had a unequivocally one. He’s a visit and eager caller to Germany, and so he flew over yet delay.” It became transparent unequivocally quick that a dual of them were consanguine spirits who spoke a same language: “Today we’re in hit roughly daily, possibly around WhatsApp or by phone – and we don’t even always speak about cars!”

Perfection and mania with detail

If Koum or one of his scouts finds an sparkling Porsche automobile in Japan, for example, it mostly creates a stop-off during a private Porsche gourmet Frank Troche initial for restoration. He takes caring of all a organisational details. “The United States is naturally not brief of Porsche specialists,” says Troche, who lives in Middle Franconia. “But it’s doubtful that anyone in a US would ever strech a standards of soundness and mania to detail.”

Perfection and mania with fact – a evidence for Walter to enter theatre left. It roughly goes yet observant that a Walter in doubt is Walter Röhrl. “Walter’s been a tighten crony of a family for many years,” explains Frank Troche. It’s a tough pursuit to confirm what to buy a multi-billionaire Porsche fan for their 40th birthday, yet Troche came adult trumps with a thought of a day spent with a convene motorist – and not usually any aged convene driver, yet substantially a best convene motorist of all time. “Der Lange” (the high guy) from Regensburg happily agreed. “Jan and quick pushing don’t get on too well,” recollects Walter Röhrl, grinning during a memory of their trip. But Koum was all a some-more tender by a turn of pointing with that a two-time universe champion directed a car.

Walter Röhrl, 911 GT2, 2018, Porsche AG
Walter Röhrl would gladly take another day out if he had a event to expostulate a 911 GT2 again

Ever since, Röhrl has had a life-long giveaway pass to take any of Koum’s sizeable swift out for a spin. Like a 993 GT2, that was initial sole by Porsche in Nice. Even yet it has 25,000 kilometres on a clock, after a consummate technical and visible refurbish it looks as yet it competence never have left a sacred prolongation halls of Zuffenhausen. “That unequivocally is a thing of beauty,” admires Röhrl, and approaches a automobile to take a closer look: “The paintwork shows such courtesy to fact – you’d never find that anywhere else.”

“It’s not what you’d call a gentle drive, yet a steering is insanely assertive – now that’s what we call driving!”
Walter Röhrl

Porsche made 194 units of a rear-wheel-drive lightweight chronicle of a initial 911 with biturbo engine. The cars were used for patron racing in a newly introduced GT2 class, hence a considerable wings. The cars made in indication years 1996 and 1997 delivered 430 hp. Yet even yet Jan Koum’s car, that was a usually 993 GT2 ever delivered in Arena Red Metallic, is one of a initial series-production GT2 vehicles from indication year 1996 with aluminium doors, a engine feels like it is able of some-more than a 430 hp mentioned above. Porsche increasing a outlay to 450 hp in indication year 1998, and introduced steel doors instead of aluminium.

But that’s adequate station around and admiring from distant – now it’s time to get behind a wheel. “Getting into a automobile like this after pushing a complicated Porsche creates we realize what a company’s RD dialect has been doing for a past 20 years,” says a two-time universe champion after usually a few metres. “It’s not what you’d call a gentle drive, yet a steering is insanely assertive – now that’s what we call driving!” Walter Röhrl notices immediately that a Porsche 911 aka GT2 993 is comparatively light, weighing in during 1,290 kilograms. “Weight is my tip priority. Too most mass has a counter-productive outcome when I’m cornering, braking or accelerating. we need a automobile to respond with pointing to each hold on a steering wheel…” And what does a self-avowed precisionist consider about a double turbocharged engine? “A naturally aspirated engine allows a aloft grade of control, yet privately we would always opt for a absolute bearing that can usually be delivered by a turbocharger.” And a difference are hardly out of his mouth before he puts his feet to a metal. Even Walter Röhrl is taken aback: “That thing unequivocally does go like a wind. It’s roughly tough to believe! Some years ago we gathering a 700 hp Le Mans racing version, and that was positively able of blazing a rubber. But in terms of energy and speed, I’d be tough pulpy to find a difference!” Then it unexpected occurs to him: “How can we ever go behind to being confident with my possess 993 Carrera RS?”

Walter Röhrl, 911 GT2, 2018, Porsche AG
Röhrl: “I need a automobile to respond with pointing to each hold on a steering wheel…”


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