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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan 25, 2014 – Award-nominated actor Johnny Galecki, one of a stars of a CBS strike uncover “The Big Bang Theory,” will title a 30-second, game-day Hyundai mark during Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb 2, 2014.

The commercial, patrician “Nice,” opens with Galecki behind a circle of a code new 2014 Elantra. When an appealing immature lady pulls adult subsequent to him in a accurate same Elantra, he seizes his event and compliments her on their common good taste. “Nice ride,” he says. The light turns green; a flirtatious diversion of one-upsmanship ensues. The comedy goes off a rails, with large surprises around each turn. Legendary comedian Richard Lewis even creates a cameo as Galecki’s passenger, adding his possess wayward commentary. The artistic was grown by Hyundai’s group of record, INNOCEAN USA, and destined by Super Bowl maestro Jim Jenkins.

The mark is a miracle for Galecki. The Hyundai ad represents a initial time he has permitted a product or code on air. With an behaving career that spans some-more than 25 years, Galecki is famous best for his roles in a endowment winning array “Roseanne” and “The Big Bang Theory” that enters a 7th deteriorate this year. Galecki is now in pre-production on “Here’s Your Damn Family”, his initial plan as author with Ricky Blitt and Stephen McPherson for Warner Bros TV.

“I’ve always desired Super Bowl ads – a commercials during a diversion are always a prominence for me,” pronounced Galecki. “In this Hyundai spot, there’s a automobile chase, there’s explosions, and even a automobile burst – it’s exciting, cinematic and filled with humor. we can’t wait for everybody to see it!”

Known as a “Prince of Pain,” Lewis is deliberate one of a biggest stand-up comedians of all time and is a well-respected author and actor. He has starred in important TV shows and films including “Anything But Love,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Leaving Las Vegas.”

“As maestro Super Bowl advertisers, we are vehement to work with luminary talent for a initial time this year,” pronounced Steve Shannon, clamp boss of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “The Elantra mark continues Hyundai’s longstanding tradition of regulating amusement to prominence automobile opening and function. By adding Johnny and Richard into a mix, we constraint a fun and witty suggestion of a automobile and we adult a party value for a game-day audience.”

Hyundai’s Super Bowl choice also includes another 30-second mark during a initial quarter. Titled “Dad’s Sixth Sense,” it dramatizes a near-misses of bland parenting. In scenes both touching and humorous, Dad is there again and again as his son grows up. The blurb culminates with a final monumental save – usually this time, it’s a modernized reserve facilities of Hyundai’s all-new Genesis that has a immature man’s back.