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Johnson Wins NHRA Finals in Mopar Dodge Funny Car, Capps Finishes as Runner-up in Final Standings

November 12, 2017

, Pomona, Calif.

A drama-filled Sunday afternoon during Auto Club Raceway during Pomona sealed out a 2017 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series calendar, as Mopar Funny Car motorist Tommy Johnson Jr. gave a code a 16th feat of a deteriorate in a difficulty during a NHRA Finals, and teammate Ron Capps finished as runner-up in a year-end standings.

Austin Williams also claimed a win for Mopar in Stock Eliminator behind a turn of his 1972 Plymouth Duster.

Mopar HEMI® energy from Don Schumacher Racing (DSR) claimed a sum of 21 wins in a Pro classes over a march of 2017 – a brand’s 80th anniversary year. DSR Mopar Funny Cars reached a winner’s turn 16 times, holding victories in accurately two-thirds of a events this deteriorate and winning twice as many races as a rest of a manufacturers combined. In addition, during slightest one Mopar Dodge Funny Car reached a final turn in 21 of 24 events on a schedule. Mopar-backed Top Fuel dragsters from DSR duration took 5 victories and seemed in a sum of 10 final rounds.

On Sunday during Pomona, Johnson gathering his Make-A-Wish Dodge Charger R/T from DSR past newly crowned 2017 Funny Car champion Robert Hight in a final with a 3.920-second pass during 329.10 mph from a left line after a .037-second greeting time. Hight struggled to find traction, creation a path of 6.827 during 103.71 after withdrawal a line with a greeting time of .055.

The feat was Johnson’s second of a deteriorate and a 15th of his Funny Car career. He also has dual in a Top Fuel category.

Johnson, a fortifying eventuality leader in a NHRA Finals during a ancestral Pomona track, initial knocked out Dodge motorist Bob Bode notwithstanding losing a cylinder down line as Bode couldn’t get off a starting line cleanly. Johnson subsequent bested Alexis DeJoria, though due to a inadequate parachute finished adult in a silt during a finish of a shutdown area. Undeterred, a organisation brought out a backup physique from final deteriorate and bested DSR Mopar teammate Jack Beckman on a corresponding run to strech their sixth final turn of a year. Johnson finished sixth in a final indicate standings after his victory.

Ron Capps, a fortifying Funny Car champion, came into a Sunday rejecting rounds of a NHRA Finals 8 markers behind Robert Hight in a Countdown to a Championship playoffs, notwithstanding carrying led a standings for a infancy of a deteriorate on a strength of 8 wins. Capps and his Dodge Charger R/T organisation from DSR came adult usually brief in their bid for back-to-back universe championships, however, as Capps was bested by Del Worsham in turn one, guaranteeing Hight a 2017 title. Capps has now been runner-up in Funny Car 5 times in his career.

Fellow Mopar motorist “Fast” Jack Beckman had a unequivocally plain weekend, subordinate No. 1 for a second week in a quarrel and opening a Sunday rejecting rounds with a pass usually .002 off his subordinate elapsed time to pull his Infinite Hero Dodge Charger R/T past Jeff Arend, who smoked his tires. Beckman subsequent finished another purify pass to discharge John Force, before eventually being degraded by Johnson. Beckman finished fourth in a final standings and collected dual wins during a 2017 campaign.

Matt Hagan changed to a second turn in his Mopar 80th/Express Lane Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car from DSR after a solo in turn one when Gary Densham was incompetent to make a call. Hagan’s 2017 debate afterwards came to a tighten after he was narrowly degraded by Hight. Hagan took 4 victories during a deteriorate and finished fifth in points.

In Top Fuel, Leah Pritchett gathering her Papa John’s Pizza/Mopar Pennzoil dragster from a DSR quick past Scott Palmer on a clean-pass in turn one as Palmer went adult in smoke. Pritchett was afterwards degraded in turn dual during a hands of Shawn Langdon after he staged unusually late. Despite a loss, Pritchett still had a dermatitis year that enclosed 4 wins and a fifth-place finish in a standings.

Pritchett’s Mopar teammate, eight-time champion Tony Schumacher, was bested on a holeshot feat by Langdon in turn one. Schumacher and a U.S. Army organisation finished their deteriorate eighth in a standings with one victory.

It was an romantic weekend for Mopar Pro Stock motorist Allen Johnson, who finished his 22-year career during Pomona, after announcing his retirement progressing this season. The 2012 champion and 27–time foe leader was degraded by longtime crony and aspirant Erica Enders in a initial round. Johnson finished his final deteriorate eighth in points.

The 53rd annual NHRA Finals during Auto Club Raceway during Pomona featured vast crowds on palm to declare parsimonious points battles in ideal conditions for discerning and quick racing. Shortly after jacket adult his second Funny Car title, Robert Hight also suffered an blast and wall hit in a semis that eventually found him in a concealment during a behind of a gravel. He was unhurt and returned to take on Tommy Johnson Jr. in a final round. Brittany Force claimed a championship in a Top Fuel category.

 Mopar/Dodge Notes Quotes

Pietro Gorlier, Head of Parts and Service (Mopar) FCA
“As a 80th anniversary jubilee draws to a close, we are unequivocally unapproachable to have also been partial of 21 victories opposite both Funny Car and Top Fuel with vehicles featuring Mopar HEMI power. Congratulations to Tommy Johnson Jr. and organisation on capping off this special year with a win in their Make-A-Wish Dodge Charger R/T during a NHRA Finals.”

Tommy Johnson Jr., Make-A-Wish Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
(No. 4 Qualifier – 3.887 seconds during 314.31 mph)

Rd. 1: (.089-second greeting time,  4.047 seconds during 283.79 mph) degraded No. 13 Bob Bode (no time – mechanical)
Rd. 2: (.050/3.911/329.34) degraded No. 5 Alexis DeJoria (.074/3.944/327.90)
Semis: (.048/3.890/329.18) degraded No. 1 Jack Beckman (.045/3.914/327.74)
Final: (.037/3.920/329.10) degraded No. 15 Robert Hight (.055/6.827/103.71)

“We came in here and kind of used this foe as a test. We tested on Monday in Vegas with a 6-disc and motionless to leave it in for here to kind of get forward on subsequent year. It ran flawless all weekend. The guys did a good pursuit of adapting. That’s a large change. To put it in and win a initial foe with a 6-disc speaks volumes of what a subsequent year is going to bring.

“We won one year ago during this foe with Terry (Chandler, late coach and crony who saved a team), and we unequivocally wanted to win this for her. we attempted several times this year to get a win for her though we usually couldn’t get it done. we suspicion this is a final one and we’re going to do it (win) this weekend. She was a good lady and we’re going to skip her dearly. Our whole organisation has had a lot of family deaths this year, 3 guys on my organisation mislaid a family member this year. Been a severe year for us though we kept fighting. After going into a silt a second turn it showed a kind of quarrel we had. We wanted to win this for Terry and that’s given we said, ‘This win is for Terry!’”

Ron Capps, NAPA Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
(No. 6 Qualifier – 3.897 seconds during 328.22 mph)

Rd. 1: (.089-second greeting time, 4.177 seconds during 316.52 mph) mislaid to No. (.077/4.045/306.19)

“It rattled and we gave it a pedal. we saw Del (Worsham) out there. Del is one of a throwback, good racers still around. we adore racing him; we get adult to foe him. Just we theory it wasn’t meant to be. We had a good season. It’s big. It hurts a lot to come all a approach down here and win 8 races and afterwards remove a championship. But we wish to appreciate everybody for entrance out. We’re going to get prepared for subsequent year.”

Matt Hagan, Mopar 80th/Express Lane Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
(No. 7 Qualifier – 3.898 seconds during 333.08 mph)

Rd. 1: (.154-second greeting time, 3.872 seconds during 332.59 mph) degraded No. 10 Gary Densham (no uncover – mechanical)
Rd. 2: (.055/3.875/332.18) mislaid to No. 15 Robert Hight (.049/3.851/334.32)   

“It’s one of those years where we come out strong, winning a initial dual races and feel it’s going to be a year. But afterwards a feverishness comes on and things change and we make adjustments. You have to adjust and we did and schooled a lot. we wouldn’t trade (crew chief) Dickie Venables or (assistant) Mike Knudsen for anybody out there. we feel like we’re flourishing as a organisation together. We have a lot of good chemistry and know any other’s details and out and a any moves. we consider it takes that to unequivocally click and win races and win championships. You’re not going to win them all a time though we’ve always been in a hunt, concerned in a race. That means a lot to me given any time we tag in a automobile we know I’ve got a possibility on Sunday to win. And drag racing is usually going to get some-more competitive, there’s usually going to be some-more cars come in and there’s usually going to be some-more competition. You have to get after it. We’re always growing, adapting, RD-ing. we consider we have what it takes to come behind and work harder, be a leader and come behind strong. It’s a blessing and neat sourroundings to be here during DSR and live out a dream to expostulate a foe automobile and be paid to do it. we couldn’t ask for any some-more eventuality than that.”

Leah Pritchett, Papa John’s Pizza/Mopar Pennzoil Top Fuel Dragster 
(No. 3 Qualifier – 3.674 seconds during 325.61 mph)

Rd. 1: (.066-second greeting time,  3.712 seconds during 329.50 mph) degraded No. 14 Scott Palmer (.082/7.901/104.87)
Rd. 2: (.066/3.714/320.20) mislaid to No. 11 Shawn Langdon (.062/3.683/321.81)

“Unfortunately it was not a finish we wanted for Sunday, though currently outlines a dream that I’ve had for my whole life – to contest during all 24 events in a season, a whole season. This is a initial time I’ve been means to do it. To finish in a fifth position for Don Schumacher Racing is incredible. This organisation has proven they are championship size and we consider this deteriorate constitutes a unequivocally healthy warmup for championship row for a 2018 season. We have no reason to hang a head. We have a integrate of things to work on and couldn’t be some-more vehement about this organisation staying together and fighting it out subsequent year.”

Jack Beckman, Infinite Hero Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
(No. 1 Qualifier – 3.835 seconds during 334.98 mph)

Rd. 1: (.073-second greeting time,  3.837 seconds during 333.74 mph) degraded No.16 Jeff Arend (.083/10.678/85.73)
Rd. 2: (.064/3.851/332.51) degraded No. 8 John Force (.097/3.932/310.98)
Semis: (.045/3.914/327.74) mislaid to No. 4 Tommy Johnson Jr. (.048/3.890/329.18)

“I consider a good thing about this is we now know we have a automobile that can win any race. In a final few races we haven’t had any of those propitious breaks in a rounds and once in a while we need those. we was so unapproachable of a guys after a initial round. We’re warming adult for a second turn and a purchase seized up. So we had to implement a gangling purchase cannon and they don’t always respond a same. So a fact that they were means to make a adjustments, we went out there and got a second-round win. And afterwards in a semis opposite Tommy, a automobile usually didn’t do accurately what it was ostensible to do. It’s a bummer given that turn would’ve been third place in a points. But we don’t consider we have to change anything in a offseason. we consider we get to freshen a inventory, go exam and we’re prepared to unpack during a Winternationals.”
Tony Schumacher, U.S. Army Top Fuel Dragster
(No. 6 Qualifier – 3.721 seconds during 328.54 mph)

Rd. 1: (.057-second greeting time, 3.724 seconds during 328.38 mph) mislaid to No. 11 Shawn Langdon (.046/3.725/326.16 – holeshot win)

“It was one of those seasons where we can demeanour behind on so many things that we could’ve finished differently and finished adult winning a garland of races. It’s all about timing. Just demeanour during a runs in a initial turn currently – we would’ve won opposite all of a other 7 cars from a reduce half of a subordinate order, and it usually seems like it was that approach so many times this year. But we also were outpace by other good teams and drivers who had good runs during a right time opposite us this year. We need to step it up. For a subsequent dual months, we need to get it together and come out fighting subsequent year. This U.S. Army organisation is a good organisation representing a biggest fighting force in a universe and I’m as unapproachable to be a partial of it as we ever was. We distinguished Veterans Day here all weekend with a reverence to all a group and women who have served this good republic of ours and a reason this organisation goes racing.”

Mopar/Dodge NHRA Sportsman Spotlight
Mopar Sportsman competitors incited in unusually clever efforts in both a Stock and Super Stock Eliminator categories during a NHRA Finals, including a win in Stock by former universe champion Austin Williams. Three of a 4 semifinalists in a difficulty gathering Mopar-powered vehicles.

Williams, who hails from Burleson, Texas, took his eighth inhabitant eventuality Wally prize in Stock behind a turn of his G/SA 1972 Plymouth Duster 340. In a final he incited in a path of 11.080 seconds during 109.61 mph, accurately using his 11.08 dial-in. Williams left a line with a .025-second greeting time. He bettered foe Chris Stephenson’s 10.620 during 122.56, who had a greeting time of .054. Stephenson’s dial-in was 10.64, definition he pennyless out by .020.

In Super Stock Eliminator, Jon Irving of Henderson, Nevada, incited in a best bid for Mopar, reaching a third turn in his SS/MA 1980 Dodge Aspen. In a round, Irving finished a pass of 11.177 during 113.96 on an 11.19 dial-in, violation out by .013. He left a starting line with a .036 greeting time. The automobile is powered by a 318 cubic-inch engine and facilities a four-barrel carburetor. It has always been a foe automobile and usually has 25 travel miles.

Williams and Irving any claimed a Dodge Top Finisher endowment of their particular categories. The module was in place during all 24 inhabitant events in 2017, and supposing a $500 reward to a Stock Eliminator and Super Stock Eliminator motorist who modernized a farthest in a Dodge or Plymouth vehicle.

In addition, Keyport, Washington’s Troy Johnston took a Sportsman ET win in a ’72 Duster.

Up Next: NHRA Winternationals
The NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series earnings to flog off a 2018 debate with a 58th annual NHRA Winternationals during Auto Club Raceway during Pomona on Feb 8 – 11, 2018.

For some-more information on Mopar and Dodge in NHRA, check out a Mopar brand’s central blog,
2017 NHRA Championship —  Final Point Standings After Round 24 of 24
(Season Wins in Parentheses)

NHRA Funny Car
1. Robert Hight (4) – 2,686
2. Ron Capps, Dodge Charger R/T (8) – 2,588
3. Courtney Force – 2,543  
4. Jack Beckman, Dodge Charger R/T (2) – 2,519
5. Matt Hagan, Dodge Charger R/T (4) – 2,470
6. Tommy Johnson Jr., Dodge Charger R/T (2) – 2,452

7. John Force (1) – 2,388
8. Tim Wilkerson – 2,296
9. J.R. Todd (2) – 2,282
10. Cruz Pedregon – 2,178

NHRA Top Fuel
1. Brittany Force (4) –2,690
2. Steve Torrence (8) – 2,609
3. Doug Kalitta – (1) 2,553
4. Antron Brown (4) – 2,508
5. Leah Pritchett, Mopar HEMI (4) – 2,452
6. Clay Millican (1) – 2,419
7. Shawn Langdon – 2,406
8. Tony Schumacher, Mopar HEMI (1) – 2,395
9. Terry McMillen (1) – 2,310
10. Scott Palmer – 2,218

About Mopar Motorsports
The Mopar brand’s joining to veteran motorsports foe was determined in a 1950s when a partnership lighted with drag racing colonize Don Garlits, ensuing in a violation of countless speed and opening barriers in HEMI-powered vehicles over a subsequent several decades. In 2016, interjection to Don Schumacher Racing motorist Ron Capps, Mopar prisoner a fourth NHRA Funny Car World Championship in a final 6 years. As Mopar celebrates 80 years as a code in 2017, it will concentration a NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series efforts on NHRA Funny Car and, with rising star Leah Pritchett, NHRA Top Fuel Dragster. Mopar will also accelerate a joining to NHRA Sportsman racing with new strait rewards, bureau support and at-track technical recommendation and guidance.

Mopar-First Features
During a brand’s 80 years, Mopar has introduced countless industry-first facilities including:

  • Vehicle-information apps: initial to deliver smartphone vehicle-information applications, a new channel of communication with consumers
  • wiADVISOR: initial to incorporate a tablet-based use line tool
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): initial to marketplace with a new interactive automobile tracking device that sends owners a content when automobile is driven too quick or too distant formed on pre-set parameters
  • Wi-Fi: initial to offer business a ability to make their automobile a wireless prohibited spot
  • Electronic owners manuals: initial to deliver normal owners manuals on a smartphone app

80 Years of Mopar
Mopar (a elementary contraction of a difference MOtor and PARts) was innate on Aug 1, 1937, as a name of a line of antifreeze products. Mopar has given developed over 80 years to offer as a sum service, tools and customer-care code of all FCA vehicles around a globe.

Mopar finished a symbol in a 1960s during a muscle-car era, with Mopar Performance Parts to raise speed and doing for both highway and racing use, and stretched to embody technical use and patron support. Today, a Mopar brand’s tellurian strech distributes some-more than 500,000 tools and accessories in over 150 markets around a world. With some-more than 50 tools placement centers and 25 patron hit centers globally, Mopar integrates service, tools and customer-care operations in sequence to raise patron and play support worldwide.

Mopar is a source for genuine tools and accessories for all FCA US LLC automobile brands. Mopar tools are engineered together with a same teams that emanate factory-authorized specifications for FCA vehicles, charity a approach tie that no other aftermarket tools association can provide. Complete information on a Mopar code is accessible at