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Kia Debuts KOUP Concept At 2008 New York International Auto Show


Design Cues, Indicative of an Emotional and
Powerful Driving Experience, Reflect Brand Evolution

  • Distinctive “check mark” figure furthers a performance-inspired appearance
  • Realistic interior pattern creates KOUP a loyal driver’s car
  • NEW YORK, Mar 20, 2008 Combining childish merriment with a sporty and neat design, Kia Motors America (KMA) currently globally debuted a KOUP judgment during a 2008 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) during a press discussion during a Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Illustrating a figure and expansion of destiny Kia vehicles, a elementary nonetheless confidant and assertive KOUP extraneous is complemented by a picturesque and neat interior design. Originating from a Kia Motors America Design Center in Irvine, Calif., a KOUP judgment embodies Kia’s truth of “Exciting and Enabling” with a offset proportions and liquid pattern set to elicit an romantic pushing experience.

    “The Kia KOUP judgment represents a destiny of a Kia code and a energetic vehicles that pronounce to a core philosophies,” pronounced Tom Kearns, arch engineer of KMA. “Kia strives to interest to a romantic side of automobile enthusiasts who find journey and wish to take a jump into a destiny with impression and modernized technology, and a KOUP effectively delivers.”

    First Glance

    Curb interest starts with a KOUP’s offset proportions and liquid design. From a tab-shaped and eloquent top grille to a high-tech and useful headlamps, a front fascia’s form gives a automobile a confidant and assertive stance.

    The KOUP facilities an basic nonetheless energetic crowd figure along a sides stemming from a glowing, CO fiber and black chrome extended LED flare lenses.

    While a KOUP’s altogether form is elementary and precise, it creates a pattern matter with certain tragedy combined by a “swoosh” that swoops from a “C” post forward, down to a “A” post and flares all a approach behind around to a back rug lid. A trailing plane mouth along a rug lid tapers adult toward a outdoor ends to accommodate adult with a swoosh from a beltline. The rocker sill has a particular “check mark” figure and distinguished circle flares that give a KOUP a strong, lowered stance. The brief overhangs and far-reaching position simulate a well-balanced and manageable character.

    No component of high-style pattern is blank in a KOUP judgment as illustrated by a greenhouse-integrated, panoramic-view potion with twin panels fluctuating from a windshield by a roof to a backlight, appearing as twin together pieces of potion identical to a warrior jet cockpit. Segregating a potion panels, an interior mood light runs a full length of a greenhouse. To serve a performance-inspired coming with sporty elegance, CO fiber enhancements accent a KOUP’s chin spoiler, flare lenses, cover panel, side-view mirrors, back fender insert and back diffuser, while adorned twin circle spokes embody CO fiber inserts interconnected with an open pattern to uncover off a Brembo calipers and cross-drilled rotors.

    Inside a Cockpit

    Conceived artfully and with striking precision, a KOUP’s interior hones in on a desires of automobile enthusiasts from a central gaunt of a dashboard and Supervision instrument panel, enhancing a performance-inspired pushing knowledge to a custom-designed, race-inspired steering circle in front of a three-gauge instrument cluster. Carbon fiber accents on a shifter image and chair tilt-adjust resource strengthen sporty performance.

    Audiophiles and automobile enthusiasts comparison will take mind of 8 speakers, including vast back rug speakers matched to a juke box audio system, serve harmonizing a pushing experience. A built-in Bluetooth-enabled navigation element with Map On Demand (MOD) is only a commencement of a telematics services.

    The KOUP facilities a picturesque interior pattern that integrates high-style materials, including abounding and movable chair fabrics accentuated with concrete- and black-color trims. As a loyal driver’s car, a front seats contrariety a back seats with hostile colors and patterning and horizontal, padded silicone bars occupy a chair backs for additional comfort. High-tech sum are integrated into a interior, including accessible intelligent pivotal with pull symbol start, and a six-speed involuntary delivery with steering column-mounted paddle shifters.

    Taking Flight

    Powered by a autocratic 2.0-liter Theta II turbocharged engine producing 290 horsepower interconnected with a GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) twin corkscrew turbocharger for larger energy and efficiency, a KOUP delivers startling torque of 289 lb-ft during a low 2,000 rpm postulated to 4,000 rpm. By injecting fuel directly into a cylinder underneath high vigour regulating a Kia GDI system, a intake assign is cooled and explosion function is improved. Improved explosion assures glorious fuel economy and low emissions. Lower grille openings capacitate additional atmosphere intake for additional power.

    Built on a front-wheel-drive unibody frame, curl springs and stabilizer bars element an eccentric front cessation featuring MacPherson struts and an eccentric twin couple back cessation to yield a optimal change of float comfort and engine responsiveness. An engine-speed-sensitive, power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering element adds a finishing hold for accurate handling. In gripping with a KOUP’s sporty essence, Continuous Damping Control (CDC) for discerning movements and pointy turns interconnected with a sport-tuned, four-wheel eccentric cessation and strut building bar offer a tighter hold for some-more energetic driving.


    The KOUP judgment facilities all of a customary reserve facilities offering in Kia’s unchanging prolongation automobile lineup including 6 customary airbags and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Electronic Stability Control (ESC) interconnected with CDC helps to stabilise a KOUP for limit hit with a pavement. The vast 245/40ZR19 tires finish a KOUP’s considerable package. Also enclosed is adaptive front lighting and journey control, adding to a KOUP’s modernized reserve technology.

    About Kia Motors America

    Kia Motors America (KMA) is a sales, selling and placement arm of Kia Motors Corporation formed in Seoul, South Korea. KMA offers a finish line of vehicles by some-more than 640 dealers via a United States. For 2007, KMA accessible a 14th uninterrupted year of record U.S. sales. Kia Motors subscribes to a truth of building high value, high quality, protected and energetic vehicles. Kia Motors prides itself on producing vehicles that are sparkling and enabling and elicit a Kia tagline “The Power to Surprise.”

    Kia Motors America is a “Official Automotive Partner of a NBA.” Information about Kia Motors America and a full automobile choice is accessible during a Web site For media information, including photography, revisit

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