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Kia Motors America To Debut “Ray” Plug-In Hybrid Concept In Chicago


Ray Design Demonstrates Kia Motors EcoDynamics Philosophy

  • Kia Ray facilities aerodynamic design, innovative record and plug-in hybrid capabilities
  • Kia Ray utilizes roof tip cool-glazing solar potion and a has a operation of adult to 746 miles
  • CHICAGO, Feb 10, 2010 Kia Motors America (KMA) currently denounced a Ray Plug-in Hybrid judgment during a press discussion during a 2010 Chicago Auto Show, advancing movement of Kia Motors tellurian choice fuel and powertrain investigate program, and a sub-brand coined EcoDynamics, to rise innovative fuel-stretching and emissions-cutting technologies. The many fit Kia vehicles with poignant fuel expenditure and glimmer reductions grown underneath a EcoDynamics sub-brand will be identified with a EcoDynamics badge. Recently, a EcoDynamics sub-brand took a vital step brazen with a introduction of a Kia Borrego Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) followed by a Forte LPI Hybrid, a gasoline Kia ceed Hybrid and a twin-turbo diesel Kia Sorento Hybrid.

    As a universe looks for some-more fit automobile designs that mix worldly and neat lines with functionality and fuel economy, a Kia Ray judgment is a confidant new partnership between settlement and engineering and inventively showcases a unconventional four-seat compress sedan formed on a Kia Forte tallness and demonstrates a impending plug-in hybrid automobile settlement from Kia. Designed with lightweight and recycled materials, as good as hexagonal roof-top solar cells embedded in a potion roof row that appetite additional lighting or meridian control systems, a Kia Ray is a fifth automobile from a Irvine Calif.-based Kia Design Center America (KDCA) to be suggested in a final year. The latest settlement from KDCA follows award-winning Kia vehicles Soul, Forte, Forte Koup and a all-new 2011 Sorento CUV.

    It is critical to suppose what people will wish in a destiny from a immature viewpoint early in a settlement process, since people wish to revoke their CO footprint but pushing CO copies, conspicuous Peter Schreyer, arch settlement officer, Kia Motors Corporation. Being immature doesnt have to be an apparent matter anymore and a Kia Ray exemplifies a viable mix of modern, eco-minded facilities for todays environmentally unwavering consumers.

    The stylish, aerodynamic Ray combines settlement and engineering for limit efficiency, incorporating clean, flush surfaces minimizing any unneeded edges, a issuing form and conspicuous behind shoulder finale in a somewhat high rug lid for reduced drag, touch-screen controls, drive-by-wire steering, cool-glazing solar potion and a lithium-polymer battery all probable indicators of destiny record from Kia. As a plug-in hybrid, Ray is designed to strech pushing distances of some-more than 50 miles regulating a electric engine on a singular charge, and has a fuel economy rating of some-more than 202 miles per gallon, and has a sum operation of 746 miles.

    As partial of Kia Motors EcoDynamics sub-brand, a Ray judgment demonstrates a singular prophesy for eye-catching vehicles with a idea of shortening environmental footprints. Kia models will lift a EcoDynamics badge as they are gradually introduced, and are designed to broach poignant environmental benefits, these vehicles also will keep a sporty design, fun-to-drive opening and a clever interest for a young-at-heart.

    Striking Aircraft-Inspired Exterior Design

    EcoDynamics is a overarching settlement truth practical to make a Kia Ray judgment good organic and distinguished in appearance. A lowered mono-volume figure and a strong, well-developed conformation gives a Kia Ray judgment softened aerodynamic properties than taller form hybrid vehicles. Strong and lightweight materials are used to support a EcoDynamics truth starting with a tabbed LED Kia badge lonesome with a singular square of potion that extends over a hood and another square of potion that extends from a cover of a windshield to a behind header to offer occupants a spacious, ethereal feeling. An bright battery assign indicator arrangement is hood-mounted, furthering a Kia Ray concepts unconventional design. A tapering hothouse cabin and a longer tail urge aerodynamics while rebate of drag is achieved by a one-piece, smooth-as-glass, integrated underbody panel, slight tire breadth and flush circle design. Front pushing lamps slip behind to emanate openings for softened atmosphere intake when a gasoline engine is being used and a shifting U-shaped deck-lid extends from a behind of a automobile during aloft speeds for softened fellow of drag. In lieu of side-view mirrors and doorway handles, motion-detector cameras are mounted flush with a physique for protected line changing procedures and opening of doors. The outcome is an airframe on wheels. The front doorway opening facilities a brazen cutout settlement for a feet permitting palliate of entry. The behind doorway lines are really eloquent with rear-hinged manager doors, nonetheless stylish since their tallness and figure improves accession and egress.

    The Ray employs new cold automobile technology, including nano-laminate films and cool-glazing materials practical to a judgment to dramatically revoke solar feverishness and denote how gripping a interior cold will revoke atmosphere conditioning loads and hothouse emissions. When a automobile is parked in a sun, a solar cells yield a drip assign that helps work a cooling fan to revoke interior temperatures.

    Light and Airy Interior

    Using a healthy component of atmosphere as a settlement concentration to communicate feelings of pure, lightweight, breathable and refreshing, Rays interior is comprised of eco-friendly recycled materials in cold white tones to offer a passengers a clarity of virginity while also reflecting a feverishness of a sun, gripping a heat down and shortening a use of atmosphere conditioner energy. Front and behind seats, mounted on side sills, emanate a floating outcome with hollowed out elastomeric materials to support physique weight, also done of lightweight multiple materials.

    Fresh and tolerable materials like nap flooring combine to emanate a elementary nonetheless worldly and gentle cabin, with a lightweight hold shade instrument blueprint featuring hold shade push-button start and rigging change toggle. The core smoke-stack facilities a all-new Kia UVO powered by Microsoft modernized infotainment system, that provides users with accessible voice- and touch-activated controls for elementary government of song files and hands-free mobile phone operation.

    Adding to a list of immature record features, Ray also employs a all-new GreenEdge complement by Infinity Audio, finish with loudspeakers that revoke appetite expenditure and abolition by revoke self heating temperatures with increasing acoustic performance, a softened synergy between amplifier, orator and vehicle. The amplifier used also reduces a idle appetite expenditure by 50 percent of stream Infinity speakers and employs a revoke abolition settlement for poignant assets in altogether weight.

    With a concentration to revoke altogether weight by materials and design, a hexagon/honeycomb figure can be found via a cabin, used as a steady settlement component while restraining a interior thesis together. Used also in a doorway inserts and seats, this lightweight and breathable filigree serves to revoke altogether quell weight as good as being a singular settlement element. Other materials found in a cabin are soothing to a hold with a matte finish, including white leather, charity a some-more lush feel while creation a interior some-more mouth-watering and tranquil. The 100-percent worldly mocha nap felt floors supplement a hold of regard and also are environmentally accessible by entrance from a renewable resource. Adding serve to Rays immature characteristics, a building mats are incorporated into a settlement of a floor, severely shortening a volume of element used.

    Hybrid Architecture

    The Ray Concept is designed to be powered by an all-aluminum 153-horsepower Gasoline Direct Injected (GDI) 1.4-liter engine corresponding to a permanently-engaged bound ratio Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), used in multiple with a 78kw electric motor. Depending on pushing conditions, appetite is sent to a wheels from a gasoline engine, a electric motor, or both together. The Ray judgment is front-wheel expostulate with a four-wheel eccentric suspension.

    Furthering EcoDynamics innovation, a Ray concepts modernized complement is versed with an engine-power saving alternator government complement and a toggle gear-shift up/down indicator to inspire careful driving. Custom-designed low-rolling insurgency with a hexagon pattern, slight 20-inch (195/50R20) tires also urge Rays efficiency.

    About Kia Motors America

    Kia Motors America (KMA) is a selling and placement arm of Kia Motors Corporation formed in Seoul, South Korea. KMA offers a finish line of vehicles by some-more than 670 dealers via a United States. For 2009, KMA accessible a 15th uninterrupted year of increasing U.S. marketplace share and recently achieved a best entertain of sales ever. Kia Motors subscribes to a truth of building high value, high quality, protected and energetic vehicles. Kia Motors prides itself on producing vehicles that are sparkling and enabling and elicit a Kia tagline The Power to Surprise.

    Kia Motors America is a “Official Automotive Partner of a NBA.” Information about Kia Motors America and a full automobile choice is accessible during a Web site For media information, including photography, revisit

    Exterior Dimensions
    173.2 inches / 4,400 mm
    72.8 inches / 1,850 mm
    53.5 inches / 1,360 mm
    Wheel base:
    106.3 inches / 2,700 mm
    195/50 R20 low-rolling resistance
    1.4-liter Gamma 153-hp GDI engine /
    78kw electric motor

    CVT/ bound ratio
    Lithium-ion polymer
    Top Speed
    109 mph
    Fuel Economy
    (Pure HEV Mode)

    77.6 mpg
    Fuel Economy
    (Plug-in HEV Mode)

    202.3 mpg
    Vehicle Range
    746 miles

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