Mercedes-Benz Canada

Klaus Frenzel: Director Digital Graphic & Corporate Design.

Which section do we manage?

The core Digital Graphic Corporate Design.

What are a categorical tasks of your unit?

With a inner and partner teams during opposite locations such as Sindelfingen, Silicon Valley and Beijing, we arrange a whole digital universe within and around a vehicle. Together with all Daimler pattern centers we ceaselessly rise a pattern strategies and by a opposite companies we arrange or assuage a holistic pattern entrance of a association brands – from a product to all exemplary and digital touchpoints.  Additionally there are a lot of non-automotive products, that we emanate underneath a “Mercedes-Benz Style” code for comparison looseness partners.

Describe a standard operative day?

I´ve never gifted a standard operative day. Time and again it is a new reduction of everything: deliberating drafts, inventing strategies, negotiating technical possibilities, administrating tasks, holding personal conversations with colleagues, in chairman or around video conferencing by “visiting” a unfamiliar locations, presenting formula and giving lectures. Being eager and moving others, though also being doubtful, arguing, holding on and finally entrance to a result. Each day is a onslaught for a optimum.