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Laureus Sport for Good Foundation: ?Moving a Goalposts?.

More than 5,000 girls in hundreds of teams actively play football in a segment around Kilifi and Kwale. The plan is co-financed by a Laureus Foundation, that supports children and teenagers by competition in over 40 countries of a world. Yet “Moving a Goalposts” is not only about kicking a ball. There are training and educational programmes training girls how to organize themselves. Former players have duration turn coaches who learn a younger girls. Moreover, a programme before each compare is not only a warm-up. The coaches organize a girls into tiny play groups, yet with a critical purpose. While during play, a aim is for them to learn things that nobody else will learn them: for example, what will occur to their bodies when they grow up, how to equivocate apropos pregnant, and also what it means to be a member of a team, or pronounce in public.