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Let us count a ways: 10 things to adore about a 2012 Beetle

The all-new Volkswagen Beetle is a complicated take on a many friendly automobile a universe has ever known. It’s been redesigned from a inside out, and with so many changes, we might have missed a few new features. Fear not, Beetle fans, for we’ve summarized 10 things to adore about a 2012 Beetle.

  1. It boasts a some-more powerful, sporty look. In a difference of VW pattern code arch Klaus Bischoff, “The Beetle is now characterized by a clean, poised and widespread sportiness.” Nice work, Klaus.
  2. It offers dual engine options. Choose between a 2.5L gasoline five-cylinder indication and a 2.0L TSI turbocharged gasoline engine—you can’t go wrong.
  3. It has several delivery options. The 2.5L models come with a 5-speed primer or discretionary 6-speed automatic. Our acclaimed Direct-Shift Gearbox® 6-speed dual-clutch delivery is an choice on a 2.0L TSI turbocharged model, while a 6-speed primer delivery comes standard.
  4. It comes with a Kaeferfach glove box. As a curtsy to a classical Bug, a new Beetle facilities a second glove box—the Kaeferfach—just above a categorical glove box.
  5. You can supplement Heritage wheels. Available in 17- and 18-inch options, a aptly named Heritage wheels harken behind to a classical Beetle.
  6. Four words: Fender Premium audio system. The sound complement is optional, though once we knowledge a 9 speakers, 400 watts of energy and intelligible sound, you’ll comprehend that it’s a must-have.
  7. An MP3/iPod adapter is standard. Speaking of audio, it’s easy to bond your MP3, iPod or iPhone to a audio system. You’ll never need to confusion your automobile with CDs again.
  8. You can compare a interior trim to a extraneous paint job. If we compare your hosiery to your car’s building mats, we might wish to cruise this option.
  9. You can supplement tradition graphics. With Second Skin, a partnership between Volkswagen and Original Wraps, we can supplement graphics and racing stripes that will make your Beetle demeanour like it’s going quick even when it’s station still.
  10. The Beetle R is entrance to America. Speaking of going fast, a Beetle R link:, a racing-inspired chronicle of a Beetle, is entrance soon. Stay tuned to a Beetle Blog for some-more info.

Tell us: what’s your favorite thing about a 2012 Beetle?

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