Porsche Canada

Live streaming of a Porsche annual press conference

Porsche NewsTV will be live streaming a press discussion in German and English during, starting during 10 a.m. (CET). Following a broadcast, a recording of a annual press discussion will also be accessible for download and announcement on other websites.

Live streaming of a Porsche annual press conference, 2019, Porsche AG

Alongside a business figures, Porsche will additionally be edition a business and sustainability news subsequent Friday; a online chronicle will be accessible as a PDF download in a Porsche Newsroom, as good as on a possess microsite ( Furthermore, an interactive comparison apparatus will capacitate a comparison and arrangement of total from prior years, whereby users can accumulate particular overviews by selecting parameters such as time duration and difficulty of pivotal figures. They will also be means to select a visible illustration format of a comparison information (e.g. diagram, table), afterwards a graphics constructed can be saved in several formats (e.g. PNG, XLS, PDF).