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Loïc Duval: “Assen offers copiousness of good overtaking opportunities”

We’ve already had 4 competition weekends. How do we consider a deteriorate in terms of a new turbo engines introduced in 2019?
First of all: We drivers have around 100 some-more horsepower. That’s positively positive. And we consider it’s also certain for a spectators, since a cars are quicker. The second aspect is competition management. These turbo engines have utterly a large impact on tire plunge and therefore on a race. When you’re means to conduct your tires in a certain approach it gives we good opportunities to overtake. For me, a turbo engines are utterly certain for a DTM. They move some-more opening and some-more overtaking opportunities.

How have a practiced regulations for DRS and a newly introduced Push-to-Pass complement altered a DTM races?
The DRS outcome is a bit smaller this year. But a total outcome of DRS and Push-to-Pass gives we a unequivocally good event to overtake. So we consider it’s a good apparatus for carrying a improved uncover and some-more overtaking maneuvers during races.

There’s a lot of contention this deteriorate about reserve automobile deployments and a reserve automobile rules. How do we feel about this?
Sometimes we’ve used a reserve automobile for normal reasons this year. But infrequently we’ve used it when it wasn’t necessary. That’s my categorical feeling. The problem is that a reserve automobile has too large an outcome on a races and, definitely, a competition results. Most of a time, a reserve automobile is deployed early in a race. If we were in assign of a DTM rules, I’d supplement that pitting is not authorised on a initial five, 7 or 8 laps to make certain that we get absolved of a event to stop after path one and benefit an advantage from a reserve automobile in that way. Because this is astray to those who did a correct pursuit in subordinate and who are racing in front.

What actions would we take to make a races even some-more attractive?
I’d move behind a array stops with refueling. Why would we do that? Because afterwards we could unequivocally change your plan for a race. You could start with a unequivocally light automobile though too most fuel on board, enabling we to overtake, since a lighter automobile is always quicker than a heavier car. Or a other approach around: Put a lot of fuel in during a start and have a unequivocally light automobile during a end.

You’re contesting a DTM in your third deteriorate and for a third year for Audi Sport Team Phoenix. And things are going improved for we than ever before: In 2019, we finished in a tip 5 4 times and are now seventh in a drivers’ standings. What’s a reason behind this swell compared with 2017 and 2018?
If we had a answer, I’d unequivocally be happy. From DTM deteriorate one to deteriorate dual with Audi we did change a few things in my pushing style. From final year to this year, we didn’t change that much. Aside from Zolder, in Hockenheim, Misano and a Norisring I’ve always competed during a front, because, for sure, a Audi RS 5 DTM is good opposite a board. It’s formidable to explain, though: we did change my engineer. He’s new to me, though has a lot of knowledge in DTM. Maybe this is one of a reasons, since final year we had a unequivocally good engineer, though he was a rookie in DTM.

How has operative with Audi Sport Team Phoenix and your attribute with a patrol altered in a final dual and a half years?
We’ve always had a good relationship. But we also have to tell we something that we consider is normal: a lot of a group was built around Rocky, since for many, many years he’s been a personality of a team. He’s a fast member of a team. So it took me some time to find my position. But now we consider we have identical support in a team.

And how has operative with Mike Rockenfeller changed?
We’ve famous any other from LMP1 racing for about 10 years. We’ve always had a good relationship. That was one of a reasons since we wanted to be with Audi Sport Team Phoenix. Because we knew Rocky, knew that he’s a satisfactory man and good to work with. We still have a good relationship. It has altered a little, since I’m a bit some-more competitive. Now we’re fighting a bit more. But we consider we do so in a unequivocally intelligent way, that gives credit to both of us and helps us measure some-more points. Plus, it’s good for a team, since carrying both cars on a same turn now is good for everybody. But we have to contend that, today, Rocky is some-more of a crony for me than a teammate.