Mercedes-Benz Canada

Long Night of Museums 2020 in a Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Since a entrance 40 years ago, a G-Class has been essay an rare success story: from a really beginning, it excites with a superb off-road skills as good as a stylish coming on a streets.

The new special muster of a Mercedes-Benz Museum is called “Stories of a G”. It tells a opposite story of this array regulating a instance of really opposite vehicles. The stars of a muster have been vehicles given a year of construction in 1979. Among them, there is a “Papamobil” from 1980, a true reproduction of a winning automobile of a Paris – Dakar Rally from 1983, and a final G-Class Cabriolet from 2013 can also be seen. Last conveyor float to a muster during 1:15 a.m.