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M Performance Parts for a new BMW M2 Competition accessible as Original BMW Accessories.

Munich. With a engine from a BMW M4, a BMW M2
Competition reaches a whole new dimension (combined fuel consumption:
10.0-9.9 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 228–225 g/km)*:
The double turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine takes a compact
coupé to a whole new spin of motorsport character pushing performance.
The 410 horsepowers of a energy section propel a compress indication to 100
km/h in usually 4.4 seconds from delay (4.2 s with double-clutch
transmission). However, this overwhelming brazen bearing can be
extended even further. At a launch of a BMW M2 Competition, a wide
operation of disdainful M Performance Parts will be accessible as Original
BMW Accessories to spin a automobile into an formidable sports machine
with opening and looks to match. The source of all this racing
expertise is BMW M GmbH.

Lower weight and even some-more stirring set-up.

In sequence to boost pushing dynamics even further, a BMW
engineers came adult with a whole array of highlights to reduce the
weight of a M2 Competition and raise a already really sporty
pushing characteristics. This includes a M Performance suspension
retrofit kit, that is accessible as an Original BMW Accessory. The
coil-spring cessation can be lowered by adult to 20 millimetres; the
damping record can be exclusively practiced for a compression
theatre (12 environment options) and a miscarry theatre (16 environment options).
The M Performance cessation ensures a considerably neutral driving
response with significantly reduced rolling tendency. The performance
of a BMW M2 Competition is generally extended when it is driven
intensely dynamically.

BMW M Performance Parts upgrades also yield a suitable
light-weight fake wheels and larger-dimension brakes with even
aloft braking response. The larger, internally ventilated and
seperated BMW M Compound Brake Discs of a BMW M Sports Brake System
Red safeguard softened thermal resilience as compared to a series
prolongation stop system. Aluminium 6-piston bound calipers on the
front spindle and 4-piston bound calipers on a back spindle beget more
stop force underneath impassioned conditions. The suitable sports stop pads
are also available. They are subsequent from long-distance stop pads as
used in motorsport and were grown to yield superb braking
opening underneath high thermal load. In and with a new 19
in. M Performance fake circle Y-spoke character 763 M a unsprung
masses are reduced by 3.2 kilograms* compared to a customary 19 inch
wheel. This has certain effects on steering poise and driving
dynamics. The open pattern with 5 Y spokes also highlights a red
stop calipers perfectly. The disdainful fake wheels are accessible in
a colours Jet Black matt and Frozen Gold with machined M Performance
lettering in a edge flange. Apart from a customary 19 in. tyres,
a generally high-grip MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres can be selected.

Carbon twine emphasises a car’s sporty manifest appeal.

Additional lightweight tools done of high-grade CO fibre
save additional weight. The newly grown M Performance carp made
of CO twine with partially manifest discriminating CO twine is not
usually a genuine eyecatcher; this is also a initial time a BMW M2
Competition boasts a powerdome. This engine hood reduces a bucket on
a front spindle by approximately 9 kilograms, too. Truly stunning
looks are achieved in multiple with a M Performance automobile roof
in CO fibre, that is also done of manifest discriminating CO fibre
(approx. 5 kg weight saving) and a M Performance tailgate in carbon
twine (approx. 6 kg weight saving, both accessible from 11/2018). In
serve to featuring partially manifest discriminating CO twine on the
outside, a inside of a tailgate is totally done of visible
CO fibre, that creates for fantastic loading and unloading.  The
M Performance front side row in CO twine during a front,
left/right with integrated atmosphere outlets done of manifest CO fibre
(available from 11/2018) reduces weight even more.

Racing sound on a highway is supposing by a M Performance exhaust
system. The lightweight construction strap empty complement done of
immaculate steel facilities a titanium back silencer and 93 millimetre
tailpipes done of CO twine with M logo. The sound ranges from
sporty (Efficient Mode) to formidable racing acoustics (Sport Mode
and Sport+ Mode) thereby emphasising a singular 6-cylinder bi-turbo
sound even further. Of march this empty complement (available from
9/2018) saves weight as good – approximately 32 percent (8 kg) as
compared to a array prolongation part.

Professional pushing research around M Performance Drive Analyser.

Drivers of a sports appurtenance like a BMW M2 Competition wish to
know accurately how quick they’re going. For racetrack use, they not only
wish to know about a pushing speed, though also a engine data,
accelerator and stop use as good as a lateralacceleration.
The M Performance Drive Analyser now also allows this and other data
to be displayed, recorded, professionally and absolutely analysed
after pushing in a BMW M2 Competition and it can also be common with
others as required. The M Performance Drive Analyser has been directly
subsequent from motorsports. All that is compulsory for this is an OBD
hang (On Board Diagnostics) as good as a special smartphone app. The
OBD hang is initial of all placed in a hollow in a footwell. The
smartphone afterwards connects with a hang around Bluetooth and turns it
into an interactive pushing knowledge system. All totalled activities
are saved directly on a smartphone. Later all a formula and data
can be called adult in a app, that is free-of-charge for BMW
customers, in a form of videos or striking displays. For all those
who wish to make video recordings, Original BMW Accessories offer the
M Performance Track Fix and Travel Comfort System holders for
movement cameras. They can be possibly trustworthy to a threaded underbrush for
a towing eyes on a front and back or in a car’s interior.

Carbon twine aerodynamics tools specifically designed for a BMW
M2 Competition.

A far-reaching operation of extraneous M Performance Parts is accessible to
visually emphasize a strong energy of a BMW M2 Competition
even serve and to prominence a aerodynamic qualities. The carbon
twine tools are generally elaborately crafted by palm and raise the
high-quality and sporty manifest interest of a automobile even more. All parts
have been grown generally for a BMW M2 Competition and have
already been form authorized for a whole car. No serve entries have
to be done to a automobile papers. These M Performance Parts are
available: front splitter in CO fibre, kidney grille in carbon
fibre, atmosphere breather side bars in CO twine (right/left), exterior
counterpart caps in CO fibre, doorway sill finisher in CO fibre, side
dress extensions in CO fibre, back diffusor in CO fibre, rear
spoiler in CO fibre. Even a M Performance engine cover underneath the
carp is done of this high class CO twine material. Its
multi-layer polish finish and high-gloss discriminating aspect give it a
really special manifest appeal. The M Performance back spoiler in carbon
twine streamed is also available. M Performance Motorsport decal is
a ideal addition for a CO twine tools and is accessible in
a particular M colours for a front, rear, left and right.

Sporty pattern accents for a doors and interior.

A serve pattern accent already meets a eye when we open the
doors: BMW LED doorway projectors featuring new slip record project
fascinating graphics onto a belligerent subsequent to a automobile and spin getting
into a automobile into an experience. With dual sports steering wheels,
special highlights are also accessible for a interior. They give the
interior a loyal motorsport appeal. M Performance steering circle Pro is
lonesome with high-grade leather on a top and reduce section; the
reason area facilities Alcantara covering and is unusually pleasant
and organic to hold. The M Performance steering circle with race
display, Alcantara covering and open-pore CO twine is an
generally sporty accessory. On a top steering circle edge it
facilities a display, that provides a motorist with information
depending on a comparison pushing mode. In Sport Mode for example, a
stopwatch and a G-force scale for longitudinal and transverse
acceleration are displayed. In Race Mode, a stopwatch changes to
arrangement minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second. The modes are
easy and gentle to change regulating dual buttons in a ride rest
area. A rigging change indicator with phony LEDs on a right and left
of a arrangement provides even some-more motorsport atmosphere.

Refining a automobile down to a final fact with M Performance Parts.

In a footwell, a M Performance pedal covers in stainless
steel and M Performance building mats yield serve energetic touches.
High-grade tools for a gearshift push knob/gear selector switch,
double-clutch delivery and palm stop hoop are featured in the
CO fibre/Alcantara M Performance interior kit. Even a automobile key
can be upgraded with an superb M Performance pivotal box in
Alcantara/carbon fibre. The M Performance indoor automobile cover is
accessible as an Original BMW Accessory for everybody who wants to
strengthen their automobile in style.

*All total are provisional. The fuel expenditure total were
distributed formed on a ECE exam cycle, contingent on tyre format.

*Weight total with a toleration of ± 5 %.