BMW Canada

M Performance Parts for a new members of a BMW indication family.

The new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé (combined fuel
consumption: 10.0 – 6.2 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions:
229 – 162 g/km)*, a new BMW 3 Series Touring
(combined fuel consumption: 7.5-4.5 l/100 km; total CO2
emissions: 170–118 g/km)* and a revised BMW X1
(combined fuel consumption: 6.8-4.1 l/100 km; total CO2
emissions: 155–107 g/km)* are 3 new members that serve the
BMW indication family. As opposite as a 3 array competence seem at
initial glance, they share a sporty, superb demeanour and outstanding
pushing dynamics that are customary of BMW. An endless operation of M
Performance Parts is accessible to select from as Original BMW
Accessories right from marketplace launch in sequence to be lend importance to
these facilities formed on sold preferences. Customers can further
raise a sporty clarity of their automobile with components directly
desirous by and subsequent from engine racing.

The endless racing imagination and long-standing knowledge of BMW M
GmbH feeds into a growth of all M Performance Parts. All
components are ideally matched – both with any other and with the
specific properties of any model. In this way, they not usually give the
automobile endangered a some-more striking, energetic appearance: a M
Performance Parts also accommodate organic criteria in many cases, for
instance impacting definitely on a car’s aerodynamic properties or
ancillary lightweight construction.


M Performance Parts for a new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé.

Exclusive sporty aptitude and stirring energetic performance.

The new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé is a latest indication of a BMW 8
Series to be premiered. After a successful marketplace launch of a BMW
8 Series Coupé and a BMW 8 Series Convertible, BMW now continues its
indication descent in a oppulance opening segment. The distinctive
clarity of this sports four-door sports indication is reflected in
sold in a superb and impracticable design. An extended
wheelbase gives a new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé inexhaustible space during the
back as good as a boost in terms of float comfort. What is more, the
new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé combines energetic lines and athletic
proportions with considerable opening properties. In sequence to give
a car’s sporting qualities even larger emphasis, a operation of
model-specific M Performance Parts are accessible from marketplace launch.

Exterior components done of CO twine for a polished appearance.

The M Performance CO twine front elaborate grille and M
Performance CO twine side elaborate grille in unprotected carbon
twine demeanour safeguard an away distinguished front perspective in a new BMW 8
Series Gran Coupé, enhancing a car’s sporty, disdainful clarity overall.

Another visible prominence is supposing by a M Performance carbon
twine extraneous counterpart caps, crafted elaborately by hand: these are
coated several times before being given a high-gloss gloss to obtain
their particular look.

20-inch wheels and relating circle bags.

Both a coming and a pushing dynamics of a new BMW 8
Series Gran Coupé advantage from a 20-inch M Performance light alloy
wheels charity in dual designs. The 20-inch M Performance fake wheel
Multi-Spoke 732 M is charity exclusively in a bicolor demeanour Night
Gold varnished and gloss-milled. The serve weight-optimised, forged
20-inch M Performance circle 763 M in Frozen Gold has a milled M
Performance marker on a edge prong and is granted as a
finish circle set with sports tyres. The latter boost driving
dynamics precision, thereby enhancing a car’s sporty expostulate feel.
Meanwhile, a M Performance circle bags are endorsed for wheel
ride and storage – and they reconstruct a racing atmosphere in home
garage, too. They not usually yield insurance from defiled though also
pledge transparent allocation of tyres on a automobile due to their markings.

M Performance 19-inch stop complement with red stop calipers.

The M Performance 19-inch stop complement with a large
inner-vented and seperated stop discs in lightweight construction
safeguard an even serve softened deceleration outcome in extreme
conditions. The 4-piston stop calipers done of aluminium on a front
spindle are designed consistently for optimised weight. The configuration
and resilience of a brakes emphasize a sporty aptitude of a new BMW
8 Series Gran Coupé in energetic and perfectionist situations on a road.
The M Performance 19-inch stop complement can be recognized visually by
a stop calipers finished in red.

Sporty, superb demeanour in a interior too.

A far-reaching operation of M Performance components is accessible to choose
from for a interior of a BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé as well, ensuring
an even sportier and some-more personal feel on a inside of a vehicle.
The M Performance steering circle with intensely conspicuous Alcantara
hold area including thumbrests and special underlay creates a pure
competition lane feeling, for example. It also has a red executive imprinting in
a 12 o’clock position as good as a silver-grey, palm crafted
cross-stitch seam. The M Performance steering circle can be
additionally propitious with a M Performance CO twine steering wheel
trim, and M Performance CO twine change paddles are also available
to boost a car’s engine racing look. They underline CO fabric
instead of a customary chrome surface. In a footwell of a new BMW
8 Series Gran Coupé, M Performance building mats serve underscore the
sporty clarity of a automobile with an M Performance marker and a
streamer in a hallmark M colours. A approximate in leather demeanour with a
musical join in resisting colours rounds off their high-end
appearance. With their asymmetrical, three-dimensional rubber
profiles, a immaculate steel pedal rests and immaculate steel footrest
are also subsequent from engine racing.

BMW LED doorway projectors are accessible to reinstate a customary entry
light. In serve to a BMW trademark and a BMW M logo, a slip set
also includes 3 opposite M Performance logos. These can be
interchanged during will. The stylish M Performance pivotal hilt ensures the
pivotal of a new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé is excellently stable during all
times. At a same time, a element brew of Alcantara and carbon
twine ensures a high-quality feel.


M Performance Parts for a new BMW 3 Series Touring.

Technology desirous by engine racing and a distinguished look.#

An endless programme of M Performance Parts is accessible for the
marketplace launch of a BMW 3 Series Touring – a latest era of
a sporty reward five-door mid-range model. They are charity as part
of a operation of Original BMW Accessories.

Optimised aerodynamics for an even sportier expostulate response.

A package of M Performance aerodynamic and extraneous components
is accessible for a new BMW 3 Series Touring that consists of six
items. While a M Performance extraneous counterpart caps are charity solely
in CO fibre, a M Performance back diffuser is accessible in
possibly CO twine or high-gloss black. All other components in the
package have an disdainful high-gloss black finish, permanently
underscoring a five-door model’s sporty appearance. Components such
as a M Performance back spoiler and a M Performance back diffuser
optimise a atmosphere upsurge around a car. This formula in reduced uplift
and an softened expostulate response. One quite appealing underline is
a M Performance CO twine extraneous counterpart caps with their
evil demeanour in engine racing style. The car’s sporty character
is serve underscored by a M Performance side sill jacket Frozen
Black with M Performance inscription. A particular visual
accentuation for a extraneous is also supposing by a M Performance
front elaborate grille Iconic Glow: when a automobile is non-stop and
closed, it lights adult a radiator grilles and front area in a singular manner.

Wheels in 18 inches and M Performance 18-inch stop system.

The 18-inch M Performance light amalgamate circle Double Spoke Styling
796 is weight-optimised, ensuring even serve softened driving
dynamics in a new BMW 3 Series Touring. Meanwhile, M Performance
circle bags offer best insurance when transporting and storing the
wheels. The stop caliper of a M Performance 18-inch stop system
provides a ideal visible compare for a light-alloy circle finished in
black matt. At a same time, a sports stop enhances a braking
outcome in impassioned conditions.

Carbon twine components on a inside, too.

The M Performance steering circle with Alcantara hold area, red
executive imprinting during a 12 o’clock position and silver-grey, hand-sewn
cross-stitch join offers engine racing feeling we can touch. Various
CO twine components are also accessible for a interior: a M
Performance CO twine change paddles, a M Performance CO fibre
steering circle trim with Alcantara insert and a M Performance carbon
twine interior trims. The M Performance rigging push doorknob with Alcantara
gaiter is a sporty prominence in a executive console that provides
particular importance for a primer transmission. The doorknob has been
totally redesigned in ergonomic style, charity organic grip
surfaces and an bright change scheme.

The M Performance building mats with musical join in contrasting
colours are another appealing interior underline accessible for a new
BMW 3 Series Touring, while a immaculate steel pedal rests and
immaculate steel footrest serve underscore a car’s sporty character.

LED doorway projects and pivotal holder.

Thanks to a BMW LED doorway projectors, even removing into a car
is a particular experience. With a M Performance slip set it is
probable to have a BMW M trademark or other sports-style graphics
projected onto a belligerent subsequent to a vehicle. One stylish and
organic appendage is a M Performance pivotal hilt for a BMW 3
Series Touring. The pivotal hilt is done of Alcantara with CO insert
and ensures a automobile pivotal is henceforth stable from scratching
and damage.


M Performance Parts for a new BMW X1.
Individual look
and sporty pushing dynamics.

The latest rider of a new BMW X1 carries brazen a success
story of this model. Its pattern has been polished and is now
extremely some-more striking, absolute and sporty. Customers who wish to
emphasize a vehicle’s sporty clarity even serve can select from
an endless programme of M Performance Parts for a BMW X1.

Enhanced coming with jacket and CO parts.

The energetic glamour of a new BMW X1 is given significant
visible importance by a M Performance side sill wrapping. The wraps
extend a car’s proportions, giving a new BMW X1 an extremely
energetic look. Another eye-catcher is a M Performance CO fibre
extraneous counterpart caps, that are elaborately crafted by hand. Their
high-tech clarity conveys a clarity of individualism and sporty flair
during a same time. The M front elaborate grille in high-gloss black
lends an even some-more distinguished hold to a front section.

Weight-optimised light amalgamate wheels.

One prominence among a M Performance Parts accessible for the
new BMW X1 is a 20-inch summer finish circle set Styling 717 M,
accessible only as an accessory. Weight-optimised by means of
flowforming technology, this light amalgamate circle comes in a matt black
finish. The M Performance circle bags strengthen a wheels during
ride and storage.

M Performance steering circle desirous by engine racing.

In a interior, a M Performance steering circle highlights the
energetic qualities of a new BMW X1. The steering circle has pronounced
hold areas lonesome with Alcantara. A red imprinting in a 12 o’clock
position emphasises a couple with engine racing, as does a hand-sewn
cross-stitch seam. M Performance steering circle trim elements are also
accessible in CO fibre/Alcantara or CO fibre/leather. In the
footwell, a M Performance building mats supplement a hold of sporty flair. A
watchful customisation choice for a BMW X1 is supposing by a BMW
LED doorway projectors, that reinstate a customary entrance light and
plan motifs from a M Performance slip set onto a ground.
Finally, a M Performance pivotal hilt provides superb and functional
repairs insurance for a automobile pivotal of a new BMW X1.