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MAN publishes rescue discipline as a profitable assist for collision rescue and training


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“Rescue Guide Bus” now presented as a film

In a film of “Rescue Guide Bus”, MAN explains a sold facilities of rescue operations with omnibuses for a puncture services.The glow use provides fast and efficient assistance when accidents occur. Their aim is to giveaway occupants from vehicles fast and safely. MAN supports a rescue services in their attempts by providing profitable information. MAN has now introduced a film illustrating a opposite procedures concerned in manager and city train rescue methods. Travelling by train is positively a safest means of highway ride by far. But dilettante believe is still compulsory in a eventuality of an accident. How do we spin off a diesel or healthy gas engine? How do we benefit entrance to a vehicle? How can a train be lifted in sequence to giveaway somebody trapped underneath?

The lorry and train rescue discipline have been designed for training a rescue services. They were gathered by MAN with a veteran assistance of experts in a margin of collision rescue from a Weber Rescue training team.

The discipline are formed on a events concerned in a rescue operation starting with a initial investigation, regulating a position of a car and branch off a engine. The films also explain how entrance openings are combined and how panes of potion can be safely removed. The use of hydraulic rescue apparatus is also explained. 

The MAN train rescue discipline demeanour during collision scenarios regulating a examples of a manager that is still standing, and one that is on a side. In addition, it provides information about opposite expostulate technologies such as diesel, healthy gas (CNG) and hybrid.

The rescue discipline for buses and trucks can be downloaded both as a film and as a text from a MAN After Sales Portal:

  • Information
  • Service documents

Here we can find a following files:

  • Rescue Guide Truck (German and English)
  • Film of Rescue Guide Truck (German)
  • Rescue Guide Bus (German and English)
  • Film of Rescue Guide Bus (German and English)

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