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• 184MW Power Plant inaugurated by a Cuban Vice President

Alfredo Rivero Quintas, Director General, Moa Power Plant, during a opening speech.The appetite plant in Moa, Cuba, one of a largest projects designed and consecrated by MAN Diesel Turbo in a Caribbean region, was recently inaugurated by a Cuban Vice President, Commandante Ramiro Valdez. Located during about 600m from a sea seashore nearby Moa city, about 900km South-East from Havana, a plant has a sum appetite outlay of 184MW and will supply approximately 270.000 Cuban households with electrical energy. Moa is an industrial city with many open Nickel mines located during Cuba’s north-east coast.

During a coronation rite a Vice President started and synchronized one generator with a grid. The appetite plant is owned by Energoimport, a Cuban group obliged for a buying and importation to Cuba of all electricity-related components and services.

“MAN Diesel Turbo has already finished 9 appetite plants for Energoimport, this being a tenth. We are really unapproachable of a prolonged durability and credulous attribute we have with them and together wish to be means to minister serve to a flourishing Cuban appetite market”, pronounced Howard Barnes, Senior Vice President during MAN Diesel Turbo and Global Head of Sales for a company’s appetite plant business.

MAN Diesel Turbo granted simple and fact engineering, buying of all equipment, and organisation of designation and commissioning for a construction of a new generating station. It uses 10 gensets powered by MAN 18V 48/60B engines rated during 18.4 MW any and will run together to a grid in base-load mode underneath normal operation. MAN Diesel Turbo also granted a glow showing and firefighting as good as a atmosphere conditioning system, electrical apparatus and control system.

“We are really confident with a veteran and constructive team-work and coordination with a MAN group during a design, construction and commissioning phases of a project”, pronounced Alfredo Rivero Quintas, Director General, Moa Power Plant.

The Moa plant runs on HFO fuel granted by barges to dual Bulk tanks located during a city’s pier that is 12km from a appetite plant. HFO is afterwards eliminated by a tube to a appetite plant tank farm. In this plant, dual cooling towers per engine and feverishness exchangers are used for engine cooling.